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Medium Length Hairstyles

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Medium Length Hairstyles
Medium length hairstyles, formal hairstyles, wavy hairstyles, trendy hairstyles and elegant hairstyles - how to choose hairstyle that best complements your personality and suits your lifestyle.

Next to fashion trends, a contemporary woman is eager to keep pace with elegant hairstyles. Attire and hairstyles - both form a medium to convey her personal style statement. Changing hairstyle is construed as a makeover or renewal of outlook, to convey a fresh personal expression. Indeed sporting an elegant hairstyle itself is a way to define fashion.

Medium length hairstyles, formal hairstyles, wavy hairstyles, trendy hairstyles and elegant hairstyles - check out and choose the one that best complements your personality and suits your lifestyle.

Medium length hairstyles

Mid-length, in-between hairstyles and shoulder length are other terms for medium length haircut styles. It is the intermediate, not to short or too long, medium length hair offers a great deal of style versatility. Switching too is easier; women find it simple to shift from short to medium length hair or long to medium length hair.

The advantage is that both shorter and longer hairstyles are workable with medium length hair. Also, medium length hair cuts suits different hair types and face shapes. Take notice of the greatest advantage medium length hairstyles offer - creation of an entirely different look every time.

Layered medium hairstyle: Versatility, flexibility, elegance, convenience and stylish, medium layered hairstyle offers all these and more. For those with straight hair, the ends can taper symmetrical, jagged or angled. If endowed with natural curls, the medium curly hairstyle works well for you too.

From a minimum of two layers, the total number of layers is entirely dependent on the hair volume one prefers to project. Keeping the topmost layers to its full length and having layers of different lengths provide volume to hair and a natural bounce. Just letting it flow down is the easiest and the simplest layered hairstyle. For an altogether altered look, the length of hair is favorably long enough to be curled up at the ends or twisted into elegant full or half updos such as tight or loose bun, front hair updo, half updo and back pin-up hairstyle. Trying types of formal hairstyles is much easier with medium layered hair.

Bobbed medium hairstyle: Bobbed medium hairstyle continues to be an evergreen favorite amongst women who sport medium hair. Standard bobs or bobs with bangs or fringes both can range from ear length to shoulder. Bobbed medium hairstyle is suitable for straight as well as straight wavy hair. There are a great variety of bobbed medium hairstyles popular especially with celebrities.

Bob hairstyle with an even is almost outdated. Whereas, the bob with different lengths, inverted bobs and layers at the edges is popular. Choppy blunt bob hairstyle involves blunt cuts with chopped sides and bangs. The style works best for those with wider foreheads.

The flip out bob, as the name suggests flips out at the ends. For a varied look, consider pinning the flips both sides behind the ear. The Beckham bob popularized by Victoria Beckham portrays hair in varying lengths, longer strands in the front and shorter layers in the back.

Formal hairstyles

To heighten an exclusive, special and sophisticated look, sport an appropriate formal hairstyle. Long, medium or short, curly, wavy or straight hair, there are plenty of formal hairstyles designed to suit specific hair types and face structure. However, before deciding on a formal hairstyle, besides hair length and face shape, take into account the occasion, attire, accessories, current fashion trends and time availability. The ultimate deciding factor is whether you want your hair up or down.

  • Time constraint and/or lack of patience; try an easy instant formal hairstyle. Full French braid or half up/half down style, multiple pony tails braided individually and gathered together at the top of the head, curls and ringlets are all elegant formal hairstyles.

  • Gelled-back look and stylish bobs are easy formal hairstyles which can be tried by those with short hair.

  • Structured curls, loose waves, loose ringlets, double buns, low pony tails are appropriate formal hairstyles for long hair.

  • Wish to go back to the days of Royalty? Try the Grecian braid. Pull some hair into a ponytail. At the nape of the neck, braid it and take it over your hairline at the forehead.

Wavy hairstyles

Whatever wavy hairstyle you choose, before starting the process, it is best to dry hair naturally or diffuse dry the hair. Also, wavy hair demands extra maintenance. It is quite common to see wavy hair dehydrate and frizz.

Soft-layered hairstyle: Care to give a natural look, try soft-layered wavy hairstyle. Damp hair, blow-dry under the hair. Use a flat brush and work from top to bottom but in sections. This will help to stretch out the waves. To keep waves in place use some molding cream.

Soft casual hairstyle: For an absolutely carefree and casual look, select soft casual wavy hairstyle. Damp hair and wait till hair is dry. Take a middle parting, and let hair loose on either side. For a shiner look, add shine serum over the top layer only and let the natural waves flow down. Use a gel spray to retain style.

Soft and wispy layered hairstyle: Try a soft and wispy layered hairstyle. Damp hair and then dry hair duly tilting head forward to get fluffy hair. Take a right corner short parting and use a gel spray to keep hair in position.

Large looping spiral waves: Looks stunning on colored wavy hair. Damp hair and gather hair to usual position. Let hair dry naturally. Take a center parting and let waves fall loose.

Trendy hairstyles

Celebrities play a key role in setting hairstyle trends. If noticed and appreciated, the celeb-inspired hairstyle evolves into a trendy hairstyle. To keep pace with the latest hairstyle, use the Internet, flip through latest fashion magazines, and observe fashion functions and award ceremonies. To adopt the latest trendy hairstyle, consult a professional hairstylist. Be aware of your hair type. Take into account your face shape, hair type, skin tone, lifestyle, maintenance regime and the hair length.

Long, medium length or slightly shorter hair, if there is a hairstyle that has continued to be trendy; it is the dimensional shag style. For those who bask in gaining attention, the dimensional shag is appropriate. It is a cut with fringes and bangs. The ends can have curls and waves. Add shades and highlight to make it even more prominent. Another variation is to color some and mask the rest.

Versatile cut is yet another trendy hairstyle with three versions, the short, medium and long version. Simply put, versatile cut is a layered haircut with long hair on top and short hair beneath. It can be either bobs, curls or different length ends. Most suitable for those with thick hair, a little bit of trimming at the bottom will add volume at the top and make the hair bouncy.

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