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Floor Decor

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Floor Decor
Find out ways in which you can enliven your floor decor. Try interesting ways to break large expanses of space without making it cluttered.

Do not consider the floor as a mere place to rest your feet. Floor decoration is as significant as any other decoration. Floor décor contributes to the overall appeal of the area. Floor décor plays an important part in how an area looks and feels. Simple and appropriate area specific floor décor can make a small room feel more spacious, less cramped.

It is also an avenue to portray your style and endorse an ambience you prefer. There is no hard and fast rule; you are limited only by your imagination. Trust your style instincts, tap your creativity, translate your talent and give shape and form to your ideas. Our floor decoration guide can be a useful basis for your floor decor ideas.

Flooring vs floor covering

Flooring and floor covering are perceived to be the same. This is a misconception. Flooring refers to the hard surfaces, which are typically permanent fixtures like wood, tile and stone. On the other hand, floor covering are materials laid over hard surfaces. Floor decoration involves using variety of floor covering materials.

The first task

Subsequent to installing new flooring or renovation of existing surfaces, floor décor activities begin. Floor décor is just not about aesthetic or ethnic appeal but comfortable, dwelling experience as well. Aesthetic floor décor adds classic beauty suitable to the area. The floor décor could characteristically reflect your personal taste and distinctive style. To ensure a good return on investment, a thoughtful area-specific homework before you actually embark on floor decor can be helpful. Answer questions like:

  • The type of flooring in different rooms

  • The wall colors

  • Room specific traffic movement

  • Themes for different rooms

  • Furniture and other accessories

  • Extent of water spillage, direct sunlight

  • The climate

  • Preferred style

  • Budget

Points to reckon

  • Remember to maintain color relationship between floor and wall

  • Floor and wall color can be the same, darker vs. light color.

  • Prioritize clean and easy maintenance over visual appeal.

Floor décor with rugs

Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, rugs can be typically placed on the floor and loosely laid. Handmade rugs are priced higher compared to machine-made rugs. You can distinguish between handmade and machine-made rugs by looking at the fringe of the rug. Even today rugs are uniquely valuable for the value appreciates with time. Hence they are a wise floor décor investment. Rugs can be used on any surface in any room save the toilet and shower areas.

Rugs come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Wool, silk strings, artificial silk strings, cotton, jute, nylon or blended rugs, plant fibers like bamboo, sea grass and hemp are utilized in the making of rugs. A central medallion or floral pattern with a three-dimensional design can aptly be a centerpiece of floor décor. Select quality floor rug for superior performance. You can select from an array of designs, traditional shapes and exotic patterns ranging from exquisite contemporary patterns to classic Persian and Oriental designs. A lot depends on the look, richness and texture appropriate for a particular area.

Types of rugs

Flat weave: From India, usually hand-woven with wool or cotton, such rugs are also called dhurries.

Braided: These rugs portray a casual, rustic look. They are made from strips of cloth braided and stitched together.

Hooked: Rugs prepared with yarn or fabric pulled through a backing

Needlepoint: Usually stitched on a canvas with woolen yarns. Floral patterns are very common.

Oriental rugs: Named after the place of origin.

Rugs as floor décor

  • Compared to carpets, rugs are smaller in size

  • Covers floor, adds warmth and color

  • Adds visual interest and cushioned comfort to floors

  • Helps to revitalize space

  • Absorbs sound reduces noise level

  • Protects hard wood floor or other types of surface

Choosing rugs

  • Select larger rug for room with more furniture

  • Want to make a room appear larger, leave a border of exposed flooring

  • Want to make an area stand out, use a smaller rug

  • Braided area rug are suitable for any room in the house

  • Cover stair runners with rug runners

  • Natural fiber rugs are apt for teenager’s room


A carpet as compared to a rug is a thick, heavy floor covering usually larger than 2m or 6.5 ft.. Carpets are made of woven wool or synthetic fibers. Woolen carpets with exquisite designs and floral patterns are considered priced possessions. Absolutely soft, carpets accentuate the theme of a room. Carpets can be used as a plain wall to wall covering or as wide centerpieces. Just like rugs, the value of carpets appreciates with time.

Apart from beauty carpets offer functional benefits too. Carpets are superior floor covering and also a versatile acoustical material. Custom designed or readymade, the choice of colors, textures and designs offer tremendous choice.

Choose carpets

  • Consider carpet need over style and color

  • Different carpets type suit different settings

  • Select dark colors for warm, cozy, small look

  • Select light colors for an enlarge sober appearance

  • Carpet cushion selection is equally important

  • Coordinate furniture color with carpet colors

  • Consider cleanable aspects of carpet.

  • Keep carpet area to minimal foot traffic and soil settlement

  • Check knots per square inch for hand knotted carpets, tightness of weave for flat woven length and tightness of tufts for durability of carpets.

  • Cost- Purchase price, installation costs and maintenance expenses

  • Check carpet warranty offer.

You can place large lamps or flower vases on the floor and create an interesting touch to a corner of the room. Use accent pieces to break large expanse of space.

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