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Hair Mousse and Hairspray

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Hair Mousse and Hairspray
Hair mousse and hair spray are hair styling products that add volume, super shine, tangle free and styled hair. Pick up useful tips to use hairsprays for easy-to-do hairstyles.

Way back in 1980s, hair mousse was popular and sought after to achieve the 'big hair' look. The add-on glitter was popular with nightclub goers. The product has evolved since. A small scoop of hair mousse applied at the base of the hair resuscitates lifeless, limp and frizzy hair with its volumizing effect. Thanks to the resins in the mousse that coat the hair and add thickness to it, the hair can also be styled in a sleek and bouncy fashion.

Hair type: Suitable for almost all hair types.

Forms: Creamy foam/ cream

Any day, any time: Perfect for everyday use.

Alert: If your hair is dry or damaged, do not use hair mousse with alcohol as it can worsen the dryness. Instead choose one with vitamins and natural conditioners.

Anyone allergic to wheat may want to avoid hair styling products that might contain hydrolyzed wheat proteins in their formulas.

Using hair mousse

  • Always apply hair mousse over wet hair. Pat towel over hair to absorb excess water.

  • Comb hair and remove tangles. It is easier for the hair mousse to slide through the hair when applied.

  • Shake container to turn the liquid form into foam.

  • Point the container upside down and dispense a dollop of hair mousse into your palm.

  • Rub your hands well.

  • Apply from top to bottom of hair evenly without pressing hard.

  • Begin from the roots to the tips with your fingers.

  • Let the ingredients coat the hair.

  • Brush it out with a natural bristle brush.

  • Limp hair thickens gaining more volume.

  • Follow up by blow drying the hair.

  • The resuscitated hair is now ready for styling.

For styled hair all day long

Hair mousse is designed to offer extra shine and also add volume to the styled hair. While girls with curly hair always lust for straight hair, naturally endowed straight hair girls long for curls. Curls or straight tresses, hair mousse helps you with desired hair styles sans any fuss, and sans the 'sticky feel'.

  • Have the curls straightened and feel confident of retaining straightened tresses through the day by applying a dollop of hair mousse on the straightened tresses.

  • To get those adorable curls, wash hair; scrunch hair from tip to root using fingers about 10 times. Repeat with mousse. Use hair dryer or let hair dry naturally. The end result is beautiful, full hair with defined curls.

  • Apply mousse on wet hair. Braid hair. Let it dry. Undo the braids. You will be pleased with the wavy, curly hair.

  • If you have naturally curly hair, create a look of defined curls with hair mousse. It delivers maximum hold and control, without stiffness or stickiness.

Bid goodbye to tangled hair

Undoing your hairstyle often leads to hair tangles. Even dry hair tends to get tangled easily. Exposure to wind leads to a battle with tangled hair. Not to forget split ends and knots that lead to tangles.

Hair mousse provides the much-needed 'hair kick' and also acts as a detangler; liberating your hair from tangle issues. Choice of hair mousse is guided by the fragrance factor as well. Women prefer hair mousse that is 'fresh and clean yet not strong'.

Hair Spray for the final touch

The magic of hair spray is apparent in hairstyles that remain intact, untouched and unperturbed for hours. The final touch to any hairdo is the hair spray. From celebrities to fashionistas, for easy-to-wear hairstyles or work appropriate hair styles, hair sprays are a versatile styling tool.


  • To keep hair in place.

  • To add and maintain volume.

  • To get maximum long-lasting hold for every hair type (fine, thick and curly).

  • To add shine to hair.

  • To make dull ends glossy without hair looking slick or weighed down.

  • To protect hair from heat styling, add a bit of texture and thickness.

  • To retain bounce even in high humidity.

  • For humidity resistance and control frizz.

  • To revive previous day hairdo for the next day.

Alert: Common ingredients include alcohol and polymers. Use in moderation to avoid locks that become crispy and flaky. Alcohol-free hair sprays are also available.

Forms: Aerosol (mist form) and non-aerosol (liquid form)

How to pick a hair spray

With so many types of hair spray to choose from, it can be confusing. Choose one with a formula that is specifically designed to suit your hair's needs. Read product description and pick a hair spray with formula that allows your hair to retain its natural texture and movement.

