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Hair Makeover

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Hair Makeover
Break free from the boring haistyle and go in for a hair makeover. Choose a haircut and style that brings out the best in you.

Are you caught in a time wrap and still sporting the hairstyle you had when you were in college? Tired of bad haircuts and inappropriate hair coloring that have wreaked havoc on your hairstyle? You may not realize it but a hair makeover may be just what you need, one that involves a personalized treatment for your face shape, hair type, color and lifestyle.

A good hairstyle makeover must make you happy and confident. A haircut makeover can boost your confidence, make you look younger and reduce the amount of time and money you spend on hair care. What must you keep in mind before taking on a hairstyle makeover? Answers to these and more!

Hair Makeover

Many a time we get saddled with a haircut that is not right - one that is disproportionate to the face and head shape and works against the hair texture and fall. You may be stuck with a hairstyle that has been the same length, same color and same style for years on end. It is about time you contemplated a hair makeover. Gone are the days when you went to your hair stylist with not a clue as to how you would want your hair to look like. Look up virtual hair makeover tools to get a fair idea on new haircuts and hairstyles. Find out colors that may be appropriate for your skin and hair tone.

There are so many hairstyle options today - you can go in for a haircut that is radically different or you can add bangs and layers and play with the highlights in your hair. Retain the length if you wish to but add layers and bangs. Many a time a salon haircut makeover might be accompanied by a total makeup makeover session too. You will learn to wear your haircut in a style that is most flattering to you. Hair makeovers include color correction, hair cut makeovers and hairstyle tips.

Hair Makeover Tips

  • You must discuss with your hairstylist as to the kind of haircut you are looking for and its suitability for your hair texture. Bring along pictures of hairstyles so that the stylist understands your needs better. Ask the hair stylist for latest hairstyles and current favorites and which one would suit you. The hairstylist must blend your makeover haircut to your hair type, texture and density.

  • If you lead a hectic lifestyle, do not opt for fussy hairstyles that require painstaking daily maintenance routine.

  • A hair cut makeover must look appealing on your hair in its natural state and complement your face shape and hair texture. Conceal facial flaws with the right haircut. Add volume to the top if you have a round face that needs slimming. Keep the hair long and choppy on the lower half of your face to soften a square jaw line.

  • Always color your hair after the cut. Your hair color must complement the makeover hairstyle. You can use color contrasts - light or dark on the top or the bottom of the hair in the opposite shade.

  • Find out how to maintain and recreate the hairstyle effect at home. Update on new styling products to keep your hair and haircut in good condition. Learn new ways to wear the haircut - different partings, updos and angles.

If you have long tresses and want a hairstyle makeover, you have a number of style options without dramatically reducing the length. Use subtle waves or dramatic curls or get a scrunched look to look different. You can get this styling done on the full hair or on some sections. You can perm your hair to add volume and curl. Use jeweled accessories to best effect. Short hairstyles are always chic and sexy, be it the Shag, Bob or Pixie.

You can go in for a timeless short hairstyle but play around with the cut and style so that you sport a hairstyle that is just right for you. Learn to add thickness and body to your limp and lifeless hair with quality products. This can do wonders for your hair. Remember that a good haircut would last you about 6 weeks. Do not postpone your regular trimming sessions to keep the makeover hairstyle looking good at all times!

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