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Cysteine Hair Treatment

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The hair straightening program has come in for flak due to the use of formaldehyde. Besides the chemical hair straightening products and relaxers use sodium hydroxide and ammonium thioglycolate. Formaldehyde is a strong smelling gas that is hazardous on exposure. It causes allergic reactions and is even known to be a carcinogen. The cysteine hair therapy is a safer option to smoothen curls and frizz. It does not take as long as the rebonding process and does not endanger your or the hair stylist.

Cysteine is naturally found in healthy virgin hair. It works to fill up and fuse tiny fractures in the hair bonds and leave the hair appearing soft and shiny. It has shown to be effective in reducing curl volume by 50 – 70 % depending on the hair texture.

Results can be seen at once and last for about 2 - 3 months. With regular use, you can expect to see softer hair for longer. The resultant hair appears soft and gentle and not poker straight. You get to see hair that is smoother, straighter and better nourished. It will feel naturally soft and healthy to the touch. The natural shine and bounce of the hair is enhanced.

How does the cysteine therapy work ?

Cysteine is that amino acid found in our hair bonds that defines the elastic nature of the hair. Using a cysteine-based complex allows the missing gaps to be infused with the necessary amino acid to result in smoother hair. This eliminates frizz and static.

The Cysteine hair treatment is not keratin based. Instead it uses an essential amino acid cysteine and works more like an intensive deep conditioning and smoothening treatment for your hair. This hair therapy uses natural ingredients such as hydrolyzed wheat protein, cocoa butter and Dendrobium Orchid. It also absorbs and removes free radicals.

Its sulfite/urea complex coupled with heat restructures the proteins. They work on the disulfide bonds of the hair and bring about a straightening effect by gently relaxing the hair fibers. Under heat, the cysteine cross-links with hair fibers and thereby creates a protective shield around the hair surface. There is only a temporary change in the hair fibers.

The hydrolyzed wheat protein goes to replenish lost proteins in the hair. The lost moisture is restored by the shea butter as it is also a powerful antioxidant. Dendrobium Orchid prevents the hair from getting oxidized and allows the treatment to last longer.

Cysteine hair treatment

After a hair stylist has done a detailed examination of your hair and determined the hair type, the cysteine treatment is embarked on. After a shampoo, the cysteine complex is applied to the hair. The cysteine formula is applied strand by strand resulting in deep penetration of the product to the individual hair fibers.

The product is left on the hair to work. After about 45 minutes, the hair is blow dried and flat-ironed to give a sleek and silky look. After this, the hair is rinsed and you are left with naturally glossy and soft hair that is easy to maintain. Good maintenance is expected after most hair therapies and the cysteine hair treatment is no exception. Do not use shampoos containing sulfate as it they will strip the keratin from the hair.

You will notice reduced curl volume and more manageable hair. After a few sittings every 4 months, the hair appears healthier as it is regenerated with natural proteins. The cysteine complex does not require gloves to be work during the treatment and is close to the skin's natural pH.

Unlike thermal straightening, with this therapy, there are more styling options. The curls and waves are merely smoothened not straightened. Thus you can still go in for variety of styles, from loose and large waves to smooth and glossy. Besides, over time there is no demarcation line between the new growth and the treated hair.

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Cysteine Hair Treatment