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Wide Width Shoes for Women

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Wide Width Shoes for Women
Buying shoes for wide width feet is no longer a hurdle. The prime concern is to fit the feet into the shoes rather than fitting shoes into the feet.

The woman of today is looking more for comfortable shoes rather than falling prey to fashion alone. In fact, it has been noted that the percentage of women wearing high heels has reduced. Ill fitting shoes can spoil the natural balance and cause foot, leg and joint problems as they tempt the wearer to move unnaturally. It is essential to have enough room inside the shoes for the toes and feet to rest properly.

Do you have wide feet? Width feet shoes are defined as size 'c' or more for women. When women with wide feet choose flat slip-on shoes, the arch of the feet are not supported leading to pain and sprain. The prime concern is to fit the feet into the shoes rather than fitting shoes into the feet. Therefore such women must choose their shoes with care. While buying shoes for wide feet, it is important to consider not only the overall fitness of the body but also the purpose and usage.

Reasons for wide width feet

  • Genetic inheritance

  • Result of foot injury.

  • Toe deformities such as bunions. A bunion results in widening across the ball of the foot. It is a deformity of toe joint which causes irregular shape of the foot.

  • Wearing high heals

A narrow shoe can clinch or squeeze the front part of the foot causing bunions, corns, calluses or claw toes. High heels may not be a good option for wide feet and body as they make the feet appear smaller. Heels with wedges are usually easy to wear and work better than the stiletto heels.

Selecting shoes for wide feet

  • If one foot is wider than the other, try to buy shoes to fit the larger and wider foot.

  • Shoes must contain proper removable inserts or lining as this will give more space to accommodate any orthotics.

  • Always choose a shoe with an adjustable strap or laces as they are firmly secured at the top to prevent any foot slippage.

  • You can choose shoes with laces to provide more space in the shoe.

  • It is better to avoid slip-on shoes whenever possible as it makes you susceptible to slip forward in shoe thereby widest part of the toe will no longer be seated in the proper place. This will result in the discomfort and may lead to bunions.

  • To ensure proper shoes, always put them on while standing and walk around to check whether they are roomy enough to accommodate the feet properly.

Having a good proper pair of shoes is not only best for aesthetic reasons but also for body posture and health. Shoes with normal standard width are too narrow causing the skin to bulge outside the shoe unattractively. It will also cause the material to dig into the foot uncomfortably with acute pain.

Trendy sandals tend to make the feet look larger. To experiment and break the monotony of wearing closed shoes, one can opt for peep-toes, sling-backs. A closed shoe usually has more material on the top of the foot to appear longer. Women can go for bows, buckles, lace overlays and kiltie detailing to make the feet appear more petite and appealing than opting for shoes with lot of tassels and straps that cross the shoe closer to the toes than the leg.

It is wise to choose dark colored shoes rather than shoes in light or pastel shades as they make the feet appear smaller. You need not stick to the contemporary black; one can try hands with darker earth tones and grays, deeper versions of red, blue, purple and green. They are better than the lighter-toned counterparts.

No longer are wide width shoes drab and dull. Today you can pick up wide width shoes in many a style. In fact even designer wedding shoes come in wide width for brides who don't want to cram their feet into uncomfortable shoes.

Buying shoes for wide width feet is no longer a hurdle. Foot problems could be avoided by keeping them fit to counteract the affects of aging.

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