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Washing Hair

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Washing Hair
Washing your hair right and with the right products can go a long way in maintaining your lustrous mane. Take vital tips on how to wash your hair and how often to wash it.

People all over the world attach a lot of importance to hair. Hair plays a major part in defining the personality of any human being. Women in particular look at bountiful hair as one of the attributes of beauty. The bounce in your hair can be felt in your stride too. Many women lament that good hair days are rare and most often it is a battle of wits to get the hair looking good. Washing hair is an essential part of the hair care routine. Learn how to wash and shampoo your hair right.

Types of hair

Human head has on an average 100,000 hairs that need looking after. Human hair can be divided into three main types:

  • Dry hair

  • Greasy / fine hair

  • Normal hair

It is important to identify your hair type so that you can envisage the hair washing needs. You can term your hair dry if it appears dry and looks dull and rough. Dry hair often gets frizzy, entangled and is prone to split ends. Combing becomes a lot more difficult. Dandruff is another problem.

Fine or greasy hair looks limp and flat; it looks as though it lacks volume and remains oily even after a shampoo wash. This kind of hair is difficult to style. This hair requires more frequent washing than other hair types. Washing hair with the right type of shampoo will help ease this problem.

Normal hair looks healthy and does not remain greasy or dry all the while. This type of hair can be styled easily and can hold any type of hair style with ease. Wash this type of hair with a shampoo and conditioner suited for normal hair.

How to wash your hair

We generally do not foresee is the extent of damage each wash can do to the hair. Washing hair the right way is the right gift you can give your hair. Washing hair encompasses choosing the right shampoo and the right conditioner for your hair. Follow these simple guidelines to wash your hair and keep it healthy.

  • Wash your hair by letting it hang naturally as you stand under the shower.

  • Carefully rinse your hair with warm water to get it ready for shampooing.

  • Depending on the length and the thickness of your hair take the right amount of shampoo in your palm to create sufficient foam. A tablespoon shampoo should be sufficient for long hair and a proportionate amount for short hair.

  • Begin applying the shampoo right from the nape of your neck slowly and gently right into your hair with your fingertips. Ensure the massage is methodical and even throughout your head, this helps remove the dead skin cells that often become dandruff when not removed.

  • Let water run through your hair while rinsing and continue stroking your hair in the downward direction. Rinse hair completely and check the hair lines for remnant shampoo lather.

  • Do not to stroke the wet hair roughly as it is prone to damage at this stage.

Applying conditioner

  • Make sure all the shampoo from your hair has been completely washed out.

  • Dispense some conditioner into your palms.

  • With your fingertips apply the conditioner systematically into your hair and take care to apply it evenly. Let it stand for about 5 - 7 minutes.

  • Taking care not to stroke the hair strongly, rinse it with water while you stroke the hair downwards.

Drying hair

  • The best way is to let the hair dry naturally - the air dry method.

  • If time is a constraint and you have to use a dryer then use it on damp hair and never blow dry dripping wet hair.

  • Use the lowest speed and heat functions to dry your hair.

  • Move the dryer all through your head evenly to prevent drying of moisture from one particular area thereby damaging it.

  • Switch of the dryer before the hair is fully dry.

Even as your hair is still wet remove all the knots gently using a wide tooth comb or brush. Start combing from the tip and slowly go up to the roots of your hair, this helps in avoiding split ends and prevents hair from breaking.

Choosing right shampoo

Healthy hair: Shampoo with protein is a good bet. Regular shampoos should do well for this type of hair.

Fine hair: Shampoos labeled with substantive proteins will help this type of hair. Shampoo has to be a little more acidic. Alternatively rinse hair with vinegar and water or lime and water. This will help the cuticles become smoother and impart shine to your hair.

Oily hair: Lemon-based shampoos are the best remedy to offer. Jojoba-based shampoos help break up sebum buildup. They leave the hair dirt free and revitalize the scalp.

Hair washing

How often can you wash your hair? The fact is that you can wash your hair as many times and as many days as you want to, provided you use the right type of shampoo that suits your hair. It is purely a personal decision on the number of times you want to wash your hair. It is believed that our ancestors seldom washed their hair, but with today's pollution and grime we can hardly think of following that dictum.

  • It is recommended to wash your hair only when really required lest you strip off the nutrients from the hair.
  • Don't wash your hair two times in progression as this might leave your hair dryer stripping away the natural oils.
  • Choose the right type of shampoo that will suit your hair type and the conditioners in the shampoo will help the hair look a lot healthier and protect the cuticle from wear and tear too.
  • If you have scheduled to wash your hair everyday then ensure that your shampoo has the right pH balance.

Hair washing tips

  • Be gentle while you massage the shampoo into your hair lest you disturb the regular cycle of your hair.

  • Too much use of shampoo will result in dry and unruly hair.

  • Egg shampoos are the best when it comes to retaining the natural oil in the hair and are very gentle on the hair.

  • If you plan to wash your hair daily, use a de-tangler at the end of every wash.

  • If your hair remains oily after the shampoo wash everyday, replace it with a conditioner straight away, it helps giving great looks to your hair.

  • Start shampooing from the nape of your neck and then into your scalp.

  • Using a comb to distribute the conditioner is a great idea.

  • Blot the water from your hair into a towel and do not rub as it is very weak when wet.

  • Do not wrap your hair in a towel over a head for a long time; this will cause damage to the root of the hair.

  • Try and avoid blow drying your hair as much as possible.

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