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Clutch Bags

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Clutch Bags
Clutch bags come in different hues to complement different looks, such as metallic gold or silver, basic black or studded with sequins and pearls. Pick up useful tips on buying and accessorizing with clutch bags.

A popular fashion accessory today is a trendy clutch; one that adds a classic look to your attire and reflects your sense of style. Clutch bags are small bags to be carried on special occasions. They are normally clutched in the hand (hence the name, clutch bag) but few also come with detachable chain or leather strap so that they can also be worn hanging from the shoulder.

Clutch bags are not used regularly but are carried for formal events or evening parties. They are small in size, just enough to hold essentials like money, keys, credit cards and mobile phone.

Choosing a clutch bag

Choosing the right clutch bag can be a tricky task. These bags are available in a wide range of designs, styles, colors and materials. You can choose from fancy, bejeweled styles to casuals. Clutches are normally made from high quality material such as satin, velvet and leather. The natural shine and rich texture of satin and velvet make them a perfect choice for formal clutch bags.

Clutches come in different hues to complement different looks, such as metallic gold or silver, basic black or studded with sequins and pearls. Golden clutch bags are perfect when you are attending a wedding or a ball. They are usually made with hardened plastic and covered with silk or satin fabrics.

Leather clutch bags

If you are looking for some sturdy and durable clutches, you should set your eyes on leather clutch bags. Leather clutch bags are not only stylish, but long lasting too. Leather clutches are timeless accessories and match with most outfits. The texture of the leather feels soft in your hand and looks elegant when you are dressed up. You can go in for snake skin or lizard skin designs on leather to make it funkier and appealing.

The good news is that a leather clutch can even be used as evening bag, just choose one with metallic coating or embedded with stones or sequins. A good leather clutch is like wearing an elegant piece of jewelry - it should enhance your overall appearance, not overpower it. Learn to take care of your leather clutch bags:

  • Exposing the leather to the extreme temperatures may damage the texture and it might become fragile and peel off. Always make sure that you store the bag inside after every use.

  • Wipe the leather clutch with a soft cloth regularly to remove the dirt and dampness. This simple step will go a long way in protecting your leather clutch.

  • Never store the leather clutch in a plastic cover. Leather needs to breathe and plastic prevents air circulation. It is better to store it in a paper box after wrapping it with a paper towel.

  • Ideally all leather clutches need to be polished and conditioned occasionally to retain the shine and gloss. Conditioners are easily available in the market. Just invest on a good conditioner; you are sure to enjoy the leather clutch for decades to come.

How to choose the right clutch bag

  • First and foremost, the clutch should match with your outfit. Choose a color that will match with most outfits. If you are planning to purchase a clutch for a specific dress, do carry it along to shop so as to enable you to choose right.

  • Keep in mind that your clutch should match with your shoes and contrast with your dress. If you are wearing a light colored dress, pick a deep colored clutch and shoes and vice versa.

  • Clutch bags are also occasion specific. Carrying designer and highly stylish clutches for simple occasions may look out of place. It should also set a right tone depending on the place you are visiting. Avoid flashy or vibrant colors for your official or formal meetings.

  • Choose the clutch bag according to what you want to carry in it. It should have enough space for all your essentials.

  • Clutch bags should also be in harmony with your body shape and height. Those with petite personalities should opt for smaller clutches while big and larger frames suit tall ladies.

Design your own clutch, if you are artistic and creative. Take a simple clutch and add some rhinestones or semiprecious stones to make it glamorous. Some freehand painting or embroidery also lends a classy appeal to your clutch.

Using your clutch bag

  • Never stuff your clutches and make them heavier. Clutches are meant to make a fashion statement and bulged clutches are never in good taste.

  • Clutches are not carried for everyday use and of course, never meant for shopping. It is meant for special occasions like formal events, parties and dinners.

  • Boots or ballet flats and clutch bags do not blend well. Never wear them together. Wear high heels while carrying clutches.

  • Choose an appropriate clutch and use it in a right way.

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