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Homemade Christmas Gift

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Homemade Christmas Gift
Innovative ideas for homemade Christmas gifts – from homemade goodies and personalized stationary to homemade Christmas ornaments and potpourri.

Looking for ideas for homemade Christmas gifts ? We bring you simple tips for getting together a personalized Christmas gift – one that you can create with simple materials at home and yet speaks volumes about the emotions that go with it. Try these innovative ideas for personalized Christmas stockings. Children would love them and it would bring added cheer while opening the gifts!

Homemade Christmas gift

Christmas is the time to show the ones you love just how much they mean to you. Christmas gifts need not be expensive and ostentatious. In fact a unique homemade Christmas gift may be just what is needed! Create a gift to suit the recipient, be it a child, teenager, girlfriend, teacher or parent. Homemade Christmas gifts can be a touching expression of your love and good wishes. Taking time and effort to create a personalized Christmas gift will definitely strike a chord in the hearts of those you gift it to.

  • Create personalized stationary for family members and close friends. Let your creative juices flow and you can come up with patterns and lettering that is best suited for each one. Add interesting twists with dried flowers, ribbons or motifs. Mix and match several designs and colors.

  • Everyone would appreciate a well-tended and potted plant for a personalized Christmas gift. Plan early and you can have small ornamental boxes and pots of philodendron, wandering Jew, spider plant or even exotic plants, if you are an avid gardener. You can create a hamper of seeds, cuttings and bulbs for a friend who would appreciate it.

  • Involve the kids in creating homemade Christmas gifts. You can put the busy minds to work on clay models and small DIY kits for making picture frames and crafts. Get children to decorate candles and gift them to friends. They can create unique Christmas ornaments, collage, jewelry and wreaths for homemade Christmas gifts. Allow the kids to create their personalized bookmarks with bits of paper, ribbon, wallpaper, fabric or yarn. They can use beads, ribbons and rings and create homemade key chains as Christmas gifts. Give them unused items lying about around the house and you can be sure they will come up with innovative ideas for homemade Christmas gifts – paperweights, photo frames and keepsakes.

  • You can make glittery snow candles or put together a gift basket of aromatic candles of peppermint, vanilla, pine or lavender. Scented potpourri can add a final touch to this homemade Christmas gift.

  • Whip up a gourmet homemade Christmas present – a hamper bursting with candies, nuts, pretzels, crackers and brownies. Bake Christmas cookies and gingerbread and put them together in a basket. Tie it up with a bright ribbon and seal it with love. Bake a Yule log for a friend when making one for the family. Use sugar ribbons, chocolate trees and leaves and marzipan holly to decorate it. You can gift banana bread, coffeecake, oatmeal cookies and cherry almond cake or caramel nut cakes.

  • Get innovative and create candy bowls and Christmas centerpieces for friends. Wrap homemade candy in gaily-colored paper. Put them in an aesthetic bottle along with smooth colored pebbles. Alternatively arrange them in a glass bowl with crystal pieces for a wonderful centerpiece. If you want to keep the Christmas theme, use decorations of green, red and gold tinsel. Layer a jar with brownies and marshmallows, walnuts and chocolate chips.

  • How about getting together a homemade Christmas gift hamper that is bursting with aromatic bath salts, homemade soap and body scrubs made at home.

  • If you are nimble fingered, you can create personalized duvets or quilts, with the holiday theme. Create table and door decorations, Christmas tree ornaments and decorative wreaths.

Personalized Christmas stocking

You can select personalized Christmas stockings from stores or even create them yourself. A simple Christmas stocking can be personalized with your creative ideas. Go overboard with bells, beads, ribbons, glitter and more! You can personalize Christmas stockings by scripting the recipient's name in cross stitch or glitter paint.

Fancy Christmas stockings come in different fabrics, from fine wool and cotton, rayon and tapestry. Select from various design options when it comes to Christmas stockings – holly, poinsettia, sprig and tulips. Personalize Christmas stockings by giving them a unique touch.

A personalized Christmas stocking for the busy executive can be made with striped shirt material with a tie in front. Sew a Christmas stocking of burlap for an avid gardener. Kid stockings can be cute and colorful. Shape them like roller blades or decorate them with pompoms and tassel. Use coordinating trim or cording and even metallic trimmings. You can embroider initials or name onto the stocking fabric. Hung your personalized stockings by the chimney, they are sure to get noticed by Santa and everyone else!

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