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Outdoor Canopy

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Outdoor Canopy
Think outdoor activities and you are sure to think of a canopy, be it for a wedding or get-together. You can also benefit from a carport canopy and canopy gazebo.

A canopy is an overhead roof that provides shade or shelter. Canopies are tents without a center pole and with or without side walls. Canopy tents are light weighted and are primarily so designed to provide shade and protection from sun or showers.

While canopies can be a cozy fort for grownups, they can also be a restful retreat for families. A canopy can add life to an otherwise dull party and light up the evening. When lit with candles and illuminated by the moon, the canopy becomes a softly illuminated nook ideal for champagne toasts.

The styles, types and sizes of canopy tents vary and so do the material out of which canopies are made. Some canopy tents can accommodate up to ten persons, comfortably. Canopies are simple to set up and are very portable as they weight just about 50 pounds and fold to 62.5 inches.

Outdoor canopy

Floating overhead and shading the guests from the sun or rain, the outdoor canopy can be designed to suit different occasions. An outdoor canopy provides simple and shady retreats for parties, weddings, garden celebrations, art shows, and festivals. It is a simple retreat and a great way of providing shade and shelter. Any design of choice can be added to the outdoor canopy.

All one needs to get an outdoor canopy are:

  • Three yards of outdoor fabric of natural color.

  • Four yards of border fabric, about 10 inch wide with border strips.

  • Six pieces of brass grommets.

  • A laundry rope, around one hundred to two hundred feet.

  • Three trees, each fifteen to twenty feet apart and positioned in a triangular arrangement.

  • About six tent poles on the location and number of trees.

  • Hanging decors or flowers to add sparkle to the canopy.

Shade canopies are more or less the same as an outdoor canopy. They can be used for big events or backyard fun. Made of poly nylon or woven mesh top covers, they let some light shine through but cut off harmful UV rays.

Enclosed canopies suit big events or backyard fun and the enclosure provides protection from rain and sun and lends privacy as well. Carport canopies can also be used for boats, and other vehicles that need protection from rain and sun. Car canopies are a great inexpensive way to cover vehicles.

Canopy tents are stylish and gazebos are luxurious made of soft net like covers around the sides that can keep out unwanted bugs and insects. Garden canopies provide ample shade for dining, parties and relaxation. They look more formal looking and add a touch of class to any garden or patio.

Canopies with valance top are used for parties or to cover vehicles. The valance top is all-in- one piece and the valance flap goes over the edge and is connected to the tip cover. This is easy to set up and required no tools as such.

Pop up canopies

These are instant shelters that can collapse down to a size that is portable. These canopies typically come in the sizes 5'x5' to 10'x 20'.

Such pop up canopies have two parts - canopy frame and the canopy top. While the canopy frame is made of steel or aluminum, the tops are of oxford polyester blend of fabric, which are fire and water resistant. They come in a gamut of colors like blue, green, red, white and yellow. Special colors include black, gold and purple.

Trade shows are organized under pop up canopies. These days, silk screens and digital prints can be seen on the custom canopy tops to promote the company using them. Some advantages of pop up canopies are:

  • They are easy to setup and manage. They do not require much labor or time for setup.

  • An instant canopy usually has roof and legs but no boundary walls.

  • It is light and can be easily shifted from one place to another. Therefore, it is called portable canopy.

  • Instant canopies are water and fire resistant. Waterproof canopies come made of polyurethane, silicone elastomer and polyvinyl chloride. This way, the exhibitor need not worry about climatic conditions.

  • They come in different shapes such as hexagon, rectangular or square and various sizes and colors.

Canopy gazebo

A canopy gazebo helps to create shade in the backyard. With a canopy gazebo, you need not worry about a lot of heavy wood that may need a super flat surface to be placed on.

Such backyard canopies are great all year round and have all-weather tops. You can hang out under the backyard canopy in the brutal summer to keep away from the sun or during spring simply eat breakfast under and watch the flowers in bloom. Alternatively, you can also watch the fall of the leaves in autumn and just sit back and relax with a cup of coffee or tea in the pouring rain in winter.

Gazebos made of canvas and other material types are easy to install and break down in the winter. Some canopy gazebos come with zipper windows and mesh screen doors to help keep off flying insects and mosquitoes out.

Caravan canopy

Caravan canopy comes in the form of vending tents for flea markets. The caravan tents are good for commercial uses and vendors who demand a lasting product. The tents have 1 and a quarter inch legs, with a 500 denier top for a canopy that protects from UV rays and is water resistant.

Carport canopy

Think of the damage that can occur to vehicles if left unprotected in the heat of the sun. It can deteriorate the paint and exterior finish of recreational vehicles and automobiles. It is mandatory to protect vehicles during these months either by using a tarp cover or a canopy enclosure.

To shield the automobile from the weather, you can choose a carport canopy. The size of the carport canopy, of course, will depend on the size of the vehicle. The standard sizes include one car, two cars or even bigger depending upon what is the need to shelter. These could also include other vehicles and not limited to motor bikes and boats.

Canvas carport can be used as 'hangout' area with other recreational uses other than storing items. There are numerous color options for carport kits. They also come as canvas carport or metal carport canopy.

The canvas carport is cheaper and is much more mobile. Metal carport canopy designs are for more semi permanent or permanent use.

Determining whether it is canvas or metal carport canopy is important because the canopy will need to tolerate certain weight limits. Outdoor canopies comes in different sizes and shapes, and the most fashionable and flexible outdoor canopies are 10' x 20'. This size is easy to set up and take down. Multipurpose outdoor canopies allow covering vehicle, boat, lawn and garden equipment and bulk storage and more.

Tips on finding best outdoor canopies

  • Find a reputed dealer to get excellent quality canopy so that there is better value for the cash spent.

  • Depending on its use, safety benefits protection from wind, rains and UV rays will occur.

  • Outdoor canopies come in a range of sizes from small to extra large. Accessories which are best suitable for use like foot pads, stakes, tie downs are also available.

Nothing can be a better idea that an outdoor canopy, be it to bring them all together during a small wedding or a get together. Whatever be the occasion, think of an outdoor canopy when you begin to think of outdoor activities in store, during summer or winter months.

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