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Landscape Design Idea

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Landscape Design Idea
A cohesive landscape design idea blends your exterior elements with the house to give a sense of balance and unity. Play around with color, texture, foliage and structural elements to arrive at a landscape design that makes you proud.

Landscape design is an art that encompasses sorting out and positioning of various elements in the outside space. It involves positioning or amending the outlook of a landscape, a neighborhood or larger area for visual or practical reasons. Landscape design is a division of landscape architecture. Landscape design is usually done to craft outdoor living spaces. Landscape design ideas include hardscape design and softscape design. Landscape design software aids in planning your landscape and juxtaposing various elements to arrive at a scheme that fits your space best.

Landscape design

A landscape that is well defined adds pleasure to the family and improves the surroundings. Your landscape should be designed in such a way that it is constructive, significant, purposeful and attractive. Ensure that there in unity in the entirety of the landscaping design so that it appears as a homogenous unit. Play around with color, texture, size and balance to arrive at a landscape design idea that complements your home. Use color to draw attention. Choose colors to achieve the right effect, be it to increase depth or make an object seem farther. Make best use of existing topography.

Hardscape includes all the inert rudiments of landscaping, such as wood work or stonework. The list includes water fountains, tile paths, wooden decks, brick patios and many more that are not a part of the softscape.

Softscape includes all the living horticultural rudiments such as plants. You can opt for symmetry or abstract forms when choosing plants. Incorporate the landscape design plan in the plant groupings, bed shapes and foliage.

Landscape design idea

  • Observe and analyze the people who are going to use the landscape as this throws light on the kind of landscape idea that is best suited.

  • Each area of the landscape has to be well defined and thoroughly understood so that it can be put to best use.

  • Giving your landscape a theme will help define each area. Plan water scheme too.

  • Design your landscape such that it complements your house interiors. Study all the existing resources to work out design options.

  • Follow the same type of designing throughout your landscape.

  • Sufficient lighting adds to the serenity and the security of your landscape.

Features of a good landscape design

Visual appeal: A good landscape design adds to the visual beauty of your house thereby increasing the aesthetic value of the surroundings.

Cost-effective: A good landscape will increase the value of your property in the real estate market.

Ecological appeal: Temperatures can be controlled during summer and winter if the designing is good. Wind and water can be used efficiently and plants can make your environment pollution free.

Landscape design software

  • Cut down design time. You can edit and work on plans and redo them till you arrive at a landscape design idea that suits your property. You can use existing landscape designs if they suit your requirements.

  • Sophisticated tools such as lighting and shadowing techniques can be used.

  • Area, perimeter and volume are easily calculated. This makes it easier to estimate costs, materials and other aspects of the landscape design.

  • The soil fertility can be analyzed and checked for flora that can grow well in your area and type of weather thereby enabling you to choose the right plants.

  • Landscape design software is more economical than utilizing the services of an architect.

Backyard landscape design

These simple guidelines will help you design your backyard so that it is unique, comfortable and the perfect place for you to unwind.

  • Choose the main focus for your backyard landscape design. For e.g. exclusive plants or trees, water features, rock garden or play area for the kids. Ensure that drainage systems are in place and that the excess water will gush away from the house.

  • Ensure that you choose the right plants and give them sufficient care to grow well. Ensure you provide sufficient sun light for your plants. Check the fertility of the soil before you go ahead with the plants.

  • Ensure that there is sufficient lighting.

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