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Virtual HairstyleVirtual Hairstyle
The virtual gallery provides you with various hairstyle pictures to choose from. Find out whether the trendy hairstyle this season suits your face shape and hair texture. Choose a hairstyle that flatters you.

Have you been considering a new hairstyle or a makeover haircut? Are you wondering how you would look with a short and trendy hairstyle? If you have been contemplating a new style but haven't been adventurous enough to try one, the virtual hairstyle gallery is the place for you. It functions like an online hair salon that gives you a new look sans the risk of 'snipping at the hair'. You can pick many a hairstyle idea from the different hairstyle pictures available.

A virtual hair gallery functions as a hairstyle finder for you. Browse through hundreds of new hairstyles and trendy haircuts. Try them on too! This helps in deciding a hairstyle that suits your face shape and personality and hair type. A virtual hairstyle salon allows you to even try out different hairstyles and hair colors on your own photograph. So go ahead and have the time of your life trying out various hair styles and makeover magic. You can even print some of the hairstyle pictures.

Internet and flash technology have now made it possible for you to use interactive viewing software that gives you a sneak preview of suitable hairstyles. This is akin to having your very own personal dressing room for hair styles. Yes, trying out a new hairstyle is as easy as trying out the new dress at the boutique.

Choosing a new hairstyle:

Many a factor has to be considered when browsing an online Finder for hairstyles. Don't get carried away by gorgeous locks that you see on screen. They could be the result of arduous hours at the hairstylist and a cornucopia of hair styling products.

  • The texture of your hair is a primary factor when choosing the right hairstyle. Wavy and curly hair works well with simpler haircuts. Some hairstyles lend themselves easily to fine and straight hair. The natural movement and texture of the hair has also to be considered when choosing the right haircut.

  • The face shape also plays an important role in determining the ideal hairstyle. Hairstyles can be used to draw attention to the best features of a person. What may suit an oval face shape may not be as flattering on a person with a long face.

  • Environmental factors affect the way your hair behaves. Consequently it will have an impact on the type of hairstyle you can go in for. Humid climate turns the hair greasy and limp.

  • Your lifestyle plays no small part in deciding on the right hairstyle for you. Do you rush to work in the mornings? Then an elaborate hairstyle, which requires careful styling, is not the right one for you. A simpler and quick hairstyle that doesn't need too much attention and pampering may be just what you need.

Tips to follow to get the modern haircut at your salon:

  • Discuss your hair styling needs with your hair stylist. Use pictures to convey the kind of style you are looking for. Your hairdresser may suggest variations on the style that may be more appropriate for you. Communicate correctly with the stylist so that there is no misunderstanding. Hair cut styles can be easily chosen from pictures.

  • Don't follow modern hairstyles blindly. Trendy hairstyles may not be the most practical ones. You can use a popular hairstyle to draw inspiration but adapt it your personality. Don't blindly pine for a favorite celebrity's haircut style.

  • Sit up straight and don't cross your legs, Skewing your posture can make for an uneven haircut.

Find your face shape:Your face shape is an important factor that determines the kind of haircut you must go in for. So it is essential to find out what your face shape is. These face shapes apply for men and women.

Oval face - The face is slimmer than average and is characterized by a high forehead and a narrow and rounded chin. An oval face is considered by many as the ideal face shape on account of its soft contour.

Rectangular face - A face of this kind is longer than average where the cheekbone, jaw and forehead are of the same width.

Round face - A round face has a chin with a soft round shape with cheeks that are slightly wider than the forehead and jaw.

Square face - A wide jaw and flat cheeks are synonymous with a square face. A square face has a chiseled chin.

Heart face - A heart shaped face has a forehead that is wider than the cheeks and a chin that is somewhat pointed in shape. Once you have figured out your face shape, here is a list of dos and don'ts to follow:

Hairstyle for round face: An ideal hairstyle for a round face should add to the volume on the top of the head to create a slimming effect. A spiky hairstyle must be avoided. A hairstyle for a round face should ideally be short and choppy that can make the face appear slimmer. Hairstyles for a round face should preferably have layered bangs and not straight bangs. Curls are fine but they must be placed near the crown and definitely not near the cheeks.

Hair cut style for oval face: A sleek and center-parted hair cut with bangs would bring out the best of an oval face.

Hair cut style for square face: Opt for a soft style with length if you have a square jaw line. center partings and straight bangs should be avoided.

Hair cut style for heart shaped face: A popular hairstyle for a heart shaped face is one that frames the jaw line but doesn't get very short at the nape of the neck.

Popular hairstyles

There are some evergreen hairstyles that seem to be popular with girls everywhere. The classic girl hairstyle is a simple ponytail and variations on it. This hairstyle can be enhanced with pins and combs and ponytail holders to give it a more formal look. Curls are popular as they add to volume and give a girlish look.

Short hairstyles for women

A well-crafted short hairstyle offers you the opportunity to experiment with various styling options and possibilities. Using styling products effectively can help you create alluring yet short hairstyles for women. Short hairstyles can be worked on different types of hair, thick or straight or curly or wavy. The ease of maintenance is one of the reasons why many women prefer a short hairstyle. A quick towel dry and it is ready to wear! Take a glimpse into the last few decades, you will find that short hairstyles have never gone out of style - pixie, bob, shag, chop and other classic short styles. Short hairstyles can be flattering and youthful.

Girl hairstyle

College girls' hairstyles are usually fashioned after Hollywood stars. These students generally continue a trendy hairstyle that has been popularized by movie stars. Curls are getting popular again with red, auburn and golden highlights. Girls just out of high school tend to go in for a new hairstyle, with a splash of highlight or a perm to add volume. Girls are on the lookout for a special hairstyle for prom night.

Long hair is not the prerogative of Rapunzel alone. Long hair lends itself easily to different styles but it all depends on the type and texture of the hair. Even long hair worn loose with a few tendrils along the face can be an attractive style. French twists and braids have also been all-time favorites. Develop an individual style that fits you well. Going in for a popular hairstyle that you don't enjoy is not worth the trouble. Keep yourself abreast of the latest hairstyles by thumbing through fashion and beauty magazines. You can modify trendy hairstyles to suit your persona. Have fun with your hair!

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