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Hair Parting Tips

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Hair Parting Tips
Changing your hair part is a quick and easy way to refresh your hair style. Parting is temporary and you can experiment with your look. Check out a hair part to suit your face shape.

Most often, we maintain the same hair parting for years, maybe even a large part of our lives. Even if you do change your hairstyle, it is likely that you might stick to the same hair parting. Most people have a natural part. To find this natural part, place a comb in clean damp hair and then gently place hand on the crown of your head. Push the hair forward to see where it naturally parts or breaks.

Long hair or short, the parting can change the entire effect. If you want to change your natural part, use a comb and make a clean straight line at that place of choice. Usually, if you change your parting when your hair is wet; it is easier for the hair to hold than when it is dry. If you have parted your hair in the same place for years, then it may take some styling effort with the help of a gel to maintain the new hair part.

Hair parting styles

Side parts: Whatever be the asymmetry in your nose, or eyes or lips, a deep off center side part can instantly bring harmony to your facial features. Using a comb, you can neatly part hair off to the side opposite the larger feature. A side part is versatile and goes great with practically any type of hairstyle.

Zig-zag part: If you have a round face; a zig-zag hair part may bring in an angular look. This part is fussy but fun. It can make you look playful and messy on loose hair but add emphasis to a slicked back style. It is a style that adds a bit of spice. Zig-zag is also great for hiding re-growth and it adds hair texture and definition to short hair styles.

Middle part: Wearing your hair parted in the middle lends a cool bohemian and carefree attitude. A center part can call attention to any facial symmetry. Many top professional models and actresses have redefined the center part and perfected this look. The middle part makes them look sleek and sophisticated when worn with smoothed back hair.

Low side part: A deep side part paired with waves can give your hair a vintage look of 1940s. And a low side part with straight or lightly tousled hair can make it more glamorous than vintage.

No part: Yet another way to change the look is to do away with a hair part altogether. You can either slick back short or long hair or gather long hair in a part free pony tail or updo.

Changing your hair part is a quick and easy way to refresh your hair style. Parting is temporary and you can experiment with your look.

Hair parting

It is always easier to style when the hair is wet. After washing, comb out a new part and blow dry in the new style. If this is done for 2-3 washings, the new part should naturally fall in place thereafter. In case of a more stubborn part, repeat it a few more times.

  • For those who do not want to blow dry their hair, pin down after combing into the new part and leave it to air dry.

  • To change the part without washing your hair, comb into a new part, dampen hair with some water and pin into place. Alternatively use a leave-in conditioner instead of water.

  • Thinner hair lends to new parting more easily than thicker hair. This is because thicker hair means there is more hair to flip over.

  • Drastic change in hair part, for instance from center to side may require more patience.

Parting hair and face shape

The shape of your face goes into deciding how you do your hair parting. You can draw attention or even play down your features with a different hair part.

Round face: A deep side part will help both slim down the jaw line as well as show off your good side. Ideally long hair works the best for round faces as it lengthens the face. Get long layers into the hair.

Square face: Parting hair to the side can soften up the sharp angles of the face and jaw line. If you have medium or long layers, they should help make up your face appear more oval.

Heart shaped face: Since these faces are wider up top, parting hair in the middle can really play up on your cheek bones if you sport long hair. For short hairstyles, a side part can slim down your face.

Oval face: This face shape lends itself to any kind of part. This gives you plenty of room to experiment – try different parts every now and then.

Tips to part your hair

  • For those who have a slightly crooked nose or unaligned eyes, a severe straight down or middle part can highlight what you don’t want to.

  • A small part in the center can make give you a softer look, in case you are worried about the center path being too extreme. Try starting the part in the middle at the hairline, and veer slightly off center to the side and work your way back.

  • Use your fingers to create a not too perfectly straight part.

  • If you have a widow’s peak, a middle part can work for you. Don’t fight the natural parting but coerce it to lie flat by combing hair with a brush.

  • Wear your hair back, loose and slightly off center part with a wavy ponytail.

  • For a formal look, slick hair back and turn it into a tight bun to showcase a center part.

  • While a middle part can show off the features on an oval or round face shape, longer face shapes may find a centered middle part too elongating.

Refrain from running your fingers through your hair as you might disrupt the new hair part. Enjoy your new look with élan and confidence. Enjoy the change!

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