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Balayage Hair Color

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Balayage Hair Color
The Balayage technique has been around for years and allows you to personalize your hair highlights. Find out how it is different from foil hair highlighting.

Balayage is all about creating a soft natural effect using hair color highlights. Originally used in France, Balayage coloring is done by hands. Balayage in French means sweeping or painting color onto the hair. It works best for women seeking variation in hair color without the precise lines that are otherwise seen in foil highlighting techniques.

The main difference between foil hair highlights and balayage hair technique is that in the latter, the color is applied with the hands in fluid motion. The color is not saturated throughout the sections. You can choose to create highlights to suit your skin tone and features. The color can be strong or natural, soft or funky, based on personal preference.

When you create balayage highlights, they grow out in a natural manner, sans the obvious regrowth line that is seen with foil highlights. You can choose to wear it out or wait longer for touch up appointments. Obviously maintaining balayage is easier. It works beautifully on most hair lengths, especially long locks.

The effect is seen best on flowing hairstyles, beachy curls or tousled look. This works as a boon for women who can't find the time to rush to the salon every few weeks to touch up the color. You will probably need to refresh your balayage highlights every 8-10 weeks.

This low maintenance feature also makes it easier on the pocket. Balayage can also work wonders on gray hair. Here you can choose to color the grays in flattering natural strokes. You do not have to color the entire head of hair.

Balayage Hair Technique

Different stylists do the balayage in varied ways. While some color the hair strands freehand, some others use cotton wool and tease hair in sections as they do it. Balayage lends more freedom to the color specialist who is not bound by the foil strips. Strands or chunks of hair can be taken at a time for coloring. Swatches of hair are taken into sections and color is hand painted on them. The natural movement of the hair has to be considered. The parting and the hairline are critical while applying highlights.

The overall effect is natural as it not even and precise. Some strands are colored thick, some thin. Initially balayage was restricted to mostly natural sun-kissed colors, with warm and deep hues. But now you can check out celebrities with copper or burgundy glosses in balayage.

Maintenance of balayage colored hair is much the same as hair highlights with foil technique. Regular treatments to hydrate your hair are necessary to prevent it turning dry and brittle. Use recommended shampoos and conditioners.

  • Balayage works best on virgin hair. Even colored hair can be given a new look with sun-kissed highlights.

  • Balayage allows you to customize the coloring effect. You can work with your hair colorist to give your hair the look you prefer – from a soft wash to a bright bold look!

  • It minimizes maintenance and touch up visits to the salon.

  • Regrowth looks natural with balayage technique.

  • Do not go more than 3 shades lighter than existing hair tone so as to achieve a natural effect. Balayage is not just for blondes. You can use this technique to create highlights or low lights. Brunettes can play around with shades of caramel or auburn.

  • Balayage is applied mainly on the surface of the hair. This is what lends the soft and beautiful look.

  • Do not wash your hair for about 2-3 days after the balayage process so as to allow the hair cuticles to close.


This hair highlighting trend is a variation on the balayage. Here, the coloring is done much like in balayage. The main difference is that the hair is splayed on a large flat board. Most often the hair colorist uses a delicate brush to weave in highlights. Since the client is not sitting up but tilted back with the hair on a flat surface, it offers the hair colorist better control on hair color application. In a nutshell, layage is a more controlled spin off on balayage.

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