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Asian Hairstyle

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Asian Hairstyle
Take a brief look at Asian hairstyles and how they are created to flatter Asian hair color and type. As is the case with women all over, Asian women experiment with hairstyles, perms, hair colors to keep with changing trends.

Tokyo is the center of style for the East Asian region. The fashion conscious Japanese try and create new looks and trends. Besides, Indian women too sport lustrous black locks that can be styled in flattering hairstyles. Asian hairstyles address the unique features of Asian hair that is usually black and thick. The Korean beauty routine extends to skincare and hair care. From hair masks, rice water face packs and sheet masks for hair and skin, there are a wide ranege of Korean beauty products to choose from.

Asian hair style guide

Asian hair is different from Caucasian hair in that it is absorbs and retains moisture more quickly. Besides it's heavier and doesn't move as easily. Use products that are more suited for Asian hair textures. Use natural oil-based products to keep the moisture in. Sheet masks for the hair are a new rage. They infuse hydration-packed serums into your hair. Wear it like a bonnet over your head and it takes the natural heat from your body to work like a hot-oil treatment.

It is essential to keep these factors in mind while working out a hairstyle on Asian hair. Ensure that your hair colorist or stylist is familiar with working on Asian hair. Thick hair tends to absorb dyes and color rather quickly but is resistant to bleaching. Perms and hair colors may need to be customized so as to avoid frizzy or burnt hair. When planning an Asian hairstyle, work on the thinning out the middle since there is usually plenty of volume, even with straight hair.

Asian hairstyle trends

One striking feature in Asian hairstyles is the vibrant and vivacious colors in which the hair is dyed. The reason behind this is that most Asians are dark haired and hence consciously try to be different from one another by opting for various colors. Other than hair colors, abundant use is made of henna to obtain its characteristic reddish-brown tinge.

Experimentation is popular with young Asians who change their hair color and style as many as three times a year. The summer season usually sees an increase in the bob hairstyles while women grow out their hair in the winter. Teenagers and younger women opt for short hair styles while older women prefer longer styles. It is also not unusual to see extreme hairstyles, especially those influenced by hip hop and black American culture. Hair extensions and long braids are popularly used in Asian hairstyles.

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