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Braid Hair Style

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Braid Hair Style
An informative guide on braid hairstyles. Read up maintenance tips for micro braids hair style and black hair styles with braids.

Braid hairstyles have been around for as long as women have been styling their hair. From school girl pigtails to micro braid hairstyles, there are many interesting options that can be worked with braids. Read up this interesting guide to braid hairstyles

Braid hairstyle

Braid hairstyles are sometimes worn since they are very comfortable for long hair. It keeps the wearer cool during warm summers. But braids can make a fashion statement too. Getting a braid hair style can be time consuming but it wears well and lasts for days if it is treated properly. On an average, it takes about 2-3 hours to get a braid hair style done for the entire head.

The advantage of braided hairstyles is that they can be washed and worn while swimming. All you need to do is blot the braids dry with a towel and avoid rubbing them. Once you get yourself to learn braiding, it is a matter of time and practice when you can put a braid in someone's hair or even your own.

Start a braid hairstyle on clean washed hair. Blow-dry it if necessary to get a more even texture. Smoothen flyway hair before you begin the braid hairstyle. Braids are created with hair partitioned into three sections. Continue braiding till you achieve the desired length of hair. The tension on the braid must be uniform else it will twist to one side instead of lying flat.

The braid hairstyle can have its variations such as bangs and tendrils in the front. You can use braids in buns, chignons or left loose. Try your hand at overhand braiding and underhand braiding for a different look each time. Dressed up with flowers or jewels, braid hair styles can be worn for a formal event.

Other than basic braids, you can try variants with ribbons, beads, pearls and colored string. Set off various braid hairstyles with aesthetically placed beads, iridescent white or silver and gold or use strands of pearls for a thicker effect. Use a styling spray to keep the braid hairstyle in place.

Micro braids hair style

Hair adornment with micro braids is not unusual for African women. It has been part f the cultural expression. Today these black braid hair styles are a rage in the hair fashion industry, especially with African American women. Visit a braiding salon and you can get over 1200 gorgeous micro braids hair style in just 2 hours. A professional hair stylist should be able to get your micro braids hairstyle done painlessly and without breaking your hair.

Micro braids hair style is all about weaving very think braids made by few strands all over the scalp. This black hair style braids is followed by many women who are looking for easier maintenance and faster hair growth. Do not go in for too tiny or very tight braids as it can lead to severe breakage.

If you have very long hair or hair that is dry and brittle, then micro braids are not for you. Treat your hair with a hot oil massage and conditioning and moisturizing prior to getting a micro braids hairstyle done. Regular maintenance of micro braid hairstyle includes routine conditioning and shampooing. Usually this black braid hair style is worn for about 3 months. Ensure that you follow a healthy diet and keep the scalp clean and well conditioned.

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