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Artificial Christmas Tree

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Artificial Christmas Tree
Artificial Christmas trees come in attractive shapes, styles and lifelike foliage. Pre lit artificial Christmas trees take the hassle out of Christmas lighting.

Artificial Christmas trees can be easily placed anywhere in your home and business. The pinecones, lush tips and generous lighting on your pre lit artificial Christmas tree lend a classic and elegant look to your holiday decoration. You can choose from artificial Christmas trees with lifelike foliage and realistic appearance. The layered classic look with professional lighting will add to the joy and cheer of the Yuletide season.

Artificial Christmas Tree

While nothing can compare with the true spirit of Christmas that a real tree offers, artificial Christmas trees have become increasingly popular on account of their convenience and their attractive decorations. Real trees can pose a fire hazard. Pre-lit Artificial Christmas trees can be a lot safer, provided you buy one that is labeled fire resistant and carries a built-in electrical systems that has the UL (Underwriters Laboratory) label. Artificial Christmas trees come in several styles and sizes. If you are short on space, you can opt for half tree or wall trees. The benefits of choosing artificial Christmas trees are many:

  • Artificial Christmas trees come with dense, crush and fade resistant PVC needles with thick ply to keep a good shape for years.

  • Prelit artificial Christmas trees can be set up easily and do not need adjustments. They are easier to maintain.

  • A good quality pre lit Christmas tree is constructed with flame resistant materials and UL approved lights.

  • Artificial Christmas trees are ideal for those suffering from allergy to conifers.

  • Artificial Christmas trees make for easy storage since they come in sections that can be folded and stored safely.

  • You can select from a wide range of pre lit artificial Christmas trees, white artificial Christmas trees, frosted tip, full-shaped, slender or pencil shaped.

  • Pre lit artificial trees come with a wide assortment of lights, garlands, tree skirts and tree toppers.

Typically pre lit artificial Christmas trees have poly vinyl tips, that come in different shades of green. This gives a more natural look to the tree. The wire branches are given either a rounded or sculptured look. The stand of the artificial tree must be sturdy. The ornaments on the artificial Christmas tree are placed at the back of the branch tip from where it hangs from the central metal branch. Thus artificial Christmas trees do not have drooping branches. It is better to select a pre lit artificial Christmas tree than try and light the tree yourself.

You can select from a variety of styles - Colonial fir, Oregon fir, Alaska blue, Verona blue, Norway spruce, Fraser fir, Harrison pine, blue Colonial, Yardley fir, Colorado Brewer spruce, Verona spruce, Manchester spruce, Sierra pine, Monterey pine, Brookfield fir, Alegheny fir and more. You can opt for an artificial Christmas tree with iced glacier pine with cones or frosted tips. Artificial Christmas trees are designed with well-spaced branches to make for easy placement and viewing of ornaments. Thick clusters of branches sweep downwards with an elegance that is graceful and natural. Mini lights, silk poinsettias, ribbons, fruit clusters and plastic ornaments add to the beauty of the tree. You can add a few ornaments for a personal touch.

Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

Most pre lit artificial Christmas trees are designed for indoor use, unless specified otherwise. The lights use LED integrated circuit technology. Blinking lights, fade lights and stay-on lights come in many hues. Color wheels are used for lights with continuously changing color. Prelit artificial Christmas trees have options for remote control of color choices, blinking options and light dimmer speeds. White artificial Christmas tree come with white lighting wires ingeniously wound, twist-proof bulbs and locking socket tabs for added safety.

If stored carefully, your artificial Christmas tree can last you many a festive years. Store the tree safely, keeping it free from dust, insect residue and other harmful elements. Do not store the pre lit artificial Christmas tree with the lights on it. This can result in breakage of bulbs and damaged wiring. You can probably use large heavy-duty plastic bag to safely pack away your artificial Christmas tree, after the holiday season.

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