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Messy Side Braiding

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Messy Side Braiding
Side braids work well with summer casuals, especially messy side braids. Take a few tips on getting your French side braids right!

For women, braids have always held a special allure. A little variation to the classic braids, side braids have become a rage ever since it was sported in the Alexander Wang show on the spring 2010 runway.

They became so popular during the season that they continued to dominate the following seasons as well. Side braids are not only catching up at fashion circles, but are seen off the catwalk too. They are highly fashionable yet functional and unlike other hairstyles, side braids can be created in a jiffy.

Side braiding

Side braids work best on long hair; but ladies with short hair ...fret not! You can always lay your hands on extensions. Side braids are great for a 'cool day look'. Though side braids can be neatly plaited, the messy look with roughed up hair is more popular. Messy side braids suggest a laid back attitude and emphasize the casual look. They are super quick to wear and very convenient for those on the 'go' who want to compromise on the glam quotient.

The best part of wearing side braid is that it does not require any elaborate hair tools. So whether it is a beach party with your close friends or a lazy brunch get together, show off your crowning glory with side braid and get ready to receive all the compliments.

How to wear a side braid

Let us start with a simple and basic way of doing side braid:

  • Firstly, comb your hair thoroughly to remove the knots.

  • Side braids work well with side parts and not the center ones, so part your hair to one side and bring the hair forward from the opposite side of the part.

  • Now hold your hair to one side of the head and pull out few strands from the front to let them fall loose on the sides. These loose strands will do all the magic and create a chic look.

  • Now is the time to start braiding. To braid, separate the hair into three equal sections and begin with the section that is right below the ear.

  • Cross this section over the middle one and then bring the opposite side over the middle one and continue to braid until you reach the end.

  • Stop braiding when one or two inches of hair is still left and secure it with hair tie. You can use a hair spray on the braid for a finishing touch and also accessorize it by wearing a flower or a nice clip.

If you have little more time on hand and you are in a mood to experiment, then go for the side braid using fish tail plait.

  • Here too, comb your hair well to remove knots. Use a hair spray to gain good control on your hair while plaiting.

  • Make a side parting and gather your hair to one side of the head. (Preferably to the opposite of the heavier side).

  • For fish tail braid, unlike traditional braid (where the hair is divided into three parts), the hair is divided into two equal parts.

  • Hold both the parts in your left hand, keeping one of your fingers in between the strand to keep the parts separate.

  • Pull out a thin strand from the outside edge of the right part and bring it over the left part.

  • Now shift the hair to right hand and pull out a thin strand from the left part and bring it over the right part.

  • Continue to do the same until you are left with two to three inches of loose hair and tie it with hair band. Now you are all set with side fish tail braid.

If you have prefer French braids, shun the above two styles and go for a Side French braid. If you want to add a touch of sophistication start the braid from the hair line above the fore head and continue the French braid till the end. This style is highly glamorous and suits for formal evenings.

Side braids tips

Always wear side braid little loose and pull out few strands from both sides. Side braids look good with side parts and that too worn on the opposite side. If your hair is layered, let the hair peep out of the braid, because, little amount of mess always works for side braids. Spray your hair with styling products before starting the braid.

Side braid go well with summer casuals, they also suit evening gowns, especially broad necked gowns. If you are dressed in one shouldered gown, bring the braid on the bare shoulder. Remember not to overdo with accessories, a flower clip or beaded pins are all you require to flaunt your side braid.

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