Anti-humidity hairspray: Humid, wet and dry weather contribute to frizz. Be it snow storm, wind or the sweltering heat, the anti-humidity hair spray is formulated to reduce frizz. Look out for an anti-humidity hair spray that reduces frizz, makes hair appear smoother and shinier and also boosts volume.

Colored hairspray: It's perfect for a party. Ready to party and want to flaunt vibrant colored hair sans bleaches or peroxides? Choose temporary colored hair spray to get desired hair color.

Ultra hold hair spray: The special ingredient not only helps in holding a hairstyle but also strengthens and nourishes hair.

Volumizing hairspray: To get more volume or add body to thin hair, volumizing hairspray is best. Incredible thickness, long lasting style and volume makes hair look healthy.

Depending on strength or hold, hair sprays are categorized into low hold, medium hold and strong and extra-strong hair spray.

Low hold hair spray: Primarily to hold the style like a simple straight hairstyle.

Medium hold hair spray: If you are trying to tame thicker, heavier hair or create loose waves or a soft bun, pick up medium hold hair spray.

Strong and extra-strong hair spray: Elaborate updos and curly styles cannot be redone again. Great amount of effort and long hours go into making challenging hairstyles. To set the hairstyle and retain it in place for extended time without a single strand out of place, strong and extra-strong hair spray is best.

Flexible: If the occasion demands change of hairstyle more than once, you need a flexible hair spray. It is a combination that allows frequent brushing, allows hair to move but at the same time hold a defined hairstyle.

Unscented hair spray: To cater to specific needs of anyone sensitive to fragrance, unscented hair spray is safe and offers everything else that is part of a normal hairspray.

Style hair with hairspray

Less is more with hairspray. Have a hairspray and eager to use it? If you are seeking to increase shine, fight frizz, protect from heat damage and shield color-treated hair from UV rays, follow instructions provided for the desired results.

If you are looking to style hair, here are easy ways to try your new hair spray.

  • Applying hair spray during the styling process is for coating the hair strands and enhancing the style.

  • The purpose of applying hair spray after styling is to hold the style in place. The hair spray acts an adhesive.

Create full head hair with hairspray

  • Pull hair over a round brush while blow-drying it.

  • Apply hairspray while holding hair upside down - bend forward.

  • Lift your hair up.

  • Comb hair with a wide-tooth comb.

  • Intermittently apply a whiff of hairspray.

The perfect side-swept bangs

  • Blow-dry hair preferably using a heat protection serum.

  • Decide which side you want the fringe or bangs.

  • Comb bangs into place.

  • Cup the edge of the bangs.

  • Spray on the hair.

Cute side-swept curls

Create curls

  • Apply hair mousse on wet hair.

  • Blow-dry your hair with a large barrel brush.

  • Take tongs (small or medium).

  • Start from the ear downwards.

  • Also from the front of the head on both sides.

  • Curl one section clockwise and the next anti-clockwise.

  • Once curled pin each section.

  • Hold for few seconds.

  • Take out pins.

  • Start from the first curled hair.

  • Gently rake out each section to pull together.

  • Avoid comb or brush.

The perfect power ponytail

  • Wet hair.

  • Apply hair mousse evenly from root to tips.

  • Blow dry hair in sections.

  • Use a good bristle brush and gather hair up.

  • Secure gathered hair at crown with a hair band.

  • Use a firm hold hair spray to hold the pony tail.

Create beach waves in long hair

  • Wet hair.

  • Apply hair mousse evenly.

  • Divide hair into large (equal) sections.

  • Wrap sections smoothly and tightly around the hair roller.

  • The directions should be from tips to roots.

  • Use blow dryer and then unroll hair.

  • Use hair spray to keep waves in place.

Use hair spray properly

If the hair spray is not used properly, you may not notice desired results. Here are things to remember each time you use hairspray, be it for styling hair, to add volume to hair or to retain the hold.

  • After each use, run the nozzle under warm water.

  • Dry nozzle with tissue.

  • Always store hair spray with the cap.

  • Keep hairspray in a cool, dry place.

  • Prefer small cans to big cans.

  • Hold nozzle at least 12 to 14 inches away from head.

  • Aim to keep a steady stream.

  • Less is more. Avoid over-application.

  • Never leave hairspray on hair for too long.

  • Never spray while hair is on the iron (while curling or straightening).

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