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Red Hair Color

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Most of us associate fiery red hair color with an equally volatile temper. Here we take a look at tips to red hair highlights. Red hair is not about fire engine red locks but various subtleties such as crimson and copper to auburn and mahogany. Redheads must be careful of the clothes and makeup lest they clash badly with their red hair tint.

Red hair color

Before you opt for a red hair color job at a salon, discuss your preferred shade with your hair stylist. You must take into account your entire image, hair style and skin tone when considering any shade of red hair color. Don't forget that red hair color is the fastest to fade off as it is the most difficult for hair shafts to hold on to. Ensure that you undertake your red hair color touch up before it wears out. Red hair color is probably the trickiest to work with and it is therefore essential that you choose a good hair salon before you go in for a red hair color makeover. You can opt for an attractive balayage effect with rich shades of burgundy red.

Red pigments are highly light-sensitive. So steer clear of the harsh sunlight or wear a hat when you are out at noon. Use hair care products with UV protection. Do not go swimming for about 2 weeks after a red hair color job. If you want to extend your color, use red color rinse in between hair color sittings.

Red hair highlights

Red hair highlights can go a long way in adding depth and dimension to your hair style. Often red hair is seen in persons of Celtic descent, especially in the UK and Europe. Typically red hair is often dense and of thicker texture. If you are considering going in for red hair color or red hair highlights, here are a few points to ponder over:

  • Your original hair color is the main factor that decides your shade of red hair color. If you are a brunette, opt for copper highlights. Alternatively you can try mahogany or plum lowlights.

  • A dark blonde can go in for golden or deep plum highlights.

  • Red hair color usually goes well with dark browns or black hair.

  • While blonde hair can easily take in red hair color, it will need touching up fairly quickly. Dark hair may need to go through bleaching so as to absorb a red tone.

  • For those with medium skin tones, auburn is the ideal hair color. Do not attempt bright copper or orange-red.

  • Light auburn red is a good hair color for fair skinned women looking for red hair shade that suits them best.

  • Women with darker skin tones can give auburns and strawberry blonde a wide berth. Instead go in for mahogany tones.

  • Attempt a bright copper red hair color only if you can carry it well. Instead you can consider a ginger spice color that appears more natural.

  • Take into account your hair style while choosing your red hair highlights.

  • A vibrant cinnamon red can look long red hair.

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Red Hair Color