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Hair Extension

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Hair Extension
Use hair extensions for instant length, volume and new hairstyle. Visit a reputed hair extension salon for fusion hair extensions.

Have you had a bad haircut that does nothing for your looks? Bored of sporting the same look and tired of waiting for your hair to grow out? Looking for a temporary change of look? Hair extensions can lend you the hottest hairstyle in a jiffy. Use a hair extension to sport sleek and straight hair or vivacious ringlets or highlights in your hair. Celebrities use hair extensions to sport trendy hairstyles, be it Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock or Nicole Kidman. You can consult a reputed hair extension salon for fusion hair extension bonding. Clip on hair extensions can be used for a quick makeover.

Hair extension

Professional hair extensions can give you a new look - one that is easy to care for and that can be changed when you want to. Hair extensions are ideal for those who want to have longer hair or intricate patterns and colors in their hair without damaging their original hair. Hair extension must be well matched and fixed so that it mixes and moves naturally with the original hair.

You can add volume to your house in a jiffy. Hair extensions add instant length, texture and color to your hair. You can choose from a range of hair extension types and colors. Typically hair extensions last about 4 months. Sometimes hair extensions are done just for an occasion or special event.

Hair extensions are normally available in three standard sizes - standard, fine and extra fine. You can pick up hair extensions of 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm. You can then perm them and curl them to your suit your fancy. Hair extensions come as individual strands or wefts. Individual strands are heat fused or glued to the original hair with waxes or polymers.

This fusion hair extension method involves use of chemicals. Wefts are curtains of hair that are attached together at the top and left loose at the bottom. Handmade extensions are thicker and of better quality. They tend to last longer than machine made ones.

A time intensive method of hair extension is bound to be more expensive. A hair extension is placed on the partings of small clumps of hair and the natural hair is criss-crossed over the hair extension. The two are then tightly braided and painted with bonding solutions.

Hair extensions must be washed, conditioned and moisturized every couple of days. Moisturizing hair extensions is critical since this hair does not receive natural scalp oils. Remove all tangles and knots and keep them clean. If the hair extension is being glued on to your natural hair, it is likely to cause burning and splitting of the hair ends.

Very long hair extensions can place additional pressure on your scalp resulting in headaches and thinning of natural hair. Hair extensions must be carefully removed. Hair extensions need to be carefully looked after and maintained. Gentle hair care products will keep them in good condition for a longer time.

Human hair extension

European hair is very fine and usually unsuitable for use as hair extensions. Chinese hair has round cross section making it incompatible with Caucasian hair used for wigs and toupes. Indian hair is generally used for making human hair extensions. Human hair is grown in the Arctic Circle for hair extensions alone.

Some families grow them specifically to be cut and sold. Such human hair for extensions is never chemically treated and left in virgin state. . Some acrylic hair is being produced in Japan that bears great resemblance to natural hair and costs just half as much as human hair extensions. Human hair extensions can be colored, set, curled or treated. This cannot be done with synthetic hair extensions since the high temperatures of the curling irons or blow dryers will melt them.

Hair extension salon

Select a hair extension salon that has trained personnel. You need to check out how the hair extensions are added in the salon and how you need to take care of them. Those experiencing significant hair loss or hair thinning may be advised to avoid hair extensions.

  • Explain clearly what your needs are and get your doubts cleared.

  • Select a hair extension that is best suited for your hair, face shape, lifestyle and hair routine.

  • A routine analysis of your scalp and hair is done at a hair extension salon to ensure that your hair is in a condition for successfully adding extensions.

  • Find out how much it would cost you. Better-quality human hair extensions tend to cost more. You also have to consider maintenance costs.

A good hair extension salon will also do a good razor cut to ensure that the hair extensions fall naturally. They can be twisted, braided and combed to integrate with the original hair. Your hair has to be tested for strength before selecting an appropriate hair extension. If the wrong type of hair extension is used or the wrong attachment is used, it may damage your original hair.

If you are using adhesive based fusion for hair extensions, it is best to get it done professionally at a salon that is reputed. The hair extensions need a professional grade adhesive from a reputable company with a high melting point so as to endure chemical and physical manipulations.

Fusion hair extension

Fusion hair extensions can be quite expensive at around $500 - $2000. The fusion bonding process allows the hair extensions to fuse with the keratin protein strand by strand. Fusion hair extension is done by using heated adhesive sticks that are specifically created.

Your hair must be washed and completely dried before you add the hair extension by fusion. The process begins from the nape and is worked up to the crown. Decide on a hairstyle before you embark on the fusion hair extension. Then the style and parting can be incorporated right at the beginning.

The hair extension weft is applied to the root of the hair along with bonding glue. A special glue remover has to be used while removing these hair extensions. With the fusion bonding process of hair extensions, the natural hair is sectioned horizontally across the head and the weft is attached. With fusion hair extensions, ensure that the bonds are symmetrical. You must be able to part the hair at any point and see your scalp. The hair extension must be comfortably and evenly distributed.

Clip on hair extension

Once you learn how to fix them, clip-on hair extensions are simple to use. The clip on hair extensions are already cut and the clips are added to the weft. These clips must be attached to the natural hair. Clip on hair extensions are the simplest to use and you can sport a new hairstyle in minutes, sans the tedium of glue and weaving. Clip-on hair extensions are ideal for daily wear, as wefted hair is attached to clips and worn blended into the natural hair.

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