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Garden Fountain

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Garden Fountain
An informative guide to garden fountains - be it stone garden fountains or wall mounted ones or even an oriental Japanese garden fountain.

Find out how you can incorporate a garden fountain and create a cozy nook - one where the birds sit and chirp and the gently gurgling water soothes you after a tired day. What are the kinds of garden water fountains available in the market - stone, granite, metal or resin? What are the essential features to be taken in to account when building a garden fountain? Learn more about Japanese garden fountains.

Garden fountain

Garden fountains have come a long way from the days when all you could choose were angelic cherubs or fantasy creatures cast in stone. Today you can pick a garden fountain to complement your overall garden plan or merely reflect your lifestyle. Fiberglass fountains, resin water fountains, copper water fountains, wall mounted fountains - you can find them all!

Garden fountains are not too difficult to install and come in a bewildering range of shapes and styles - oriental Japanese urns, African art, abstract sculptural pieces, traditional classic designs or even bamboo basins. Garden water fountains are lightweight and easy to maintain. You can pick up a self-contained garden fountain, one that is easy to mount - all that you need to do is add water and plug it in.

Garden water fountain

Garden fountains can transform a simple garden into a paradise - where the gentle flow of water soothes the mind and gives you the much-needed break from the noise and bustle of everyday life. You can choose from a wide range of fountains - contemporary, modern or traditional. Garden fountains are available in stone or resin or metal. Angels and cherubs, animals and fantasy characters - today you can find garden water fountains in different styles and to suit every taste and budget. For large gardens, you can choose tiered fountains or wishing well fountains.

Garden wall fountain

Garden wall fountains can make a dramatic statement even in the smallest of gardens or yards. An elegant wall fountain must be hung up at a vantage spot. Such fountains are either screwed or nailed into the wall. The feed tube for the water is usually hidden behind the plants on the wall. Select a wall fountain made of sandstone or resin. You can pick up a highly ornamented one or a wall fountain in natural stone finish. Modern wall garden fountains are durable and lightweight. They come with appropriate hosing and installation instructions.

Outdoor garden fountain

Choose a outdoor garden fountain based on its height and width against the home or the garden wall. Outdoor garden fountains must be set on concrete slabs or pavers. This is essential in cold places when the fountains are subject to expansion and contraction damage. Pedestal garden water fountains can be viewed from all sides of the garden and form a dramatic focal point in the outdoor space.

Solar garden fountain

Harness the power of solar energy into a solar garden fountain. Every time the sun shines, your fountain will be activated. Solar garden fountains do not require wiring or complicated installation. Solar garden fountains come with integral solar panels or separate solar panels. The solar fountains that have built-in solar panels work well when placed in a sunny location.

The advantage of solar garden fountains with separate panels is that you need to place only the panel in a sunny location and the fountain can be in the shade. The power of fountain pumps can be increased by adding extra solar panels. You might experience fluctuations in the water movement in your solar water garden based on the intensity of the sunlight. Solar garden fountains offer many an advantage - reducing additional electricity charges and completely environment-friendly.

Build fountain garden

An ideal location to build a garden fountain is near a patio. You can relax on a deck chair to the accompaniment of the gurgling water. Remove any weeds from the area that you have selected to build the water garden fountain. Then you need to dig out the hole, into which the preformed plastic pond liner will be placed.

Choose the pump with care when you build the garden fountain. It must be designed for continuous, long-term, hassle free use. Some pumps have variable speed controls that allow you to adjust the flow of water thereby controlling the sound of trickling water. The size of the pool has to be decided by the 'rule of splash' - the distance that the water falls freely and splashes.

Taking care of your outdoor garden is critical. An outdoor garden fountain gurgling in an inviting corner can help shut out surrounding disturbances and noises. Ensure that the filter is kept clean so as to prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Lime buildup is common on the surface of the fountain bowl. Rinse the fountain and change the water regularly. Use surface cleaners to keep it free from unsightly sludge, algae and cloudiness.

Stone garden fountain

Stone garden fountains work well for outdoor gardens since they are durable and can stand the test of time. They are durable in harsh outdoor conditions. Outdoor garden fountains range from the elaborate to the stark minimalist designs. They can be inspired by traditional or contemporary designs. Themes for resin garden fountains are mind-boggling.

If a classical Greek or Roman statue is your preference, you can go in for a Greek Goddess or that of David or even the Thinker. Fairies, mermaids, unicorns and Pegasus are other options for stone or resin garden fountains. Stone garden fountains can be of black granite to rose-colored or even simple ochre-colored or the color of the natural rugged stone.

Fountain garden pond

Garden fountain ponds aerate the water and improve the quality of the water in the pond. This helps in reducing odors, avoiding rapid algae growth and maintaining a balanced ecosystem within the pond. Add a touch of elegance to you garden pond with a fountain. You can keep fish such as goldfish, Koi and Golden Orfe.

Japanese garden fountain ponds are available in exquisitely crafted and decorated ceramic. You can pick up self-contained water basins that don't need any outside water source. It is essential to have a high quality electric pump so that the water circulates from inside the basin thereby causing it to bubble up and overflow. Such fountain garden ponds are ideal at hotels, golf courses and big gardens.

Japanese garden fountain

Japanese garden fountains typically have stone water basins called 'chozubachi'. Japanese garden fountains date back to the ancient shrines where a worshipper had to wash before entering. Japanese garden fountains can be found in granite or bamboo. They are usually easy to install and add a soothing corner to your garden.

Resin garden fountain offers ease of maneuverability as well as durability. Lightweight garden fountains of resin compound are created by skilled artisans to replicate classical masters. A well chosen outdoor garden fountain must appeal to the sight and sound senses. Add grace to a small garden or backyard with some attractive perennials and a suitable garden fountain.

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