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Updo Hair Style

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Updo Hair Style
A peek into various updo hairstyles, French knots and classic buns. Look into prom updo hairstyles and wedding updo hairstyles.

Sweep up your hair into an updo hairstyle and you will be surprised how sophisticated and formal it makes you appear. If you are lucky to have shoulder length or longer hair, you can indulge yourself in elegant hair style updos, from the classic French knot to the bun. Ensure that your hair updo goes well with your face shape and hair texture. Look up our guide to prom hair updo as well as styles for wedding updo.

Updo hair style

Updo hairstyles can lend a formal and stylish look. Sweep your hair up and twist it in flattering styles... team with an elegant gown and you are all set for a formal occasion. Experiment with different hair updo styles. You can pick up styling tips from online hairstyle galleries.

Find out styles for hair updos that work best for you, your hair and your makeup. Naturally curly hair can be braided and then styled into hair updos. Flat ironing will make it more manageable. Hints for hair updos:

  • Flat iron helps in getting the ends of your hair into a soft curve. This glossy look is ideal for working into twisted knots and buns.

  • Hot rollers and curling irons used along with hair spray can give you firm curls, which can be worked well with curled hair updo styles.

  • You can roll damp hair onto rollers and try out different styles.

  • Do not overdo the hair spray with your formal hair updo as it will make it appear stiff and unnatural.

  • Ensure that your hairstyle updos are firmly secured with pins, long straight pins and combs

If you are venturing to try out your hair style updo at home, take note of the essentials that you need to be equipped with:

  • Rollers of different sizes depending on the curls you desire

  • Curling iron

  • Styling mist or hair spray

  • Tail comb for partitioning and sectioning the hair

  • Decorations - a flower, hair decorations like beads, tiara or glamorous pins

Prom Updo hair style

The face shape determines the kind of hairstyle updo you can select. Of course, a lot also depends on the type of hair. Oval faces look beautiful with braided hairstyle updos and a variety of styles. Round faces go well with formal updo hairstyles that add volume at the top.

Do not let your updo hairstyle give you a severe look. Let a few stray tendrils escape on the side to lend a softer look. You can also get a few ringlets down the jaw. Work with hair partings based on the face shape. Use volume shampoo if you have very fine hair. This will give bounce to the hair, which will work best for fine and medium texture hair. Blow drying the hair prior to setting up the updo hairstyle would also help.

Very thick hair may need to be relaxed to achieve a sleek and formal updo hairstyle. Very short hair may need hair extensions for elaborate and formal hair updos. Always try on your prom updo a few days earlier so that you are comfortable with it. Consult your hair stylist in advance so that you won't be disappointed for an appointment just before your prom night.

Wedding updo hair style

Some hair updo styles are deceptively simple but may need some getting used to. A bun is an all-time favorite updo hairstyle. It can take on various shapes and forms. Twist it up, braid it up, and decorate it with pearls or a tiara. You could set off a wedding updo with a flower that goes well with your gown.

You can add curls or ringlets with your bun. If you have shoulder length hair with medium thickness, a bun updo hairstyle might suit you well. A French knot is a classic formal hairdo for weddings. You can go in for variations by slicking your hair with gel. Take all your hair at the nape of your neck and give it a twist. Pin the French knot in place securely with pins.

Spray this formal hair updo to maintain the style throughout the evening. If you are getting into knots over your French Knot updo hairstyle, worry not! Fasten your hair in a ponytail divide and part it into three sections. Hold the ponytail and twist it a few times all the way down to the ends. Fold the remaining hair and tuck it under the knot. Use decorative hairpins or hair sticks to keep the knot secure. You can braid your hair before going in for buns and knots for a different look.

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