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Human Hair Wig

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Human Hair Wig
A guide to wigs, either synthetic or human hair wigs. Find out more about African American wigs and wigs specially made for Cancer patients.

Wigs have come a long way from those made of animal hair and cloth to synthetic plastic wigs and wigs made of human hair. People have used wigs for theatre, religion, theatre and even for medical purposes since time immemorial. Wigs are used to cover bald patches, small or large. People opt for wigs to cover a completely bald head or for cosmetic reasons to sport a different look.

Choose wigs keeping in mind your hair color, texture and skin tone. For cosmetic reasons, you can opt for bangs or wisps of hair around the hairline as this will avoid an unnatural appearance. Read on to learn more about different types of wigs - celebrity wigs as well as wigs for cancer patients.

Types of Wigs

Wigs have been in use since the Early Egyptian Days. In Egypt wigs were used to protect the head from the sun. It was usually short with several tiers or thickly plaited. Roman women preferred light hair and often wore blonde wigs. Wearing wigs became a fashion in Europe around the 17th century particularly during the reign of Louis XIII of France, who wore a wig with several curls. It became even more popular during the reign of Charles II of England.

Initially as human hair was difficult and expensive to get, the hair of horses, goats were used to make wigs. Fads like the pomade, scented wigs and powdered wigs came into fashion. Even plaster of Paris was used on wigs in colors of pink, gray and even blue. The periwig gave way to smaller wigs with smaller curls and eventually men stopped using wigs and it became associated more with women.

Machine-made wigs consist of wefts of hair together in a straight line. They are then cut and assembled into wigs. Sometimes these wigs do not look very realistic but are comfortable to wear since the construction allows air to circulate into the scalp. The handmade wigs involve individual strands knotted on a skull cap. Such wigs lend themselves easily to different partings and styles.

Lace front wigs

Lace wigs can be made from human hair or synthetic hair. These wigs appear much like natural hair and have become extremely popular after celebrity endorsements. French lace wig is durable and easy to maintain. Swiss lace wigs need more looking after. In any case, choose one that suits your face shape. You can choose either lace front wigs or full lace wigs.

Full lace wigs can be parted anywhere on the scalp and can be piled back into a ponytail. Full lace wigs are very comfortable when worn and can be left on for days at a time. Choose a lace front wig that appears as natural as possible to your skin tone, especially near the forehead and nape area. Leaving out a few hair from your natural hairline would help in giving the lace front wig a more natural appearance.

Lace wigs are attached with a liquid bonding adhesive. When selecting a lace wig, fit is of paramount concern. You must also choose a lace wig in a style that suits you. Choose hair density that would appear as natural as possible.

Human Hair Wig

Human hair wig is popular among regular users of wigs who prefer a natural look. Human hair wigs are made with the best quality hair that is collected to achieve the texture and color required. They are more versatile and can be blow-dried, permed and styled in different ways. The cuticle is left intact thus maintaining the color. A special implanting technique is used where the root end is implanted into the base.

However a human hair wig requires more maintenance and cleaning and could cost anything between $ 100 for an ordinary wig to $ 4000 for a high-end custom-made wig. But such wigs need to be washed and styled into place. Human wigs are of two types - processed and unprocessed wigs. Processed wigs are generally cheaper and are made out of black hair, typical of Indians, Chinese and Indonesians.

Human hair wigs can by styled and dyed during the wig manufacturing process. Unprocessed wigs are of a finer quality, as they require no chemical processing. They are also more expensive. Human hair wigs can be washed, dried and styled like normal hair. Hair irons, curls can also be used on human hair wigs. You can shop for a wig by length - short wigs or chin length or medium length or even long wigs.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs can be made from a variety of fibers including nylon, acetate, Dynel and konekolen. Most women prefer synthetic wigs as they are cheaper and easier to maintain. They are easier to clean and can be dried fast after a wash. Their prices range between $50 - $ 250 or more depending on brands, style, color and texture. Synthetic hair wigs usually come in a styled version and this saves considerable time. They are lighter than human hair wigs. Unlike human hair wigs which have to be custom made, synthetic hair wigs are readily available.

