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Celebrity Hairstyle

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Celebrity HairstyleCelebrity HairstyleCelebrity HairstyleCelebrity Hairstyle
Celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson have created waves with their alluring hairstyles. Current hairstyles usually draw inspiration from the way celebrities wear their hair. If you are looking for the hot hairstyles, this article is a must-read for you!

Hairstyles for spring and summer this year are trendy yet versatile. A soft and feminine look is definitely in. Warm golden and blonde tones can create a personalized hairstyle statement. Have a look at how some popular celebrities are wearing their hair this season. You could take a cue from a celebrity hair style. Check out what is the hot hairstyle this year. We take you through the latest prom hairstyles.

Celebrity hairstyles

Celebrity hairstyles have always found favor with women all over. Gwyneth Paltrow's sleek hairstyle is definitely a head turner. Joan Collins' trademark sexy hairstyle and custom hair color offsets her fine straight hair. Hair extensions have been used extensively by Ellie McPherson, Victoria 'Posh' Spice Beckham and Kylie Minogue.

Let us take a look at some celebrity hairstyles that seem to be a rage this season. Nicole Kidman's naturally curly strawberry blonde hair is offset with crystal-encrusted headband. All celebrities have a team of hair stylists and hairdressers to help them achieve their brilliant styles. The loose glossy waves of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge have been an inspiration for many a recent haircut.

Jennifer Aniston hair style

Jennifer Aniston - the Rachel of the legendary Friends series is known for her shaggy hair style. Her latest hair style, a sleek modern bob seems to have become a popular hairstyle with women who want to sport a sexy hairstyle. Jennifer Aniston's hairstyle has gone from the original mid-length look to a custom cut layered style that suits her naturally wavy hair.

Meg Ryan hair style

A simple yet dramatic style is what describes Meg Ryan's hairstyle. A mid length layered style that has an off centered parting and fringed neckline that softens facial features. A typical Meg Ryan hair style would go well with most face shapes except a full face. If you are seeking a Meg Ryan hair style, you need to begin with a layered shape with volume at the crown and shorter layers round the face to soften the facial features.

A hair style of this kind works best on straight or wavy hair. If your hair is very wavy or curly, a bit of straightening and styling balm would help to relax the waves and pull hair straight. For a person with very fine and straight hair, a Meg Ryan hairstyle can be achieved with gel mousse and electric rollers.

Hair Jessica Simpson style

Jessica Simpson and her famous blonde mane created a stir in episodes of The Newlyweds on MTV. Her honey blonde hair is highlighted with baby blonde. She has been spotted on the covers of many a magazine cover and is America's beloved beautiful blonde who has done the entire talk show circuit. Her hair has gone through an entire gamut of updos, twists and ponies. She sported her hair long and then went in for a short style and is back to the long locks. Jessica Simpson's coiffure styles seem to be a rage among the rock pack.

Her hairdresser Ken has always managed to coax her strands into styles that have given her a gorgeous look. He has used wigs, hair extensions and styling products to create a stunning look. The best styling products are used for managing the funky hair styles that have come to characterize Jessica Simpson. Though endowed with finely textured hair, Jessica needs to take special care to keep it in good shape.

Britney Spears hair style

The look that Britney Spears sports for the recent 'Boys' video is stylish and becoming very popular. The long hair in a mass of wild waves tapers as it comes down the length. A simple application of styling gel and scrunching would help you achieve this Britney Spears hair style with ease. This hair style popularized by Britney Spears works best with straight or loosely wavy hair. A style of this kind would go well with most face shapes.

Sexy hair style

What goes into making a sexy hair style? It's more to do with the confidence and chutzpah with which a person carries off any hair style with elegance. An alluring and unique style or hair cut can do wonders for you. Understated elegance is essential to any hairstyle that is appealing and intense. Before plunging into the latest hairstyle, ensure that it fits in with your face shape, age and lifestyle.

You need to get a good stylist to give you a sexy hair style that draws the eye to your best features. The type of hair determines the cut and length to a large extent. While it is not a bad idea to fashion your latest hair style on a celeb hairstyle, ensure that it fits into your current style and personality.

Hair Styles from the Past:

Play with your hair styles

As always celebrity hairstyle dictates fashions for hairstyles. Short hairstyles or no-fuss ponytails and knots were the rage in 2006. Pony tails are an all-time favorite. Comb your hair back and pin it up with a comb or decorative clip. Some hair spray will help hold the style in place.

Check out Hilary Swank's pony tailed hairdo at the Golden Globe Awards. Whether it is Kate Winslet's bun or Lindsay's French knot, you can try out these hairstyles. You can work a French knot to balance your face shape. Set it in place with the right hair products to suit your hair texture and type.

