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Interior Decorating Idea

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Interior Decorating Idea
Find respite from the soaring temperatures and bring an amazing cool effect with our interior decorating ideas. Get your home set for the coming summer.

Revamp your home interior decorating style to suit changing seasons. Explore innovative ideas to achieve harmony with the season without disturbing the existing setup. Take our summer style makeover guide to find respite from the soaring temperatures.

Read through to find quick, easy and inexpensive interior decorating tips to remain cool while the temperature soars. These are simple interior decorating ideas that can breathe cool freshness into your rooms. Get geared to beat the summer heat by combining style, comfort and practicality.

Interior decorating idea

Summer style interior decorating can help you wade through summer in style. Start your plan for summer with an assessment of changes that can bring about an amazing cooling effect. Simple changes in home colors and fabrics can lend your rooms a soothing look, so welcome during sultry summer days. Don't forget your porch this summer. Use wicker chairs for a relaxed meeting with a friend. Use gaily-colored cushions and have a basket of fruit on the table.

Say No to cluttered look: Lesser items provide spacious room area. Hence, check your displays and put away what doesn't complement the summer season. Lesser congestion is a perfect way to provide unhindered air circulation within the room. You can get your room to look bigger too.

Say Yes to fresh flowers: Bring in fresh flowers, ferns and grasses. Use your imagination and create an indoor garden. Incorporate freshly blossomed roses to bring cheer during lazy summer days. Azaleas, forsythias, lilies and other summer seasonal flowers can be put in a glass vase or ceramic jug. Place these on tabletops, counter tops, on mantelpiece or on shelves. You can make a pretty arrangement with twigs and branches too. Use colored glass bowls or exquisite chine or Wedgwood for flower and fruit displays.

Prefer light colors: While you can remove heavy drapes and replace them with summer sheers, you can also decide to retain drapes but in a different color. Draperies and curtains go a long way in darkening the room and restricting entry of sun's UV rays. Go for light colors ensuring that it matches with your other interior design. Colors like white, baby pink, sky blue or other pale colors enhance the cool look of the room. Opt for translucent curtains that can let in sunshine as well as provide an airy appeal to the room.

Remember the fabric: Choose lighter fabric like linen and voiles that are better suited for summer. Opt for lightweight linens and add creative embroidery stitching and beading to bring a stylish look. Follow the same for curtains, tablecloth, slipcovers for seats and bed skirts. You can add elegance and softness and freshen the look of an upholstered seat. Go for colorful, cheery flowered bed linens. Frothy lace curtains billowing at the window lend an old-world charm to your interior decorating for summer.

Remove floor rugs: Put away floor rugs and opt for bare flooring. Add floral mats to soothe your feet. You can also choose bamboo mats or coir flooring – lightweight and easy to move.

Change furniture layout: Bring furniture closer to windows to bring a fresh, new look to the existing room decor. Reposition end tables and chairs according to the room space. If you have dark wood tables, decorate with white lace doilies.

Interior decorating tips – summer style

  • Store away unwanted items that are not suitable for summer use such as thick rugs and quilts.

  • Try to give your wall a refreshing look either by painting with light colors or with wallpaper.

  • Add summer accessories to match the indoor color. You can choose paper fans, birdhouses, fruit bowls, colored stones, marbles or beach shells.

  • Replace dark lampshades with lighter ones or floral printed ones.

  • Make changes in your bathrooms too. Change to lightweight fabric flower curtains with matching hand towels.

  • A wall in the mirror that reflects the scenic beauty of garden into the living room can make a world of natural difference.

  • Candles and potpourri can lend a fragrant ambience on a summer evening

Kids room makeover

With summer, your kids have ample free time. Get them involved; ask for their summer style interior decorating advice. Together you can take a stock of changes required in the room to make it more comfortable and pleasant. Make sure your kids' room is safe and secure. Adopting a room theme closer to their heart makes the kids feel more comfortable and happy. A room well lit during study time or a soothing light that makes them feel more relaxed is a must. Choose versatile furniture to meet their various needs such as reading, relaxing, entertaining and playing.

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