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Gift Wrapping

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Gift Wrapping
With the right gift wrapping paper, you can convert a simple gift into a piece of art. Look up simple gift wrapping ideas.

If gifting is an exceptional experience, then wrapping the gift is an art that is worth mastering. Gift wrappers help in making the gifts look more attractive and gorgeous. Gift wrapping is all about putting the right folds at the right place such that the gift wrapping paper envelops the gift snugly and protects it. Look up simple and creative ideas for gift wrapping.

Gift wrapping art

Chinese were the first ever to use wrappers to wrap their gifts; they have been doing so since 105 A.D. They maintained this as a secret and only in 800 A.D. did the Egyptians start gift wrapping; later the Europeans learnt the secret of gift wrapping. In America Hallmark founder Joyce C. Hall’s was the man accredited with the modern day gift wrapping and greeting card industry. Since then Hallmark is the leader in gift wrapper industry.

How to wrap a gift

First timers who have no on-hand experience in gift wrapping can gain a fair idea on the same by following this step to step procedure to gift wrapping.

  • Place all the required material for wrapping a gift on a flat and clean surface.

  • Remove the price tag from the gift item.

  • Along the length of the gift wrapper, place the gift box and unroll the required amount of gift wrapper. Leave some extra paper for overlapping on the sides and to cover up the ends of the gift box.

  • With a pencil make a mark on the gift wrapper where the overlapping ends and cut it with a sharp scissors.

  • Cut off any extra length of paper apart from the amount used for folding the wrapper into flaps at the ends to cover the box completely.

  • Remove the gift box; place it in center on the inside such that the printed side faces out.

  • Fold the wrapper from one side towards the center and similarly from the other end to the center where the gift box is placed.

  • Position the gift box in such a way that the open ends face you lengthwise. Fold the extra gift wrapper into flaps by pushing the right and left end of the gift wrapper inward towards the gift box, tape it.

  • Similarly bring the upper and lower flaps towards the box and crease it sharply while pasting it and tape it. Repeat the same process for the other end of the box too.

  • Tie a ribbon, satin preferably around the length of the box and knot it into a bow on top of the box.

  • Paste a card or slide it into the seam of the gift box with the message you want to pass on.

Gift wrapping paper

  • Use attractively colored and printed fabrics to wrap your gifts. Consider hemp blend paper dyed with vegetable inks.

  • Use comic covers or comic sheets from the Sunday papers to wrap up gifts for kids.

  • Art and paintings of your children can also be used to wrap gift items; they will look unique and personal too.

  • If you have stock of any wallpaper samples in good condition, you can use them to wrap gifts.

  • You can make use of map sheets to wrap gifts that are meant for outdoor gears or any expedition gifts.

  • Give your gift a natural look by tying the wrapper with a pine cone, fir, cedar branch tips or flower.

  • Select gift wrapping paper that comes in a tube instead of pre-cut sheets to avoid creases and crumpling.

Gift wrapping idea

  • You can sew your own simple gift bags. Gather small scraps of material and come up with innovative bags to hold gifts.

  • Clear or printed cellophane bags are another gift wrapping idea. Wrap up candles or candies or even homemade goodies in cellophane paper.

  • Use gift tags or greeting cards to make your own gift tag cards.

  • Embellish your gift wrapping with strings of raffia or ribbon. Wrap the ends round a pencil for a curly effect.

  • Glitter wire can be put to good use by twisting it in interesting ways to close your gift wrap bags.

  • Consider wrapping a gift in sheaves of poetry or sheet music.

  • Cotton muslin can work well as gift wrapping paper. With the right embellishments, this gift looks beautiful and natural. Another alternative to gift wrapping paper is tulle.

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