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Hair Care in Winter

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Hair Care in Winter
Appropriate hair care is mandatory during winter to prevent hair damage. Learn how to care for your hair this winter.

Cold weather can play havoc with your hair. Come winter and it involves offering extra care for your skin and hair. Winter can dry your hair and if left unattended can cause heavy damage to your lustrous tresses. The dry heat indoors and the harsh cold weather outdoors expose the hair to different conditions. Appropriate hair care is mandatory during winter to prevent hair damage. Learn how to care for your hair this winter.

Winter hair care - dos and don'ts

Do not wear woolen clothing on your hair: Use a silk scarf to cover your hair, over this you can use woolen clothing. If you wear woolen clothing directly on your hair, it can damage the hairline.

Cover your hair: When you go out, remember to cover your hair from the cold and harsh winds. This will avoid unnecessary damage to the hair. Do not cover your hair tightly as this might restrict the blood circulation to your scalp.

Do not go out with wet hair: Your hair might develop split ends if exposed to extreme cold conditions. Hence do not step out with wet hair.

Massage oil into your hair: Massage your scalp and hair with olive oil at least twice a week, this will allow your hair to retain its moisture. You will get better results if you heat the oil mildly before you massage it into your scalp.

Do not shampoo too often: Shampooing your hair more than required can make your hair and scalp dry.

Wash your hair with warm or cool water: Using hot water can be bad for the scalp and hair, always use warm or cool water to wash your hair.

Use conditioner: Use a good hair conditioner everyday to condition your hair. Once you apply the conditioner wash your hair with cold water, this will lock moisture in the hair.

Do not color, iron and streak frequently during winter, this will deplete the natural moisture content in the hair. Hot items such as irons and curlers can damage and break your hair. Make sure you apply a conditioner on your hair before using them. Do not opt for highlighting during this season.

Winter hair care tips

Dry and brittle hair is the most common problem faced by almost everybody during winter. Follow these simple tips to nourish and maintain your tresses this winter:

  • Use a leave-on conditioner to treat dry and brittle hair. This will soften your hair and reduce hair breakage due to dryness of hair.

  • Use a hair spray while you brush your hair, this will take care of static. Brush slowly starting from the top.

  • Winter can make your hair limp; use a volumizer to add some extra volume for your hair.

  • Use styling creams during winter, this will soften your hair and also reduce the breakage.

  • If you have tangles in your hair, remove them gently using a wide toothed comb. You can apply a leave-on conditioner and then de-tangle your hair.

  • Buy hair styling products that have replenishing properties as these products help in moisturizing the hair.

  • Increase the relative humidity indoors by using a humidifier; this will prevent excessive dryness of the hair.

Hair care recipe for winter

Strawberry, rosemary winter wonder

Strawberry 1 cup, crushed
Rosemary ½ cup, crushed
Vinegar 1 tbsp

  • Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

  • Cover hair with a plastic wrap.

  • Apply on your hair and allow it to dry naturally.

  • You can wash your hair after 20 minutes.

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