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Hair Detanglers

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Hair Detanglers
Hair detangler products can relieve you of the bother and pain of removing hair knots and tangles. Our simple homemade hair detanglers are easy to make.

Hair detanglers can relieve you of the tedium of removing hair knots and tangles. Removing tangles with a comb or brush might damage the hair by breaking it. In spite of running the comb frequently, the hair tends to gets knotted up, especially near the ends. Hair detanglers are a blessing in disguise as they have replaced painful and conventional methods of removing knots and tangles from hair.

A hair detangler lotion is a special formulation that prevents tangles. It also helps in loosening tangled hair. Hair tangles up when hair strands get knotted or twisted around each another. They form knotted bunches and cannot be easily brushed through.

Hair detanglers coat the hair strands with ingredients that smoothen the hair. People with curly hair or wavy hair suffer hair tangles, knots and frizz frequently. Find out how to use hair detangler products effectively.

Hair detangler products

  • Hair detanglers alter the surface of the hair.

  • Hair detangler products work much like hair conditioners that smoothen the hair by quoting it with a polymer or oil.

  • The scales of the hair are smoothened right from the cuticles.

  • They prevent static and thus prevent knots or tangles.

Using hair detangler products

  • Section the hair based on the thickness of the hair.

  • Use the hair detangler.

  • Brush with a wide toothed comb, this minimizes hair loss.

  • Begin combing from the lower part of the hair, this minimizes hair breakage.

  • Comb the hair gently and move upward as you comb.

  • Comb hair until it is free of tangles and frizz.

Ingredients in hair detangler products

These are the list of chemicals that would be commonly found in hair detanglers. While shopping for detanglers, ensure one or more of these chemicals are present:

Cationic Surfactants: They bind to the negatively-charged keratin and form the new smooth surface of the hair.

Silicone: It is a polymer that binds to the hair and adds gloss to the hair.

Oils: The pores of the dry and damaged hair are filled with oils thus making them softer.

Hydrolyzed protein: This protein repairs the damaged keratin and the broken edges of the hair.

Acidifier: This chemical lowers the pH of the detangler and strengthens and smoothens the hair strands.

Types of hair detangler products

Hair detanglers are available in various forms; common among them being moisturizers, after shampoo conditioners and hair sprays.

After shampoo conditioners: These conditioners have detangling properties. They are moisture rich and promote smooth hair shafts. These conditioners help in preventing tangles too. Detangling conditioners can be used to style dry hair without the problem of knots. People with curly hair can use products that are specially formulated. Look out for non-toxic products, especially when using them for kids.

Detangler leave-in sprays: Similar to after shampoo conditioners, leave-ins help restore the oils in dry hair. They also supply nutrition to the hair follicle and help in repairing damaged hair.

Hair detangler brush

As the name indicates, these are wide toothed brushes that can be used to remove knots, tangles and frizz from hair. Detangler brushes are specially designed for long and thick hair types. They have wide placed teeth and are designed ergonomically. They have nylon bristles with ball tips. The bristles are set in a rubber air cushioned pad base; this ensures easy removal of knots and frizz.

Detangler brushes are also known as paddle brushes. A variety of brushes is available in the market priced between US$ 5 - 100. While buying a detangler brush ensure that:

  • You can handle it easily and it offers good grip.

  • The brush doesn't hurt while brushing through.

Types of hair detangler brushes

  • Boar's bristle brush

  • Paddle brush

  • Vent brush

  • Denman D 31medium volumizer

  • Denman D 4

Homemade hair detangler

Hair detanglers can be made at home too, just mix up few ingredients to formulate your own home made detangler.

Detangler recipe

Distilled water 8 ounces
Aloe Vera gel 1 tsp
Grapefruit seed extract 10-15 drops
Glycerin 1-2 drops
Essential oil (lavender, jojoba, etc) 1-2 drops

Mix them well in a spray bottle and use as required. You can also dilute regular hair conditioners and use them as detanglers.

Homemade detangler

Distilled water 1 cup
Almond oil ½ teaspoon
Unscented conditioner base 2 teaspoons
Rosemary essential oil 10 drops
Apricot kernel oil ¼ teaspoon

Pour the distilled water into a small saucepan. Over low heat, heat it for about five minutes. Transfer the warm water to a small mixing bowl. Add the unscented conditioner base. Stir with a wooden spoon. Allow mixture to cool and add the apricot kernel oil, rosemary essential oil. Mix thoroughly. Transfer the mixture to a clean plastic squeeze-bottle.

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