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Interactive Hair Style Gallery

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Interactive Hair Style Gallery
This Virtual Hairstyle Gallery shows how you would look wearing any one of the possible 24 different hair styles at the click of a mouse button.

This virtual interactive hair gallery can give you a peek at different hairstyles, colors and treatments. This could save you the embarrassment of a disastrous hairstyle that you could otherwise land up in. You need to select one that works well with your hair texture, face shape and also your lifestyle. Whether it's the long curls or the short pageboy look, you can try them all!

You will find an interactive Hair Style Gallery on the left. Wait till this image application loads in your browser. This could take some time as the image size is about 200 Kb. Once it is loaded completely, select a hair style from one of the four hair styles on the bottom menu by clicking on it. This will show the model with that hair style. Now select the color from a choice of six hair color schemes.

The face of the model is rendered in soft tones to match the rest of the hair style scheme. The color of the hair might vary depending upon your monitor's color profile.

Ever wondered how you would look if you went in for a totally different hairstyle? Have you been in a situation when you have wanted to try out a new funky hair color but were not sure whether it would suit you? This is where a virtual hair gallery can help you. Gone are the days of merely flipping through fashion magazines to select a hairstyle of your choice. The virtual hair gallery has revolutionized the hair-cutting salon.

Here is a place where you can try out the latest hairstyles in different hair colors too. It works much like the trial room of a clothes store - try it on before you actually go for it. If you are bored with the blonde look, you can check out whether a burgundy would suit your personality. You could even go in for the streaked hair look.

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Virtual Hair Style Gallery