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College Graduation Gift

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College Graduation Gift
This informative article is packed with ideas for graduation gifts. Be it college graduation or high school graduation; pick up tips for unique graduation gift ideas.

Graduation is a special moment in a student's life. It marks the beginning of a new future when one embarks on a fresh career. Graduation day is marked by hopes, anticipations and rejoicing as students celebrate the successful completion of their graduation. It is the time for sharing of gifts among students, between teachers and students and parents to students. Look up ideas for graduation gifts. Select a memorable college graduation gift to herald a new stage in life.

strong>Graduation gift idea

Unique graduation gift ideas are hard to come by. One can either opt for gifts that are common or go for unusual gifts that can make an indelible impression. Popular gift options commonly requested by graduates are money, car, computer and new clothes.

Money: This is considered as the most popular gift for the graduate and it tops the list of graduate gift ideas. Graduation marks a time of change in life and money comes in handy to meet increasing needs and responsibilities. The next important question is how much money is appropriate as a college graduation gift. A survey conducted by Hallmark consumer research reveals the following facts and figures:

  • 95% of those surveyed believe that money is the most appropriate gift for graduation.

  • 67% believe that $ 50 or more is appropriate graduation gift for a close relative.

  • 88% believe that $ 25 or less is appropriate graduation gift for a not-so-close relative.

  • The amount of money depends upon the type of graduation and how close the relationship is, how much the recipient needs money and how much the gift-giver can afford.

  • Some feel that money may not be personal enough and prefer a gift card or certificate.

  • Some prefer not to give money as they believe that they can spend less on a better gift.

Share holders card: This graduation gift idea can pay dividends well into the future and in some cases the recipient is entitled to other share holder perks.

iPod: This is a popular graduation gift as it is convenient and provides hours of entertainment.

Laptop Computer: If the gift giver is willing to spend a considerable amount on the graduate, then a laptop computer would be an excellent choice.

Commemorative coins: These include proof sets from the graduation years and silver eagles. The students can look back on their college graduation year and also gain from the appreciated value of the commemorative coins.

Digital camera: A shutterbug would love to receive a digital camera as it will be invaluable in helping to preserve memories and events.

High quality ink pen: This is a traditional gift. There is always something about writing that evokes images of success.

Books: Inspirational books, autobiographies of renowned personalities, motivational quotations and subjects, adventure and traveling books serve well as graduation gifts, especially for one who loves to spend time with books. Good subjects for books include tips on apartment, house or job hunting. Books with advice on resume writing, books on getting into graduate school, medical school or law school, study guides for GRE, MSAT or LSAT or other tests, books on investing wisely make for good graduation gift ideas.

Jewelry: An elegant pair of earrings or a watch in gold or a tie tack in silver makes for lovely gifts on graduation day.

Other common generic gift items: Watches, t-shirts, planner, photo frames, card case, desk stereo, palm pilot, fax machine, leather writing portfolio, art and accessories for a new apartment, fine watch, luggage and gift certificate to a fine shoe store.

College graduation gift

A graduation gift need not necessarily be in tangible material form. Instead it could be non tangible gift that could help the student build his/her life and career.

  • Enrollments in a career counseling program that may help choose the right career.

  • Enrollment in a short term course on personality development, public speaking, language courses and how to tackle an interview and group discussions to land on a good job.

  • A library membership

  • If the person is interested in sports then a membership in any sporting club or a gymnasium that would keep them physically and mentally fit could be chosen as graduation gift.

High school graduation gift

To appreciate and congratulate someone who has completed high school graduation, choose a high school graduation gift with care.

  • Books on career guidance could be a very good option.

  • Arranging for career counseling and paying the counselor's fees would also be a useful gift.

  • Holiday trips can be a good gift for someone who enjoys adventure and traveling.

  • Library membership would be an ideal gift for a book lover.

  • A complete set of table, chair and a study lamp for the discerning college-goer would be a high school graduation gift.

  • Accessories like pen, pen stand, paperweights and calculator are other cheaper options.

  • Complete college grooming set - college bag, trendy watch, fashionable shoes, new clothing et al would be welcomed by a high school graduate stepping into a college.

Middle school graduation gift

Middle school graduation is a time when the child is ready to step into the high school for graduation. This is the time when the young ward deserves appreciation of his/her young adult status. This is the time to privately shower one's appreciation by giving a middle school graduation gift. A gift that would explore his/her personal or academic interest would be ideal.

Choose from gift certificates to a clothing, book or music store, summer specialty camps, scuba lesson subscriptions, computer games, educational software, new bedroom d├ęcor of their choice, school trophies, graduation bracelets, collectable and other movie related gifts.

Unique graduation gift

Plenty of graduation gifts are easily available on the shelves of stores. Nowadays there a number of online shopping sites that specialize in graduation gifts with added advantages of discount and home delivery facilities. A unique graduation gift is simply not an exchange of material. It is a bundle of valuable nostalgic memories, feelings and expressions.

With some innovation and imagination, you can put together a graduation gift basket that can be personal and utilitarian. Pack up small handy items such as candy bars, coffee maker with coffee, tea, cup of soups, removable wall hangers, candles, incense, rubber flip flops, soap and toiletries.

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