Layered hairstyle were big in 2006. Strategic layers allow a hair stylist to bring out the best of your hair. Depending on the look you are seeking, you can go in for a funky choppy layered hairstyle or a classic layered hairstyle. Precision haircuts, be it a blunt fringe or short bob can be carefully crafted to accentuate your facial structure.

The early 2000s were the time for various different style trends. Whether its wavy textured hair or the tousled feminine look, you can look to celebrities for new trends. You can opt for pin curls and waves a la Christina Aguilera. A good hair stylist can copy the retro style for you. You can try out pinning the curls in different ways to suit your prom dress and style. This hairstyle is making waves on the ramps of fashion shows too. Back then, hairstyles were oriented towards long bouncy and glamorous hair.

Check out Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globes night and you will see the cascading voluminous locks. Popular celebrity hairstyles that are followed by millions include Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. The spring of 2005 saw soft highlights as a popular trend. A great hairstyle when complemented with subtle highlights can lend you a classy and trendy look. A flat iron can give you the sleek and smooth hairstyle that never goes out of style.

Many women prefer to use trendy and latest hairstyles as a guide for an appropriate and flattering hairstyle. The trend this year is towards bountiful hair with volume that works well with most face shapes. Use your hair texture to advantage instead of fighting it.

Often we get to notice exuberant and bold and sexy hairstyles - haircuts that were a blend of softness and provocation. The latest hairstyle is a combination of different lengths overlaid with textures to bring about an irregular or geometric look. Colors will be used with skill and subtlety in the hairstyles of 2004 to the present. Soft blonde and honey tips and warm chestnuts will complement the layers.

Spring hairstyles - A blast from the past

So you want to welcome spring with a fresh hair style? An unstructured and tousled look was a popular spring hair style. Get equipped with a teasing comb to tease your hair to frame your face or even tie it in a ponytail. Hair layers and curls can be managed with hair wax. A fine comb can help you with a simple ponytail or the side swept bangs that are a rage this season.

Prom hair styles of years gone by

The hair styles for prom tend to follow the fashion trends set in the previous seasons and also draw heavily from celebrity hairstyles. With the emphasis being on soft, frilly and romantic sensuality, it will also be balanced with punk and rock and roll styles. Prom hair styles will have to complement the gowns -- lavishly designed silks and suedes. A fashionable chignon is the perfect foil for a glamorous gown. The 50s hairstyles continue to flirt with the modern day women.

Sultry cascading curls in the celebrity styles of Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez will find favor at most prom parties. Undulating waves and curls will make for a romantic effect that is sought after this prom season. The prom updos will hover around the soft and unfinished look that can be achieved with a half up-half down style that is sensual and attractive.

In 2003 hairstyles went from fancy to punk to bizarre. J. Lo sported a head full of bouncy curls that inspired many to transform their dreary locks into a fashion statement. Sarah Michelle Gellar alias Buffy treated her normally blonde mane to a punk hairstyle. Streaking it with some temporary color and working in some styling product and braiding it into mini braids created an effect that was funky and a surefire way to turn heads! The star of her show Alias, Jennifer Garner sported some crazy and funky hairstyles in 2003.

50s hair style

Hairstyles in the fifties were soft and curly. The 50s hairstyle was short and usually the result of arduous pin curling and rolling. Wearing your hair back in a ponytail and circling it with a pretty chiffon scarf was popular back then in the fifties. This then gave way to a French pleat. The poodle cut that was seen on Lucille Ball was a hairstyle that was a great favorite in the 50s. The styles of Elizabeth Taylor and the young Queen Elizabeth II were the rage. Ladies of that period had to endure foul-smelling perm solutions and sleeping in curlers and rollers. What would people not do in the name of fashion?

Punk hair style

Punk hairstyles are bizarre and colorful. A Mohawk hairstyle is popular with those seeking a punk hairstyle. This type of punk hairstyle is characterized by a shaved scalp with an upright strip of hair running across the crown of the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Punk hairstyles are usually sported by members of rebellious counter culture groups. A punk hairstyle - gelled and spiky is often accompanied by leather clothes and various body piercing.

Soft curls along with waves and textured twists are a favorite with many women. Shorter curls like those of Naomi Watts, Halle Berry and Evan Rachel are also in vogue. Using the right hair products can help you get your hair in the style you want. A short hairstyle can make for a chic and sexy hairstyle. You can choose from a layered cut with bangs or a pixie look or even a bob to suit your hair type and face shape. Celebrities like Naomi Watts, Halle Berry and Evan Rachel are sporting short tresses and an assortment of curls.

This summer you can enjoy your vacation on the sunny sands or even in your own pool with a great hairstyle. Keep with the trends but feel free to flaunt your own style!

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