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Hairstyles to look Younger

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Hairstyles to look Younger
If you are woman over forty with sagging skin and dull hairstyle, do not lose heart. With a little planning and styling effort, you can look stylish and attractive. Pick up hair tips to look younger.

Hairstyle reflects a woman's confidence, personality and her age. We often check our hair in a mirror or the reflection in a window as we pass by. How many times do we touch our hair and ensure that it stays in place throughout the day. Can the right hairstyle make you look younger?

If you are woman over forty with sagging skin and dull hairstyle, do not lose heart. With a little planning and styling effort, you can look stylish and attractive. Beautiful hair begins with healthy hair. Healthy hair can make the difference between fabulous hair and an ordinary 'do'. Pick up hair tips to look younger.

Hairstyles to look younger

A balanced haircut, correctly chosen hairstyle with soft curves or waves and soft color can lend your face a natural glow. With the right hairstyle, you can make a matured face appear more attractive and younger. Few hairstyles that you can try include bobs, bangs, fringes, short-cropped styles, and gentle waves or curls. Such hairstyles soften the edges and make you look younger than your age.

Classic bob evenly cut all over is popular with middle aged and older women. Do not try layering as it might not suit a more matured look. If you have straight hair, go for bangs that are softly cut and swept to one side. This creates a soft look around the face, cutting down the harshness of wrinkles and high cheekbones.

Face balancing styles are the key to look young. As we grow older, our facial features being to sag. A good way to reduce the appearance of sagging would be a shorter haircut with the last layer ending mid-neck to chin. Adding a fringe, with a slight wave and a side part can be a great way to keep features in balance as well. A softer hairstyle frames the face thus drawing away the attention from larger features.

Avoid sharply defined curls as they make your facial lines and creases stand out. Also, avoid sleek or straight looks as they too accentuate facial lines and creases. Try giving your hair a little volume and wave to ensure that you are highlighting the right features of your face.

Hair tips to look younger

Short hairstyle is usually more flattering to the woman over forty. However, be warned, it is not wise to go extremely short since it can be harsh and too masculine for many mature faces. Remember, soft, fringe lines work better for older skin than severely cropped lines.

If you have short hair, or going for a short haircut, do not over style it. Achieve slight fullness in the crown by using a larger curling iron and a little back combing.

Hair color

Rich and shiny color is very important to youthful looking hair. Try to stay with natural looking color, two or three shades lighter than your original hair color. While choosing hair colors, go for the one that brings out the natural glow of your skin. Visit a professional hair colorist to get some good tips for a flattering hair color and shiny hair.

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