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Lawn Sprinkler System

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Lawn Sprinkler System
Bring home the experience of a lush lawn by way of lawn sprinkler system. Enjoy the green carpet of your lawn with least effort by choosing the right lawn sprinklers.

Want your lawns to look lush and green? Bring home a lawn sprinkler system to ensure proper watering of the lawns. This keeps the lawn healthy and attractive. A lawn sprinkler is an appliance that sprays water into the air by drawing water from a plumbing pipe and distributing it. Lawn sprinkler system is the most efficient and time saving method available to irrigate lawns.

Lawn sprinkler

Classic oscillating lawn sprinklers were the only type available some years back. These sprinklers sprayed water back and forth in the form of a slow wave. Today there is a range of lawn sprinklers available, with different features. Protect your lawn from the sun's harmful rays during summer lest it turn into brittle yellow blades of grass. Lawn sprinkler comes in as a best protection for the lawn against the sun's damaging rays.

A lawn sprinkler system saves you the ordeal of hosing the entire lawn by implementing hassle-free watering of lawns. Lawn sprinkler systems give you an attractive green lawn that you can be proud of. Not only does the lawn sprinkler system save you but it also saves a lot of water. With growing awareness of water conservation, particularly in dry climate areas, excellent irrigation systems can help in maintaining our precious environment. A well designed and carefully maintained lawn sprinkler system makes lawn maintenance effortless. Lawn sprinkler systems can be manual or automatic.

Spending time in the yard is one of the favorite rituals with those seeking to unwind. For such people, irrigating the lawn using a manual lawn sprinkler system is a great way to spend some quiet time in their yard. A hand-held lawn sprinkler works best for such people. You can decide as to how much and where the lawn requires water. You can pay close attention to your lawn thereby supervising it. You need to pay attention to turning off the lawn sprinkler system in time lest you make a pool of your yard.

With an automatic lawn sprinkler system you just have to turn the water on and forget the rest, the sprinkler will irrigate your lawn completely without your assistance. This type of lawn sprinkler saves a lot of time for people who are tied up at home and work and have very little time for their yards. The only problem is that you should not forget to turn off the sprinkler when the irrigation is complete else you will be doing so in excess. Lawn sprinkler systems can be adjusted for the amount of water to be sprinkled depending on the season so as to retain the right level of moisture in the soil.

Choose the right lawn sprinkler system

To retain the lushness and luster of your lawn, you have to choose the right lawn sprinkler. Depending on the type of lawn that you have at home, choose the right sprinkler for your lawn.

Stationary lawn sprinkler: This type of lawn sprinklers has holes on top of the sprinkler and sprays water through them. This type of sprinkler is suitable for small areas. The lawn area that can be covered by this sprinkler depends on the water pressure and the pattern of holes on the lawn sprinkler. Stationary lawn sprinklers are inexpensive. This type of lawn sprinkler can work with low pressure of water.

Rotary lawn sprinkler: This type of lawn sprinkler best suits small lawns as they throw water within a small radius. It is also known as the revolving sprinkler as it sprinkles water from the tip of its spinning arms. This sprinkler does not fit sloppy or sandy areas as it throws out water quickly.

Oscillating lawn sprinkler: This type of lawn sprinkler has a metal arm that oscillates back and forth thereby irrigating a rectangular area. The water sprayed out is in the form of a fan. Oscillating lawn sprinkler is best suited to water large areas and thus is a popular pick. Newly planted seeds and clay soil absorb water little by little. Oscillating lawn sprinkler is the best choice as it provides a gentle spray thus causing no damage.

Pulsating lawn sprinkler: Also known as impulse lawn sprinklers, these sprinklers are most efficient for large lawns. Close to the ground, there is a single water jet that irrigates the lawn. Water is distributed evenly in a semi circular or circular pattern over a large area. The spraying is not affected by the wind as the spraying is strong and close to the ground. The height of the water, spray type and area to be covered can be adjusted as per our requirements. The spray can be adjusted from full speed to slow speed and thus this type of lawn sprinkler is suitable for newly seeded lawns.

Traveling lawn sprinkler: This type of lawn sprinkler has wheels and follows a garden hose laid out by the user. It is also called the self-propelled lawn sprinkler. Water is sprinkled in a circular pattern by two rotating arms. The arms can be adjusted depending on the area to be sprinkled. This type of lawn sprinkler is suitable for large and irregular lawns and is a bit expensive.

In ground lawn sprinklers: This type of lawn sprinkler will suit areas where extra water is required over the usual quantity for growing grass. It is well known as the lawn irrigation system and ensures full and even irrigation of the lawn. This type of lawn sprinkler is a little expensive.

Install lawn sprinklers

Watering the lawn at the right time and with the right quantity of water keeps the lawn lush green. Neighbor's pets can be kept at bay with the use of your lawn sprinkler system. Set the sensors to auto spray whenever it senses a moving object. Your lawn can become the envy of your neighbors with very little effort.

Enjoy the peace and tranquility that your lawn offers. You can opt for fertilizing lawn sprinklers that allow you to fill water-soluble fertilizers so that you can nourish your lawn too. Electronic lawn sprinklers allow you to time the faucets to automatically turn water on and off.

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