However, synthetic hair wigs lack texture. They aren't as soft and silky as human hair wigs. They cannot be blow dried, permed or styled as they are not heat resistant. Extreme heat can cause the fibers to melt or frizz. Caring for a synthetic wig is relatively easy provided the right products are used. Simple wash, conditioning and drying can go a long way in maintaining the wig. Wigs with a synthetic and human hair blend can give you the advantages of both - you can experience the look and feel of human hair and at the same time avail of the durability of synthetic hair.

Wigs or Hairpieces

Most women are often in a dilemma whether to buy a complete wig or buy hairpieces which are like clip-ons and can be attached to already existing hair. Hair pieces are more versatile and can be used by anyone regardless of gender, head shape or hair condition. If it is only partial baldness, a hairpiece can be use to simply hide the bald patch. You can use bonding, metal tape or a clip to attach the hairpiece onto the scalp.

Such hairpiece wigs can also be removed with great ease. Like wigs, hairpieces also can be made from human hair or synthetic hair and in some cases even animal hair implanted one at a time into a nylon base. For someone who is completely or almost completely bald, or suffering from severe hair loss, a wig is a viable option. However for someone who has thin hair or luster less hair, a hairpiece could be used to add volume or style.

African American Wigs

African American wigs have the ability to practically transform your entire face. Such wigs are available in colors ranging from classic black, blonde and even luminous green. They are guaranteed to be the center of attraction of any party and are also a great option for a Halloween wig. They are available in a variety of styles ranging from Classic Red Clown Afro Wig, Mega Huge Blonde Afro Wig, Bushy Hendrix Afro Wig. The Union Jack Afro Wig is a great option for those with the patriotic American fervor. For women, smaller wigs are available in a variety of styles like Princess, Afro Puff or Daisy Fro Afro.

African American Wigs are a great option for parties, Halloween or costume wigs. They are available in a variety of colors ranging from natural blacks, reds, and browns. Party wigs are normally made from synthetic material thereby making them easier to maintain. All you have to do is wash and style your wig and you are all set to party. Typical styles include cornrows, fishtails and goddess braids. Dreadlock variations include the Topknot Updo, the Divine Creation and the Fun Flip.

Celebrity Wigs

Don a celebrity wig and you can go in for a complete makeover. A Jessica Simpson wig or a Britney Spears wig can be picked up from most wig stores. For Halloween or masquerade parties, opt for celebrity wigs such as Tina Turner wigs, Marilyn Monroe wigs or Cher wigs.

Raquel Welch Wigs: The Raquel Welch Signature Collection, which was introduced in March 1998, is a leading name in hair extensions, hair additions and fashion wigs. Raquel Welch Wigs use the Kanekolan Vibralite, which simulates protein rich hair for a natural lustrous look. The Raquel Welch Memory Cap offers a dependable fit and extreme comfort. The wigs are made from thinnest, most resilient material so as to deliver absolute comfort. The range is rather extensive including Wildfire if you want a short hair style or a Sizzle which is nothing but a chin length bob and Masquerade long haired variety.

The other common celebrity wigs include those of Beverly Johnson and Dolly Parton. The Beverly Johnson Wig Collection is created to enhance the features of those who wear them. They are mainly designed for African American women. Some famous styles include Adrienne, Halla and Whitney designs. There is also a Beverly Johnson Wig Luster which helps bring back the luster and enhance color of wigs and hairpieces. Dolly's Collection is both lightweight and comes in distinct colors. They are particularly known for their golden tresses. The styles include Magnolia, Hollywood, Charlotte, Dolly's Own and Autumn. These wigs are comfortable and chic.

Wigs for Cancer Patients

A common side effect of chemotherapy is loss of hair or Alopecia. It is a sad reminder for a woman that she is living with cancer and can be quite embarrassing. Choosing a well groomed wig is a great way to boost self-confidence. If you are unable to afford a wig, there are several societies and groups that provide wigs for cancer patients. There are special designers who design wigs for cancer patients. Such wigs have sufficient ventilation and are light weighted, thereby making them well suited for cancer patients.

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