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Kid Hairstyle

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Kid Hairstyle
This guide to kid hairstyles can give you vital pointers when deciding on an appropriate hairstyle for your kid. Braids, bobs and crew cuts continue to be popular kid hair styles.

Kid hairstyles should be simple, cool and easy for the child to manage. It should not interfere with the child's active and playful life style. The motto in kid hair styling is to let 'kids be kids'. Take a look at some popular kid hairstyles that have never gone out of style.

Kid hair style

A baby's hair is usually very fine. If the kid's hair tends to be thicker and coarse, it will show even as a toddler. Fine hair can only be trimmed around the edges away from the baby's eyes and face. So that whichever way it blows during playtime or nap time, it will flat neatly and not disturb. A soft baby comb or fingers can do this job. Sometimes kids experience fears when taken to a salon for having haircuts and trims. It is essential to make the small child comfortable when getting a hair cut done.

When it comes to older kids, there are some considerations when selecting hairstyles. These days' children start taking an interest in their hairstyles from an early age. It is not uncommon for the kids to have a say in their own haircut. Many schools have specific guidelines as to how should be worn. Having kids attend school with hairstyles that elicit attention and attraction can be disrupting to the classroom environment.

When deciding on the hairstyle, one has to first determine the hair type and texture. Hairstyle and hair texture often work together. It would be best to experiment with kid hairstyles during weekends, summer vacations and such times when they are out of school. It is interesting to note that kid hair styles keep changing according to the seasons. Traditional children's hairstyles such as pigtails and crew cuts are making a fresh comeback now.

  • Cutting hair for the kid is the same as the adult except for the fact that the child's hair is usually thin and soft.

  • Keep the bangs at least half an inch away from the eyebrows.

  • Avoid short haircuts if the kids' hair is thin. It can wait till the hair becomes thicker.

  • Head lice can be a vicious problem with children's hair. It is essential to take quick steps to eliminate head lice and dandruff. A professional doctor's advice can be taken if the matter is serious and necessary.

Kid hair care

  • Children should be taught good hair hygiene practices at a young age. They should be taught how to properly shampoo and rinse their hair, use a towel, detangle hair, comb and brush.

  • It is essential for a parent to help them build a good hair hygiene schedule and teach the importance of keeping their clean and tidy.

  • Proper hair grooming habits instilled in young children will last for their lifetime.

  • Perhaps the most important tip for children is to develop good eating habits from a young age. High-quality carbohydrates and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are essential ingredients for healthy hair to grow.

  • Some kids resist hair washes and combing. It is essential to take their concern seriously first and then try to bring them out of the fear gradually.

  • Use 'hair friendly' clips and ties to keep the hair off the kid's face and reduce hair knotting and tangling. Only high quality combs and brushes should be used in kids.

  • It is always better not to use a rubber band for braids and plaits. This can cause irreversible damage to the hair.

  • It is better to stay away from any hair clip with sharp teeth as it can cut into the kid's hair and cause potential hair damage.

  • When the hair is short, it is fun to try different way to comb or not to comb the hair at all, as both ways it does not matter.

Kid hairstyle guide

Braided or plaited hairstyle: This hairstyle is especially suited for summer. Hair is plaited and kept off the face and neck so that the child need not fight with loose locks and strands. Not only does this make for a simple and neat kid hairstyle for school but for an evening too. The child's hair stays a lot cleaner with this style. This style suits medium and long length wavy hair. The French braid, which works the plaits following behind the ears, can be fixed for special occasions. This style makes the hair look more thick and voluminous. Certain hairpins with pearls and decorative stones can be placed between the plaits to make it appear more decorative and attractive.

Bob cut: The one style that is really never 'out' is the bob. Hair that is of uniform length is cut straight around with lengths varying from the chin to the shoulders. The bob is popular during all seasons. A popular cut for little and not so little girls, the bob allows easy styling and wear. Little girls can have bangs in the bob cut which helps to keep the hair out of the face. A bob cut is highly practical and perfect for little girls. It is a no-maintenance style and only needs to be shampooed, dried and brushed out. But regular haircuts are essential to keep the bob in shape. Hair is effortlessly kept out of the eyes and neck in this style. This style is especially cool when battling high temperatures during summer, or while playing sports, or enjoying a day out in the beach, park or playground.

A modern boy gets his hair cut at about the age of two. The trip to the salon or the hairdresser becomes a monthly ritual for little boys. First his mom or dad accompanies him and later he begins to develop his own ideas about how his hair should be styled.

Quick Snip: Snips are the best bet for little boys. Comb hair down evenly and trim off with clippers or scissors. As the little boys' hair gets longer, quick trims become necessary. Even when he is an infant, it would be better to turn on the electric clippers every couple of weeks over his head. This way, he will not get alarmed of clippers, trimmers and scissors during his haircut as he grows up.

Crew cut: One of the most popular hairstyles for boys that have been in vogue since the 1950s is the crew cut. A no-nonsense crew cut is the best bet. Even today, short hair like the crew cut without the front fringe remains the favorite of young boys.

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