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Cheap Christmas Gift

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Cheap Christmas Gift
Personal touch and loving gesture can make any inexpensive Christmas gift the most priceless gift ever. Look for ideas for cheap Christmas gifts.

Its time for Christmas and it's the time of the year when we start getting our shopping and gifts lists ready. Since it's the season for giving and sharing, you would like to take the opportunity to gift something to those who are near and dear to you, to those who have touched your life! Shopping for Christmas gifts need not necessarily mean overspending and piling up huge bills. After all, it's the thought that counts…and we can help you with ideas for cheap Christmas gifts. If you have a limited budget, check out our ideas for inexpensive Christmas gifts.

Cheap Christmas gifts

Scores of ideas cross our minds for gifts to be given during Christmas, few might be too expensive to afford and others might be downright silly. Given below is a guide that will help you to choose cheap Christmas gifts that will suit limited budgets and yet strike a chord in the heart of the recipient.

  • No expensive gift can replace the charisma of flowers. Flowers during Christmas might be too expensive so do not opt for expensive flowers; look out for flowers that are attractive as well as affordable. Flowers made from silk come in various colors and forms and look very beautiful and last long. They are easily available and are affordable and attractive.

  • There is no Christmas without a cake. Bake a heavenly cake at home; ensure you take the person's taste and liking into account before you bake one. Attach a message or cut in a personal message on the cake and you have a sure winner of a gift for Christmas.

  • Scores of women develop interest in DIY activities at home. For such women, homemade gifts would be a wonderful idea for cheap Christmas gifts. They can make homemade bath salts, bubble bath, brownie mix or anything the other person would love to receive as a gift. Homemade gifts have the personal touch that readymade gifts don't. Wrap the gift with care and you can be sure that it will be well received.

  • When you want to gift children, take into consideration their interests. If they are interested in some musical instruments or dance or in any activity, give them gift certificates for free coaching of the same. If you specialize in any of the arts they are interested in, offer them free training. This will keep them happy and you can spend some time with them.

  • Host an old-fashioned Christmas dinner for loved and dear ones. Each one of them could contribute in their own way and you can make the dinner a memorable experience. Click a family picture, and send a copy across to all the members, this would be the best gift they can receive- an updated family portrait.

  • Another best idea to acquire cheap Christmas gifts is to shop well in advance of the Christmas season when the prices are reasonable. Look out for sales and exhibitions. Keep the list ready and lay your hands on gift items that suit your requirements.

Inexpensive Christmas gifts

There are inexpensive Christmas gifts too that can play their role just as well – to say how much the person means to you. Love, true feelings and personal touch to any gift can make any gift the most priceless gift on earth.

  • Handmade and decorated photo album.

  • Homemade cookies.

  • Coffee mugs with candies filled in them.

  • Embroidered napkins and napkin hangers.

  • Decorated baskets with spreads, jams, mustards and inexpensive fruits, etc.

  • Collection of special photos.

  • Ask your child to paint something nice, frame it and gift out.

  • Well-liked and widely read magazines tied up with satin ribbon.

  • Movie theater or theater performance tickets for people who love them.

  • Picture frames that came up cheap at exhibitions.

  • For people who love cooking, gift them a good multi-cuisine cookbook.

  • Gift books that suit your budget for passionate readers.

  • Dish towels and dish cloths.

  • Beauty kit or separate makeup kits like nail polish kit, eye makeup kit etc.

  • For movie buffs, gift certificates for video rentals.

  • Alarm clock for sleepy heads.

  • Puzzles, riddles, jokes, family board games.

  • A sewing kit for those nimble-fingered friends

  • Prepaid long distance phone cards for people who have their loved ones far away from them.

  • For people who enjoy gardening, gift garden gloves and some garden equipment.

  • Gourmet coffee and mugs.

  • Writing desk materials like glue, post-it, pens, pencils etc.

  • Gift hampers for wine.

  • Beautiful candles and other Christmas decorations and ornaments.

  • Use and throw cameras with film rolls and gift coupons for developing roles.

  • Serving bowls, glasses and platters especially for holidays.

  • Tea cups, saucers and special or herbal tea to go along.

  • Calendars for the coming New Year can make up for a good inexpensive Christmas gift.

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