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Blow Drying

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Blow Drying
Sleek straight tresses, carefully scrunched waves or beautifully looped ringlets, you can try it all when you blow dry your hair. Pick up tips and tricks for blow drying your style to perfection.

Blow drying your hair is the best way to straighten out your curls or add waves to your hair without chemical treatment. Perfect blow drying requires patience, perseverance and lots of practice. You also need to use the right styling products and the right-sized brushes. And the best part is that it can be easily done at home, provided you do it the right way. Blow drying can add volume to your hair. Add brilliance and shine to your hair with right blow drying and styling. Here are few tips that can be used to blow dry your hair to perfection and keep the compliments coming.

Hair blow dry accessories

  • Hair dryer with nozzle to direct the airflow

  • Flat professional hairdressing clips

  • Preferred styling products

  • Gloss or oil

  • Large paddle/ round brush depending on the style

Before blow drying hair

Prepare your hair for styling with a good shampoo and conditioning treatment. Blot your hair with a towel and allow it to dry naturally. Your hair needs to be at least 80% dry for the styling to be effective. Use a wide toothed comb to detangle hair. Apply heat protectant to your hair. Massage hair with a dollop of straightening balm.

How to blow dry your hair

  • Part your hair into four horizontal sections, two at the sides and two at the back. Clip these sections on top of your head.

  • Do each section at a time.

  • Using a thick, round brush, start blow drying the hair while pulling the brush through the hair from the roots to the ends. Pull the hair away from your head, stretching and straightening it as you go.

  • Direct the airflow down the hair shaft as this will give added shine to your hair.

  • Continue from section to section of free hair till all the sections are dry and smooth.

  • Keep the tension consistent and evenly distribute heat over the section of hair you are concentrating on. This will ensure uniform hair texture and prevent over drying of certain areas.

  • Continue to work down the length of your hair until only the ends are left around the brush. For turned in or turned out look, simply bend the hair around the brush.

  • For the straight, sleek look that is very much in vogue, remove the brush and insert it underneath the ends using the airflow from the dryer to keep them against the brush.

  • You can apply gloss or oil to smooth over your hair and remove any unwanted frizz.

Blow drying tricks and tips

  • Always point the dryer down the hair shaft as you are blow drying the hair as blowing upward can cause frizz.

  • Your hair dryer should be light enough to hold easily as holding your arms over your head can be pretty tiring.

  • Don't hold the dryer too close to the hair or blow directly on the scalp. Too much heat on the scalp will produce excess oil and flatten the style.

  • Never allow air to flow up the hair shaft. Hair will look dull and lifeless.

  • Brush and blow dry the underside first so that hair in the lower section gets dried too.

  • It is better to work from the backside of your hair to the front side.

  • Ensure that each section is dried fully before moving on to the next section, so that you don't need to redo it again. With partly-done section, hair may revert to its original state.

  • Use a thermal protector to prevent heat damage. It also adds body and shine.

  • Allow hair to cool before removing the brush from a blow dried section of hair as this will make the blow dry last longer.

  • Go slowly and focus on each individual section of hair before moving to the next one.

  • Use light products like mousse or gel mousse combination for fine and thin strands. You can use light products as well as regular gel, glaze, liquids and creams for medium textured hair. Thickly textured hair needs heavier products such as extra strength mousse, gel, creams or wax.

  • Remember that a paddle brush is for blow drying straight styles while a round brush is for waving and adding volume and texture to the hair.

  • Do not blow dry hair when it is too wet or still dripping. In the same fashion, do not direct heat to a section that is 100% dry. Use a spritz bottle to slightly add moisture before blow drying.

  • Start with hot air and finish with cold on every section to first build in the desired style and then lock in the set.

  • Avoid too much drying of hair by holding the nozzle at least 5-6 inches away from the head and using a medium setting. Also, do not direct the air flow at any one section for more than a few seconds at a time.

  • Avoid sectioning clips that cause wrinkles. You can place a piece of tissue paper between the hair and the clip to avoid any ridges.

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