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Badge lanyards are popularly used in organizations, trade shows and group events. Custom lanyards can be embossed with the company name, message and logo for publicity.

Most of us are familiar with lanyards but may not be conversant with the term. Lanyards are used to display identification cards as also for carrying cell phones pens and eyeglasses. Neck lanyards come in different materials – nylon, rope, beaded lanyards, custom printed lanyards and decorative lanyards. Personalized lanyards and custom lanyards are ideal for promotional campaigns and trade conventions.

A neck lanyard is a narrow piece of material that is slipped around the neck to hold small objects, such as identification badge, business card, cell phone or keys. You will find badge lanyards in schools, organizations, government agencies, hospitals and conventions and meetings. Often a badge lanyard is a security requirement in public places.

A neck lanyard allows you to use both your hands without being tied down to holding small objects that might otherwise get misplaced. Badge lanyards are a common site in many offices. They are easy to use and do not damage clothes like the stick-on or pin-on badges. The most popular badge lanyard is the braided nylon style with a clip at the end to hold the badge.

Typically a lanyard consists of 2 loops – a small one and a larger one. While the larger loop is slipped around the neck, the smaller loop is used to attach the object. Lanyards are made of cotton, nylon, polyester, rope, lace or other decorative materials like beads.

Lanyards also serve as an advertising medium since the company name and logo can be custom- printed on the badge lanyard. Nickel-plated brass ball chains are fixed to securely hold the identification cards. Cotton and nylon lanyards lend themselves easily to screen printing of organization name and logo. Neck lanyards for ID cards and name badge holders are fitted with snap hooks and bulldog clips. Keys are fixed to lanyards with coiled rings. Jogging enthusiasts or health freaks carry along a small bottle of water on a neck lanyard fitted with a rubber ring that stretches around the neck of a standard bottle.

Metal lanyards must not be used to hold security badges due to the potential for electric shock. Do not use neck lanyards when you are working close to moving equipment. Do not wear badge lanyards that may conduct electricity. Safety concerns regarding use of neck lanyards have dictated that the use of breakaway connectors be used to prevent them from getting snagged and caught. It is essential that the lanyard be correctly worn so that the breakaway feature is not thwarted. Breakaway lanyards come apart when enough force is applied. This makes it safer for the person wearing the neck lanyard. They can be easily reconnected for use later.

Beaded lanyard
Beaded lanyards are much like jewelry. Colorful and top quality beaded lanyards made for excellent badge holders and eyeglass holders. Pick up beaded lanyards made of blue, black or multi-colored beads accented with silver and gold. Exquisite beaded lanyards made of Swarovski crystals or semi-precious beads make for an elegant gift. You can pick up beaded lanyards with a distinctive style to coordinate and complement your attire.

Custom lanyard
Custom printed lanyards are often used at trade shows, fundraiser, stadium events, family and class reunions, religious retreats and other gatherings. Advertise your logo, message or name on the custom lanyards for effective publicity. They serve as excellent giveaways and promotions at trade shows and fairs. Printed lanyards can serve as personalized lanyards, displaying your name and identification at a group event. Organizations adopt their design specifications and color schemes for their personalized lanyards.

For promotional campaigns, the lanyard can be fitted with different attachments and accessories including key rings, crocodile clips, snap hooks, mobile phone and bottle openers. Lace lanyards are attractive and can be personalized with custom printing. They come in attractive shades. Rope lanyards can also make a distinctive statement. Embroidered lanyards come with exquisite designs in single layer twill lace or broader options.

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