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Summer Footwear Trends

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Summer Footwear Trends
Be it regular work days, beach visits, picnics or vacations, the right footwear goes a long way in support, comfort and style. Up the glam quotient with your summer footwear!

Come the hot summer months and you can keep aside your closed shoes and high heeled pumps. Opt for light footwear that allows your feet to breathe and feel comfortable. Don't compromise on the fashion factor. Instead check out how you can glam your feet in the scorching summer days. Be it regular work days, beach visits, picnics or vacations, the right footwear goes a long way in support, comfort and style!

What are the different options for footwear during summer?

Gladiator sandals: Gladiator sandals take you back to the ancient Roman gladiators. They are much like open-toed T-bar sandals with plenty of cross straps. They are flat sandals with high straps and laces. They are most often of ankle length and may lace up further. You can even pick them in embellished versions.

Wedges: Cork or wooden wedges extend down the length of the heel as one solid piece. They are an excellent replacement for pumps and heels during summer. They look trendy and fashionable and can be used for a formal night out. Summery floral prints or cool neons make for a summer fashion trend!

Sandals: Sandals are an open type of outdoor footwear. Toes and a major portion of the feet are exposed while wearing a pair of sandals. Sandals come in leather, cork, wood or other materials. Sandals allow your feet to breathe and work well for beach visits and hot days.

Ballerina flats: These are a versatile version of the summer footwear. These types of flats expose the top portion of the foot and have a flat heel. Ballerinas now come in exciting options of colors, styles and patterns. From the uber cool to the simple chic, you can pick out one that is right for you!

Clogs: The foot and toe area are enclosed while the back is completely open. The heel is either a wedge type or a platform type. Originally clogs were made from wood. However these days a variety of materials go into the making of clogs. They can be easily slipped on and off. A good blend of comfort and chic!

Platforms: Disco boots or Triangle heels as they are also known, platforms, may be shoes, boots or sandals with a thick sole. They are made from material like wood, rubber, plastic etc. Wooden-soled platform shoes are called clogs.

Espadrilles: Alpargatas as they are also known, espadrilles are usually casual flats. These are warm weather shoes of Spanish origin. They are stylish and versatile. The upper is made from canvas or cotton fabric, their flexible sole is made of molded rubber or rope material. The typical look of an espadrille is the jute rope sole.

Flip-flops: Flip-flops are casual slippers with a flat sole and a Y-shaped strap on top. The strap passes between the big toe and the second toe of the wearer. They are made from rubber, plastic and other inexpensive material. Flip-flops got their name from the sound they make while the wearer is walking. Flip-flops are popular in many parts of the world. Ideal for beach wear, flip flops now come in trendy colors and interesting clip-ons.

How to choose Summer Footwear that is right for me?

  • Buy the right size. Don't go in for a cute pair of sandals that are not right for you. Keep in mind the usage before choosing your summer footwear. For long shopping expeditions or vacation walks, look for comfortable sandals or moccasins.

  • It is preferable to pick up footwear that has straps round the back of the foot or heel. Laying all the stress on the small bones in the front of the feet leads to pain.

  • For everyday wear, don't go in for heels more than 4 cm. You are then at risk for developing postural problems due to stress on the calves and back.

  • Try on before you buy. Sandals with straps in the wrong place are a nightmare. You would end up with calluses and corns.

  • Taking into account the heat and humidity the feet have to bear during summer, choose footwear whose insole does not get slippery or sticky with sweat.

  • Are you looking for beachwear, something for outdoor picnics, for parties or for formal wear ? Vibrant colored neon or creamy pastel sandals with fun designs will be the right option for beach activities and boardwalks. Flats will suit any busy summer day. Wedges and platforms are a great option for special occasions.

  • Choose footwear with wedges that are not uncomfortably tall for you.

Maintain good foot hygiene in the hot summer months. Regular pedicures leave you with soft well-cared feet that are a treat to the eyes. Don't allow sweaty feet to be confined in closed shoes for hours on end. You might end up with fungal or itchy problems. Air your footwear once in a way. Keep foot odor at bay with a refreshing talc or foot spray.

What is the summer 2014 footwear trend ?

Footwear trends for the summer of 2014 include comfortable moccasins, colorful platforms with studs, straps and fringes, sandals, flip flops and canvas shoes. Bright colors, metallic elements, large flowered sandals, fine flowered high heels, black and white combination footwear are the current trend. Flowered sandals, jeweled sandals and rosette sandals are a popular footwear choice this season. Ankle strap flats, ballet flats and woven flats in vibrant colors are a wide choice too. Printed, floral and colorful wedges with short summer dresses are in great demand this summer.

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