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Goody Bag Ideas

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Goody Bag Ideas
It's fun to open up your goody bag after an event. Thoughtfully created goody bags can ensure that the guests go away with lasting memories of a memorable time.

Parties are fun and the best part of it is when winding up ... the goody bags, a small token of appreciation at the end of an event. From tiny tots to teenagers and adults, all look forward to their goody bags. Giving away goody bags is a lovely way of thanking the guests for their presence and participation.

There are no set rules as far as the contents of the goody bag ... what goes into it is entirely up to the host's discretion. Of course, unique and attractive goody bags are highly appreciated and cherished by guests. A few tips to bear in mind before planning any kind of goody bag. Firstly, it should match with the theme of the party and secondly, guest's age group should be taken into consideration before shopping for the contents of the goody bag.

Goody bags should be given as much thought as the party itself as they let the guests carry the mood of the party along with them. A goody bag is only a fine gesture and need not be extravagant. Here are the goody bag ideas for different occasions.

Kid party goody bags

Nothing can generate as much interest and curiosity as a goody bag does amongst little ones. Whether it is birthday party, Halloween party or Christmas party, special thought and effort should go into making goody bags for children. They should complement the energy and effervescence of the young ones. Keep the gifts as colorful as possible to match with their bubbly attitude. Of course, safety is the primary concern; gifts should be child friendly and should not pose any kind of threat to the children.

Goody bag ideas for kids 2 - 5 years

  • Stuffed toys in animal shapes

  • Non toxic rubber squeakers

  • Musical toys

  • Stroller toys

  • Bath toys

  • Baby soap bar or baby oil for infants.

  • Crayons and coloring pads if they are above three years

  • Soft balls

Goody bag ideas for kids above years

  • Puzzles

  • Story books

  • Hair accessories for girls

  • Board games

  • Stationery with cartoon attachments

  • Stickers

  • Frisbees, balls, bubble cans

If the party is theme based, the same should reflect on goody bags too. Suppose the party theme is rainbow, select a small bag with rainbow stickers attached to it or fill the goody bag with all rainbow color sketch pencils and few candies in rainbow shades.

Goody bags for teenagers

Teens are the tough guests when it comes to selecting goody bags. They appreciate cool and fun stuff like:

  • C.D. of popular music

  • Laptop accessories

  • Dairies

  • Trendy hats

  • Make-up kit or some funky jewelry for girls

  • Books

  • Gift card

Goody bags for adults

Goody bags are not just meant for kids, even adults like to be pampered by thoughtfully chosen party favors at the end of the occasion. Think up ideas that might appeal to your invitees.

  • Photo frames

  • Calendars with beautiful pictures

  • Chocolates or assorted cookies

  • Gift card of a popular store

  • Scented candles

  • Cell phone covers

  • Pair of gloves

  • Show piece

  • A wine bottle

  • Spa kits or any kind of cosmetics

  • Tote bags

  • Coffee mugs

Baby shower goody bags

Baby shower is a special and cherished occasion in a mother's life and the expectant mother would love to make the baby shower party a memorable one. So goody bags hold special place in baby shower party. Baby shower goody bags can adhere to the baby theme and at the same time have some utility value for adults.

  • Animal shaped pouches filled with candies or coated nuts

  • Scent bottles in cute shapes

  • Tote bags with baby prints

  • Photo frames with baby pictures attached to it

  • Home made cookies cut out in interesting shapes

  • Honey or jams in baby jars

Personalized goody bags

Parties can be made even more special by opting for personalized goody bags. If it is a birthday party, the name of the child and age can be printed on the bag along with the pictures of balloons and candles. Whatever be the occasion, you can custom design the gifts like coffee mugs, pouches, tote bags, glass jars, candy box with photos or brief details of the occasion imprinted on it.

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