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Lodge Decor

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Lodge Decor
Lodge decor reflects the wilderness of American outdoors. Learn to incorporate it into your indoors.

Decorating each room in the house is an art. Lodge décor reflects the wilderness of American outdoors. Find out how you can incorporate elements of lodge décor in your modern house.

Lodge décor

For people who love to spend their time outdoors, incorporating lodge décor at home will mean translate their living space to represent the vast outdoors. Lodge style décor originated from the concept of the hunting lodges that were located in the Midwestern and western parts of United States. The furnishings and the construction were chosen to match the environment and over time log type furniture became a trendy home décor option. Pine, oak, fieldstone etc. were chosen for construction and making furniture as they were easily found in the locality. These days lodge décor includes furnishings with pine cones, acorns, moose, deer's, bears, mallard ducks, trout and bass etc..

Realizing the lodge décor effect

Eye-catching and comfortable colors along with distinctive accessories give the lodge décor a comfortable and attractive look. Creativity thrown in with the right accessories...and you can incorporate lodge décor into any room. Given below are a few suggestions for perfect lodge décor.

  • Wall art speaks the most in creating a lodge décor so take care to choose the right art. Wall hangings made from fabric and cast iron suit lodge décor in a perfect manner. Hunting prints and the right wall accessories lend the perfect look to any lodge décor.

  • The wall colors enhance lodge décor thus choose colors matching the earth tones. Either wall papers or paint to this color effect can be used. Choose the wall colors such as green, brown, rust or yellow, colors that match the external environment and match the colors of nature.

  • Alter the windows, walls, furniture's and flooring of the house to blend well so that in every respect they project a perfect lodge décor. For windows it is recommended to use canvas or cotton alongside with plain wooden blinds or print fabric curtain. Plain cotton or canvas at windows with tabbed tops or curtains with lodge print work well for windows.

  • Pillows and knick knacks should also be chosen with utmost care, their color and design should match the rest of the lodge décor. Deep green, rust, and brown colors are popular colors and festive bandana prints, wildlife motifs are the most popular prints used. Prints portraying nature such as ducks, wildlife, and woodland scenes can also be used when incorporating lodge décor.

  • Woven items such as colorful loomed blankets help keep the place warm and also brighten up the dark interior.

  • Accessories such as wooden bowls, antique snow shoes, old baskets and the traditional red and black streaked lodge style blankets will add on to the lodge décor effect.

  • Split logs can be used on the walls to give the effect of log cabins.
  • Camp furniture will best compliment lodge décor as also leather furniture, antler chairs, twig chairs etc.. Seat cushions are generally made from tweed leather or rough fabrics.

  • Sheepskin rugs, bearskin rugs lend the perfect Native American look to any lodge décor. Rag rugs and braided rugs are used to enliven hard wooden floor look.

  • Deer hoof table lamps, or lamp shades that have some wild life depictions will be perfect lighting to match the décor.

Lodge décor furniture

  • Lodge décor furniture is generally made from pine, birch, walnut or oak.

  • The furniture looks hardly stylish and portrays a rough country look.

  • Strong twigs and logs are used to make exclusive and natural-looking chairs, bed frames, chests and tables.

  • Sofas project a rough look and have wooden frames and stuffed cushions. These fabric cushions are either brown or green in color.

  • Huge and strong dining tables are used to seat the entire family and guests.

  • Beds are built from hewn logs along with the bark, for children bunk beds are used.

  • Fireplace is set in the center and all the furniture is placed around it.

Lodge décor accessories

  • Throw pillows (with any wildlife picture on them)

  • Log cabin quilts

  • Braided or lodge rugs

  • Metal rustic lamps

  • Log style mantel for the fireplace

  • Sconce wall lights

  • Rustic fireplace screen

  • Antler chandeliers

  • Rustic wood carved ducks, mallards, quails, ruffed grouse and pheasant

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