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Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Hairstyles for Long Hair
Long hair offers plenty of creative options for hairstyles. Check out long hairstyles and long hair cuts.

Well groomed, shiny, silky, well styled hair not just adds movement but a flattering frame to an otherwise dull face. Beautiful long hair just does not happen. It requires a lot of additional care. Common problems such as oily scalp, hair that tangles when wet and is dry with split ends, losing hair sheen have to be tackled and preventive maintenance done with utmost care.

Long hair offers plenty of creative options for hairstyles. Check out long hairstyles and long hair cuts. A big problem with long hair is how to style it properly. Long hair allows hair stylists the flexibility to experiment with different styles.

Pull back hair style

In this style, the long hair is pulled back to the neckline and captured in a pretty hair piece. And a pull back style featuring no jewelry at all is very 'in' these days. This is the style in prominent focus as it is asymmetrical and nonconforming. Small wisps of hair are made to frame the face.

Frizz free curls

Perfect frizz free curls for long hair is another perfect updo. Curls are pinned up on the crown of the head with some ends exposed and some falling around the face. The shape of the face often guides how the hair is pinned up. Hairspray can be used to keep the curls in place.

Toss up hairstyle for long hair

Hair is pulled back in a high ponytail and kept off the neck. Simple yet stylish, ponytails suit anyone and all it requires is a small elastic band to keep the hair back. Little wonder that this style keeps one cool during the summer heat and hair also remains out of the face at a moment's notice. This is a classic style to choose especially for athletic endeavors during summer. A simple ponytail or braids are very functional. Keeping the hair off the back and out of the eyes makes for comfort and concentration.

A formal hairdo with long hair

Hair can be pinned atop the head with small clips or pins. Hair can be tightly twisted into coils and pinned with small claw clips or barrettes. For very long hair, each section of hair needs to be twisted several times before clipping it to the head. The ends could be allowed to peek out here and there. A styling product could be used to gently sculpt the ends in an artistic style.

Long hairstyle accessories

Accessories like chopsticks, hair clips, hair pins, head bands and hair scarves are available to aid hair styling. Several different styling can be tried equally well on wet and dry hair. For a sexy look that can be casual and formal, a pair of decorative chopsticks can be used.

Popular hair styles for long hair

The French braids hair style:

This is a classic way to wear one's hair, especially shoulder length or longer. Take a small section of hair at the top of the forehead and divide it into three equal sections. Braid the far right section over the center section and then the far left section over the center section to complete one round of braiding. Take the far right strand and add a small section of hair to that and then braid it over the center making this the new center strand.

Similarly, take the left section and add a small section of hair to that and then braid that over the center making this the new center section. Keep doing this process until there is no hair left to add. A little or a lot of hair can be added into the sections but the amount has to be the same from the beginning to end. Once the last braid is reached tie off with a rubber band for a finished hair style.

Athletics can consider double braids, by creating an even part from the forehead to the nape of the neck with a comb. Then tie one pigtail off to the side and work with the other braiding as tightly as possible. The braid should be fastened with an elastic band. Same has to be repeated for the other side as well.

Another athletic hairstyle variation is the micro-braid approach. Simply braid a few tight mini braids in the front of the head to pull all the wispies and bangs and loose strands together and away from the eyes and face. Create a row of tight micro braids, fastening each with a tiny hair band or miniature rubber band. Continue this process donning a whole head of micro braids for a fun and funky look.

The Basic Bun

: Make a basic loose ponytail. An elastic band can be used to secure the ponytail if desired. Twist the entire length of the ponytail and coil the twist around itself to begin creating the bun. Tuck the end under the outside coil. Hair can also be dampened in order to keep the shorter pieces from popping out.

Hold the bun in place with one hand and using the other hand, push one hair stick straight into the outside coil until the tip touches the head. Change the direction of the stick and weave it up and out the other side of the coil. Using a second hair stick, poke through the bun in the same way but from the other side so that the sticks make an X. This will hold the bun securely in place.

