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Eco Friendly Homes

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Eco Friendly HomesEco Friendly Homes
A green home is not an expensive proposition that requires you to make major mofications. It is all about choices we make to make our homes eco friendly in tune with the preservation of the dwindling resources.

Every woman has her own dream home. One that she has taken pains to decorate with the things she likes best. Home decorating is a long-drawn process. You can either get a modular home or go about the home improvement scheme yourself. Home decoration ideas are available aplenty. The range of home furnishings is mind-boggling - damasks, jacquards, satins, tapestry, silks and many more.

You can try out various color schemes using home decorating software. This software can help you try out juxtaposing furniture in different arrangements as well as various furnishing tools. Each room in your home can do with your special touch -- carefully selected artifacts, home furniture, window dressings and more. It even encompasses home appliances such as home theaters and other consumer durable.

Decisions about buying a home include looking for a home for sale and finance options and mortgage home schemes. You can also choose to build your home to your own plans and specifications. Home financing forms an important and critical aspect that needs careful planning and budgeting.

Take a few simple measures to make your home Eco friendly. A green home is not an expensive proposition that requires you to make major modifications. All it needs is a rethink on the way we function to make a positive impact on the planet. Using renewable energy systems make your home Eco friendly and reduce its eco-footprint.

Use plants to best advantage. Plant trees bearing in mind their shade giving benefits. Use natural fertilizers as far as possible. Overuse of chemical nutrients might contaminate the storm water and groundwater systems. Try and grow plants that are native to your local environment.

Eco Friendly Home

Energy-efficient lighting can go a long way in reducing your power bills. Some eco friendly home products such as solar heaters are a good way to go green. It involves one-time investment in products such as tank-less water heater or solar panels on the roof. Heating bills can be reduced by double glazing the windows aluminum frames with a thermal break. Draught seal your house and ensure adequate ceiling insulation. The average LED light lasts much longer than regular bulbs.

Eco friendly home cleaning products are free from chemicals that do harm to your family, your home and the environment. With simple homemade cleaning products, you can save considerably. Instead of using chemical toilet cleaners that might pollute the water, you can use white vinegar. Substitute your aerosol home freshener with an open packet of baking soda.

Our home and garden section equips you with plenty of tips and tricks to get your home to look like your dream home, sans the nightmarish omega-bills. Be it going green, Feng shui, home improvement DIY or various home furnishing products, your search ends here!

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