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Laser Hair Brush

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Laser Hair Brush
Collect tips on selecting the right hair brush for your hair style and hair type. Read up on laser hair brushes.

Investing in a good-quality hair brush goes a long way in hair care. A good hair brush helps in distributing oils and keeping the hair shiny. The range of hair brushes available can make it confusing to select the one that it right for your hair texture and hair style. Find out how to make the right choice of hair brush. Take a look at laser hair brushes – designed to combat hair loss woes.

Hair brush

A round bristle hair brush is good when you blow dry curly hair. A flat paddle brush is a good choice for everyday hair brushing. Oval hair brush is good for drying medium length and long hair. It creates lesser volume than a round hairbrush. It doesn't straighten hair as smoothly either. Paddle hair brushes help in creating straight finish with long hair. It works well for smoothing out wavy or curly hair. It cannot aid much volume to the hair though.

Small or medium-sized round hair brushes are good with short hairstyles. With a round hair brush, you can add texture or curl to a short hairstyle. Round brushes when used along with a blow dryer work like rollers and create curl and movement. A smaller round barrel will result in a tighter curl. The larger version of the round hair brushes are used by professional hair dressers. Half round hairbrushes are also good for hair grooming and styling.

Hairbrushes with plastic bristles can lead to increased static in the locks. Switch to natural bristle hair brush. Hair brushes come with natural boar bristle or wire quills or synthetic nylon. Some hair brushes combine the benefits of natural and synthetic bristles. Natural bristles cause less friction and stress on the hair. They also facilitate distribution of sebum down the hair shaft. While metallic quills are fine for brushing back thick hair, most everyday hair brushes have nylon or plastic quills. A hair brush with wide rows of bristles can slip easily through thick and curly hair.

Thermal hair brushes work much like flat irons when used with a hair dryer. You can have smooth and straight hair with a sleek finish. If you hold the hair taut with the hair brush, you can create tension and help it form into a new shape. It aids in giving your hair a finished look. A vented hair brush has widely spaced flexible bristles.

Vent hair brushes come with holes in the base to allow the air to circulate through the air during blow drying. Vented hairbrushes are good for brushing through wet or semi-wet hair. Ionic hair brushes generate ions that smoothen the hair shaft, thereby making it straight and silky. The ozone and negative ions generated by ionic hair brushes also help in deodorizing hair.

Cushioned hair brushes are almost always used for long hair. Since the cushion and bristles are designed to collapse when they meet resistance, you can brush long hair without fear of it being stretched or broken. Battery-powered vibrating hair brushed help in improving blood flow to the scalp in the hope of providing hair follicles with much-needed nutrients.

The added benefit is the soothing sensation of a massage that also acts as a stress reliever. Sculpting brushes help in adding volume to textured hairstyles and short haircuts. Styling hair brushes come with bristles arranged in a staggered pattern thereby aiding teasing or back combing. Ceramic Radial hair brushes come with ceramic –coated barrels that allow even distribution of heat when blow drying. Staggered rows of bristles help in gripping the hair and smoothening it.

  • Never brush wet hair. It can damage the hair by stretching the strands and weakening them to snap. It can also result in frizzing.

  • Choose hair brushes with molded ball tips at the end of the bristle.

  • Choose a hair brush that suits your hair length and the type of look you are seeking to achieve.

  • Ensure that you care for your hair brushes with regular cleaning and drying.

  • Use a loose toothed hair brush or ceramic brush to blow dry long hair.

  • Wavy bobs can be blow dried with extra large round hair brush

Laser hair brush

The use of laser beams to correct hair loss has been followed by many dermatologists. Laser hairbrushes are increasingly used to augment other hair restoration methods. Low-level cold laser beams from the laser hair brush are used to stimulate hair follicles and improve blood circulation. Laser hair brushes or combs come with high precision diode emitting constant cold laser light.

LLLT (Low Level Laser Light) is monochromatic and polarized so its beam is defined to a location or spot. The bio-stimulative light energy directed by the laser to the body's cells is converted into chemical energy thereby stimulating hair rejuvenation. Since blood circulation and cell metabolism is improved, it is likely to result in curbing hair loss and possible hair growth. Laser hair brushes come in convenient packages that make them easily portable and ideal for travel.

Brush hair roller
Round hair brushes double up as hair rollers. The size of the brush determines the size of the curl. You can combine it with a hair styling product to lock in the curls. Boar bristled round hair brush roller creates tension on the hair that helps in giving you the look you desire. The hair brush roller must be selected on the basis of your hair length. A dense and soft bristled hair brush roller is more suited for fine and thin hair. Hair brushes with short bristles are better for short hair while medium length bristles are more suited for medium or long hair.

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