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Outdoor Garden Furniture

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Outdoor Garden Furniture
Selecting the most appropriate outdoor garden furniture is the best way to get the most out of your garden area.

Your garden is a place of joy and pride. Every brick, cobble and rock, every bush and vine is the result of enthusiastic planning and passionate execution. Anytime during the day, you may want to watch the birdbath, admire the jasmine full bloom or just enjoy the fresh air and warm weather.

Indeed, your garden is an extension of your home and outdoor garden furniture selection is as important as selecting living room furniture. Take a step further, select corbel to support outdoor garden furniture. A pair of corbels topped with marble promises charm in the garden. Take a look at various outdoor garden furniture options that are available today. Narrow down your choice; decide on the material in line with the garden theme, design and personal preference. Our outdoor garden furniture tips can make your selection simple and easy.

Furniture determinants

Garden use: How you use the garden and how much time you spend in the garden will determine the type of outdoor garden furniture. Your garden, patio or lawn could serve varied purposes- from serene contemplation to a spirited cocktail party. Apart from being a place to sit and admire the beauty of diverse plants and flowers, garden could be a place for recreational activities. You may like to entertain in the lawn or patio, hold formal or informal gatherings or spend quality time to completely unwind.

Local climate: Temperature, average rainfall and wind speed.

Open or shade area: Would the garden furniture be used on a covered deck or patio or should the furniture serve the purpose of maximizing sun exposure?

Durability, ease of cleaning and maintenance: The cost, energy and time required to keep outdoor garden furniture in good condition.

Style: Modern furniture, vintage furniture or contemporary designs in alignment with the interiors or an absolute contrast.

Others: The size of the garden, area of the garden, garden style, location of garden furniture, your personal preference, comfort, the extent of use and budget are other factors that influence outdoor garden furniture selection.

Outdoor garden furniture list

Select stylish furniture that suits your needs and complements maximum enjoyment.

Adirondack Chair is a must for every garden. Considered the most comfortable pieces of garden furniture, Adirondack chair has a gently sloping back and seat. Other outdoor garden furniture includes dining tables, loveseats, benches, coffee tables, end tables, dining chairs, gliders, outdoor lounge chairs, deck chairs, occasional chairs, rockers/swings, Patio umbrella, ottomans, serving tables, patio swing, storage chests and hammocks. You can also consider outdoor garden furniture sets- a table, four or six chairs and an umbrella for shade. There are also sets that closely resemble an actual sitting room or living room with a couch, loveseat and end table.

Diverse materials

Useful outdoor garden furniture or ornamental types, it is options galore for garden enthusiasts. Hanging or foldable types, the market is flooded with new and traditional designs in a range of materials like plastic, metal, wooden and cedar including a combination of metal and wooden garden furniture. Give importance to instructions such as 'recommended for use exteriors only' to ensure right selection. Also check out the warranty aspect and resistance to the elements (particularly water and ultraviolet light) while selecting outdoor garden furniture.

Iron: Cast and wrought iron is preferred for the durability factor. Cast iron is heavier compared to cast aluminum, known for longevity and can withstand any weather condition. Cast iron outdoor garden furniture is also cost effective.

Aluminum: Durable and inexpensive.

Wood: As such, quality wood has good moisture tolerant properties. Teak is considered to be the ideal wood for outdoor garden furniture. Teak is preferred as it is heavy, durable, rot-resistant and maintenance-free and does not splinter. Cedar does not crack easily, can resist fungus and bacteria and is highly weather resistant. Red wood, willow, pine and other wood garden furniture are also commonly used in gardens. Cedar is most suitable for American gardens though less long lasting.

Wicker and rattan: Rattan is a natural, renewable source and wicker is biodegradable but doesn't last as long.

Plastic: Least expensive, prefer recycled plastic as it helps to conserve nature.

Caring for outdoor furniture

To prolong longevity, it is essential to maintain outdoor garden furniture the right way. The method of care varies with material type. It is best to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning and maintaining the finish at regular intervals. Apart from regular cleaning, waxing and touching up bare spots or cracks will ensure moisture out of the raw wood furniture.

  • If possible, cover furniture when not in use.

  • Wipe spills immediately.

  • Once a week, clean outdoor furniture with mild soap and water.

  • Follow with a pan of warm sudsy water and a soft cloth or paper towels and then with a pan of clear water. Allow it to dry well.

  • Wipe dry outdoor garden furniture after it rains if not under a covered area

  • Give a good coat of automotive wax that protects from UV rays.

  • Do not allow wood furniture to remain in standing water

  • As much as possible, avoid direct furniture contact with damp soil for extended periods.

  • For cedar furniture, use a wood sealer, as it will keep the grain from becoming raised. Wood oil gives cedar a beautiful color.

  • Give a good dry brushing with a medium bristle brush for wicker furniture. Helps remove dirt buildup, leaves furniture looking a lot better.

Garden furniture

A table and set of chairs is the basic outdoor garden furniture requirement that allows many people to sit and together and enjoy nature in your garden. For sunny spots, you may include an umbrella to protect from direct sunlight. For lively get-togethers, select picnic tables with benches. For sharing those intimate moments, select a shade are and place lovely wooden or cast concrete bench underneath. Selecting the most appropriate outdoor garden furniture is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your garden area.

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