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Bob Hairstyle

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Bob Hairstyle
Be it the traditional bob hair style or one with geometric cuts, the bob still remains a favorite. Read on and find out how you can play around with the bob hairstyle.

From Louise Brooks to Nicole Ritchie, women have always had a passion for bob hairstyle, especially the 'pageboy' style worn straight with a fringe. Katherine Hepburn, Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe all wore this classic hair style with style and grace.

Sporting a bob hairstyle imparts a look of pure elegance, a sophisticated style that lends a racy yet sweet appearance. The bob hair style is one that suits about every face and hair type. It is a timeless hair style though slight variations may happen over the years.

Medium Bob hairstyle

Not only is the bob hairstyle gorgeous but it is versatile and easy to wear. The traditional bob is a short, sleek and severe cut with all the hair being cut in to the same length, except, of course the bangs. The length of the bob is usually between the chin and the shoulders. But today's bob has a lot more stuff. It is not blunt cut anymore instead women prefer it soft and sexy. Now-a-days, stylists use a razor to trim the ends, which makes them really light and soft and swingy.

One of the major benefits of a medium bob hairstyle is that it can work for any age, hair type, hair color and face shape. It is not like one bob fits all - there are a variety of bob hairstyles which are tailored to suit your individual face shape and structure. Another main reason why bob hairstyle is always popular is that it is more easily manageable for the woman of today, 'the woman on the go'. Quick blow dry is all your bob hairstyle needs. Styling is very easy and practically, no styling aids are required. A brush or a comb is all that you need to keep your bob hair style in shape.

Short bob hairstyle

Bobs can be both modern and classic. Also, the bob hairstyle is appropriate for any and every occasion. You can cut your hair jaw-length, which is a very popular style as it is neither short nor long. It is the perfect length if you decide to grow your hair once again. You may also opt for the mid- length bob hairstyle when you are not sure whether you are ready for really short hair.

Short nose-length bob hairstyles look stunning when teamed up with long blunt-cut bangs. Although the cut may seem to be too short, it imparts natural movement to the hair. Opt for this bob with fringes caressing your cheeks, which can be cute and flattering. If you do not prefer long bangs, a good alternative would be short uneven wispy fringes.

Bob hairstyles

You need not be stuck with the bob hairstyle of the same length and color. You can modify your bob by changing the shape without losing the length. You can cut some layers into it. Long, medium and short layers can do wonders to spice up any bob hairstyle. You can flip your ends out and also use contrasting hair color.

You can use a darker shade on the top and go lighter as you cover the ends. You also have the option of changing your angles and sporting the asymmetrical bob. Go longer on one side while progressively cutting it short on the other. You can also part your hair in the center or at the sides and tuck the stray wisps behind your ears.

Layered bob hairstyle

Another option is that with one bob hair style you can have two great looks. You can wear it sleek and sophisticated one day and all scrunched up and messy the next. For this, you bob needs to be blunt and heavy at the bottom but layered throughout. It has to be textured heavily to remove bulk and add volume. For the straight style, you can use an extra large curling iron on the top to give it shape. You need to create body in the hair while taking care not to cause the ends to curl. And your straight and conservative look is ready. A little back combing in the crown adds lift.

For the scrunched bob style, use the dryer on the root areas of your hair. The ends of the hair should be damp. Put a diffuser on your blower and gently scrunch your hair pushing fullness into the crown. While drying your hair, add a little styling foam and scrunch it into the ends. When the hair is fully dry, add some texture paste and scrunch some more. A little bit of back combing in the crown completes the shape, giving your hair a look that is carefully yet stylishly messed up.

The 'inverted bob' was one of the hot bob hairstyles for 2008. This bob hairstyle is worn tapered around the perimeter keeping it close at the neckline. It has more height and fullness at the crown with the back being more tapered and stacked. The 'inverted' bob is very simple yet stylish and is also relatively maintenance-free.

Short Bob hairstyles with bangs or no-bangs, side or straight partings, sleek or curly, angled or straight, ear length or long, the bob style haircut is here to stay.

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