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Punk hair style

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Punk hair style
Punk hairstyles may appear bizarre and outlandish but they find many takers. Similarly emo hairstyles too dont follow strict rules for the hair cuts and styles.

Read on for more on punk hairstyles. Are they just rebellious and bizarre or just another fashion statement? Learn how to keep them well styled. Be it the Mohawk hair style or the shaved hair slash or even the Dreadlock punk hairstyle, you must use the right products for the effect you so desire. Find out more on emo hairstyles.

Punk hair style

Punk hairstyles are bizarre and colorful. A Mohawk hairstyle is popular with those seeking a punk hairstyle. This type of punk hairstyle is characterized by a shaved scalp with an upright strip of hair running across the crown of the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck. The narrow band of spiked hair can be colored a vivid pink or orange. Punk hairstyles are usually sported by members of rebellious counter culture groups. The Chelsea Mohawk is characterized by a tassel. Other variations include Reverse Mohawk, Mullet and Dread Hawk.

A punk hairstyle - gelled and spiky is often accompanied by leather clothes and various body piercing. Punk hairstyles are not for the staid but those seeking a wild hair style. The first punk hairstyles came to be seen around the 1980s. Gel was used on spikes created with uneven length hair. The hair ends were colored gaily. Pop punk hairstyles are commonly seen sported by music artistes. Half the locks are colored in shocking colors. Yet another punk hair style that is popular is the shaved seam with hair slash. A simple punk hair style is blonde tips on black spiked hair.

Styling tips for punk hairstyle

  • Choose a punk hairstyle that suits your face shape.

  • You can look for punk hairstyle ideas from music videos and punk rock bands.

  • The right use of hair styling products can set your punk hairstyle just right - hair gels, hair sprays or even Elmers glue. Knox gelatin and egg whites can be used but they are smelly.

  • Get your own eccentric look; be it with huge curls or Gothic or Mohawk or even horror.

Emo hairstyle

This kind of emotional punk hairstyle doesn't need to follow any rules - Get your hair cut the way you like it. give it an uneven look or add some crazy hairlights. Shaggy or spiky, you can personalize your own emo hair style. Characteristics of emo hairstyles are jet black hairstyle that make a bold statement with highlights and asymmetry.

Sporting a punk hairstyle or emo hairstyle is all about making your own statement. Don't follow the time-tested rules of hairstyling but instead let your wild streak take over. Do not mess up the punk look with feminine frills. They are best teamed with body piercing and leather clothes.

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