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Blonde Hair Long

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Blonde Hair Long
Whether you are a natural blonde or sport dyed blonde hair, find out what hairstyles you can sport. Wear blonde hair long or twist it into a sleek updo.

Blondes have all the fun they say….but lets check out what they need to do to take care of these light colored tresses! Whether you are a natural blonde or sport dyed blonde hair, find out what hairstyles you can sport. From long blonde hair to short blonde hair style, there's a lot you can choose from. Learn tips and tricks on blonde brown hair highlights. We also look at how to bleach blonde hair.

Long Blonde hair

Blonde hair comes in various hues, from dark golden to platinum blonde and strawberry blonde or even ash blonde. Get a blonde hair style that doesn't need fussy daily maintenance and styling. Go in for the right styling tools and products. Typically natural blondes have delicate hair texture. If you wear your blonde hair long and it's too thin, your hairstyle is likely to appear flat. Go in for layered hairstyles to add volume. Twist long blonde hair into an updo or French twist.

Bleach blonde hair

Let's look at fun ways to bleaching blonde hair. A brunette wanting to go for a bleach blonde look can consider rich highlights instead of overall blonde color. Try a multi-tonal blonde look with a combination of light blonde and ash. Do not go for more than three colors when trying a multi tonal blonde effect. Take care of your blonde highlights else it might end up looking dull and brassy.

Excessive chemical treatments or being out in the sun for too long can play havoc on your blonde hair. The key to a good bleach blonde job is the right pre-bleaching procedure. This makes the hair porous so as to be able to absorb delicate toner colors. Leave the blonde bleaching procedure to a hair stylist since the dye must be left on just right so as to make the hair correctly porous.

Blonde hair dye

If you have dyed your hair blonde, don't forget intensive conditioning. This is more so for long blonde hair. Choose a shampoo that will help the blonde hair dye last longer. A color-enhancing shampoo works best for dyed blonde hair. If you are looking to dye your hair blonde, look for a shade of blonde that goes best with your skin tone, eye color and original hair color. Very pale skins go well with lighter blonde hair dyes. A brunette can opt for a deep honey shade. Golden yellow is ideal for a warm skin tone.

Makeup tips for Blondes

Makeup for blondes is best when subtle and natural. Soft tones work best with pale hair. Peach, gold, browns, taupes, bronze or even wine or plum shadows work well for blondes. Since blonde hair doesn't have a deep color to frame the face or to accentuate the eyebrows and lashes; blondes must be careful to avoid a washed out look. Add some color on your cheeks with pale pink or peach. An area of concern for most blondes is their light eyebrows and eyelashes. Do not over-compensate with hard dark eyebrow lines. Go in for light brown pencil to draw feathery lines to make your brows appear thicker. Brown gel eyeliner along the top lash line will do the trick. Put mascara to pop up your eyes - brown or brown black.

Blonde hair highlights

Blonde hair highlights can add volume and depth to your hair. Blonde highlights go well with a layered hair cut. Let's now look at blonde hair dye for blondes. Confused? Blondes must not attempt dark highlights but can instead go for low lights. Choose from auburn, brunette or honey brown.

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