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Wood Paneling

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Wood Paneling
Wood paneling can transform a simple room into one of understated elegance and old-world charm. Wood wall paneling is a preferred and long-lasting wall treatment.

The rich elegance of wood wall paneling lends an understated charm to your home décor. Since centuries, wood paneling has been a favorite home decorating style. You can consider wood wall paneling to set off a room to best advantage. You can use this form of wall paneling to hide wall imperfections, visible wiring or switchboards. You can add wood wall paneling in the living room, dining room, foyer and stairways. Wood wall paneling is a long-lasting wall treatment that is not too difficult to maintain. Wall paneling can also be done with veneer, jute or bamboo.

Wood wall paneling

Wood paneling adds a warm glow to a room and is ideal for colder climates. You can choose from a range of patterns and surface finishes. Wood paneling comes in different qualities and you can choose one that is most suitable for your home and budget. Wood paneling differs in terms of surface type, veneer and quality of groove.

Choice of wood panel depends on the dimensions, layout and finish. You can opt for entire wall wood paneling or waist high paneling. Various styles such as Colonial, Queen Anne and Georgian styles of wall paneling are popular with those seeking to bring the old-world charm into their homes.

Selecting a dark or light wood wall paneling can change the entire character of a room. You can pick up a shade of wood panel that is appropriate for your area from the design cards by various wood paneling companies. Ready to install wood paneling comes with frame and panels depending on the design you have selected. They are easy to install.

You can choose to opt for expensive wood veneer or go in for a cheaper one that has a print replicating higher-quality veneer. The more expensive face veneer consists of a beautiful grained hardwood. Here the vibrant beauty of the wood is displayed in its natural beauty.

Stylized wood paneling can be skillfully used to add depth and character to a room. Raised wood paneling is incorporated in formal rooms whereas breadboard wall paneling is suited for cottages and country homes. Wood paneling is also available in modern contemporary options.

Wood paneling

Wood panels come in different thickness options too. A thicker veneer is definitely more long lasting. Vinyl is often used to cover wood paneling. But this lends a plastic appearance and can be damaged if scratched. Paint or stains or varnish can bring out the glow in your wood paneling and protect it for years to come.

You can maintain the wood paneling in your house with regular brushing. Use the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner occasionally. Remove stains with a cleaner suitable for wood paneling. Avoid strong solvents. When the wood paneling is coated or varnished, light moisture will do it no harm.

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