An alternate style would be the half bun and the double bun. To create the half bun hairstyle, take half the hair and make a basic ponytail. As an option, one can use an elastic band to secure the ponytail. Continue in the same steps described for the basic bun. Smaller buns will require only one stick to secure the hairstyle. A second stick is only optional and can be used for decoration purposes. For the double bun, extra hair can be used from the second ponytail and continue in the same steps as described for the basic bun.

Hair Flip: The hair flip and its sister style, the backward flip both require long hair or at least shoulder length hair. Make a basic loose ponytail. Using the thumb and index finger of both hands, divide the hair in half above the rubber band. Bend forward to flip head upside down. Push thumbs up through the part above the rubber band.

Use thumbs to push the entire ponytail down through the opening. Decorate this hair style with hair sticks to add interest. An alternate style is called the 'backward flip'. Instead of pushing the ponytail down through the opening, push it up through the opening. Continue pulling all the hair up through the opening until free. Decorate with hair sticks, combs, flowers or any favorite and appealing hair accessory.

Hair roll: Beginning on one side from the forehead, take a small section of the hair and twist toward the back of the head. Take another small section of the hair and add it to the first section and twist it altogether a few times. Continue adding and twisting hair until all the hair has been gathered on one side.

Give the finished sections a few more twists and then hold it up out of the way with a clip. Begin twisting and sectioning hair on the other side of the head in the same fashion. When both the sides are done, unfasten the clip and gather the two sides into a ponytail. Fasten with a large barrette, using a comb, smoothen any messy spots down the roll. Use hair pins to hold fine hair in place.

Quick and hot hair styles for long hair

For a seductive look on the first date or a special occasion, sweep the hair into a makeshift French twist with a set of ornate chopsticks or a delicate pretty hair pin. Even if the hair is still wet, it should be responsive to this facile style.

For those of you who are tired of the same old pony tail, some fancy accents can simply be mixed and added up, whether a colorful hair scarf or headband, crab claw clips, hair pins, chopsticks and any fun hair accessories.

Instead of battling the hair into submission and without going into any great coloring and styling lengths, it would be better to merely twist or clip up the hair to your head with any new fashion accessories.

By using a parting, one can totally change the look of long hairstyles. It can be worn in the middle, side or at an angle and it could make quite a change in one's appearance.

Long hair cuts

Long hair cuts ideally require texture, flips and long loose layers. The type of hair cut also wholly depends on the texture of the hair - whether it is straight or wavy, curly with medium length. Long hair cuts also calls for regular trimming to keep the style intact.

First and foremost it is essential to have the long hair cut by a professional stylist as an inexperienced stylist can ruin the look. The stylist can also help in choosing the appropriate variations. For instance, with a long straight hair one has the option of leaving it loose. With wavy, curly or unmanageably long hair, one can always tie a pony tail, bun, or braid so that it looks neater and more sophisticated.

Trendy hair cuts for long hair

The shag is a very trendy long hair cut style and it allows easy changes for beautiful looks. The shag also offers many variations with differences in the end with curls, waves and other little changes.

The versatile cut is another latest trendy long hair cut and it allows many different looks. The versatile cut allows curls and different length ends as well. These styles also suit older women. Versatile cut that is layered all around can be achieved by using simple techniques. Razoring and slicing are used around the perimeter of long hairstyles to give definition.

A one length solid cut is also popular with long hair style. This is easy to put up and back into a pony tail that is always practical.

Straight long hair cuts are simply marvelous and suit all face types. If the texture of the hair is thin, then add volume with a soft perm or a gentle wave. Curlers are and serums add to the volume. Look for products with Vitamin E protectors.

Long layered hair cut is probably the basic hair cut in history. This can also be easily modified for a wide variety of looks. While a short circle cut is sassy and bouncy, a long circle cut gives volume to the style.

Cuts and styles for long hair are available in plenty. For instance, a thin faced woman with a large forehead should ideally leave her hair loose and set the hair in curls. Fringes and bangs can be used to cover the forehead. For a thin faced person, complete straight haircut will not look suitable. It should do well to work on a little balance and symmetry. Middle partings should be avoided by those with long sharp nose. Hair cuts should always do justice to the chin and width of the shoulders.

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