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Easy hairstyle

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Easy hairstyle
This summer toss you hair into a ponytail or try braids or twists. Try out easy summer hairstyles that are non-fuss and relatively maintenance free.

Seasons change and bring along changed preferences for clothing and attire. With the onset of summer, shop around for clothes that feel light and comfortable. What about your hairstyle? Hairstyles too, especially in humid summer can be adapted to help you cope with the season. Should you toss your hair into a ponytail or try braids or twists? Read this page to find interesting summer hairstyles. Select the perfect easy summer hairstyle that compliments your personality and keeps you cool and lends a refreshing look. With a bit of modification, any easy hairstyle can appear formal, casual or sporty.

Easy summer hairstyle

It is customary for celebrities to set hot trends in hairstyles. These trends attract and inspire women to imitate them. Easy summer hairstyles introduced by celebrities tend to become popular with women who like to sport the latest hairstyle. Hairstyles, however attractive they look demand great effort and maintenance. As the hot summer days approach, you should be looking for hairstyles that require low maintenance, are simple and easy to do yet lend a classic elegant look.

Simple braids: French braid, an inside-out braid, German braid and fish bone braid, these are popular braid hairstyles especially in summer months. Specialty of braids lies in their versatile appeal. Braids suit any face shape, hair texture or hair length. Try simple braids that you can fix in a matter of minutes.

Stylish Bob: Hairstyle trend of 1920s, the bob hasn't lost its charm with passage of time. With a bit of variation such as a geometric cut, short and curly bobs are still popular. Bobs are so easy to wear. Bobs can be modified according to face shapes and hair length. Modern yet classic, the bob hairstyle comes in stylish variations.

You can spice up bob hairstyles in many ways. Choose between bobs that are all one length or shorter on one side and longer on the other. Bobs with shaggy edges or a range of layers enjoy wide preference among women who sport longer hair. Beat the summer heat with a stylish bob hairstyle. For the initial bob cut, take the help of a professional hair stylist. All you need to maintain bob is a comb and mirror.

Regular ponytails: Long or short, ponytails can be partially braided or left loose. For a trendy look, divide ponytail into two separate tails. Use thin covered bands and twist into knots. Pin the knots to the back of your head. There is no set style and you can experiment in a variety of ways to make summer ponytail fashion statements.

Bohemian trend: An unconventional hairstyle, boho for short refers to loose, flowing long layers of hair. Bohemian hairstyle conveys your free-spirited attitude and an independent style. Your hair stylist can help you with the perfect bohemian hairstyle. Complement your boho hairstyle with simple braids, loose ponytails or classic French twists.

Bangs or fringe cuts:
A fringe cut is a hot favorite. Traditional fringe cut refers to easy hairstyle that hangs or curls on the forehead. You can try variations that reflect your personality and facial shape. Choose between full-length fringes or mid-length flowing fringes. Bangs require frequent trims to retain shape.

Broken crop: Closely shaved crop at the nape of the neck is suitable for a rounder face. Leveled or unleveled crop can be trimmed to keep the minimum length you require throughout summer.

Easy formal hairstyles need not always end up in elaborate updos. You can play around with textured curls or waves. Blow-dry the hair into a silky straight look. Else you can work sexy curls with hot rollers. Team up these easy formal hairstyles with chandelier earrings and you can all set to party!

Summer hairstyle tips

Not all summer hairstyles necessarily suit everybody. Easy hairstyles should make you look beautiful, feel comfortable and confident. Before deciding a particular summer hairstyle, professional hair stylists recommend certain considerations.

  • Hair texture and natural movement of hair

  • Face shape, facial features

  • Lifestyle, time available for hairstyle

  • Hairstyle for particular occasions

  • Use of hairstyle products

Rinsing the hair in cool water adds to its shine. You can experiment with colored streaks on your summer hairstyle. Trim the bangs so as to maintain the shape of the hairstyle. Put hair accessories to best use with your easy formal hairstyles. Use barrettes and jeweled hair combs to add a special touch. A bit of lightweight mousse can help keep your summer hairstyle in place. Don't forget to condition your hair regularly in summer.

Try a leave-in conditioner for added shine. Infuse moisture and shine into your tresses and steer clear of the frizz that is characteristic of summer. If you swim regularly during summer, ensure that your summer hairstyle is well-protected with a bathing cap. Wash and rinse your hair to eliminate the chlorine.

Let your summer hairstyle put your natural hair texture to best advantage. Work wonders with your hair, be it with an easy formal hairstyle or tousled sexy look.

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