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Living Room Makeover

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Living Room Makeover
Easy living room makeovers can subtly usher in much needed delightful changes. Look up tips for living room makeovers on a budget.

Your living room need not be a showcase for your guest. Instead let it reflect your individual style, say something about who you are and what you enjoy. Transform your living room with simple makeover tips. Infuse warmth and fresh color.

A special occasion, festive times or just looking for a change of scene are usual reasons that influence a living room makeover. An unchanged static living room can represent a personality that is predictable and confronts changes. By opting for living room makeovers, you can enjoy the positives changes, a fresh surrounding and a flexible outlook!

Makeover your living space

Budget, time and above all personal preferences are factors that influence living room makeovers. There are two options for a living room makeover, either a complete redo or a simple update. While a complete redo involves a total revamp a simple update is essentially a remix by using existing elements, infusing freshness, replacing few and improving some elements of the living room.

The magic of color: Changing the wall color is the easiest and most inexpensive way to infuse change. Firstly, consider the availability of natural light, especially in the mornings. If the living room has ample natural light during the daytime, choose a color that works well during the day and also gels with the evening lamps.

Put to use the guiding principle in choosing colors for the walls of the living room. A color that extends a feeling of warmth enhances the level of coziness. The wall color should also complement the furniture and decor.

Warm colors: Orange, red, yellow and brown.

Cool colors: Green, blue, violet.

Neutral colors: White, gray, black, beige and ivory.

The magic of colors extends to making a wide room cozier and small rooms appear more spacious.

  • For the wall, consider using more than one color, it's trendy and infuses freshness.

  • One color for three sides and on the fourth side an accent color.

  • When choosing a color from the color chart go for a lighter color by a grade or two as when painted the color can appear brighter.

  • Assess the furnishings, the carpet, curtains, art collections etc.. Choose a color that is complementary.

  • Always choose a shade lighter for the ceiling as it makes the room appear bigger and the ceiling look higher.

  • Don't ignore to paint the doors, trims and architectural details of the living room.

Revamp furniture or rearrange: The focus of furniture arrangement is to create comfortable conversational areas and not to have a cramped living room. There should be ample space for traffic movement. Getting rid of excessive furniture also brings in a refreshing look and feel. Sometimes, the deal at thrift stores and flea markets can be great.

Another makeover tip is to refurbish. Do-up existing furniture by changing the slip covers only or even spray paint the furniture. Add accent pillows, patterned pillows or include a couch, small new furniture like a recliner or rocking chair, ottomans, nesting table etc..

Dig in to find an old trunk or any appropriate stuff that can be used as furniture. Cover with an interesting throw or sheepskin and convert into a coffee table. Play around with the furniture arrangement. Depending on personal preference and space availability, group the furniture together and move away from the wall or in the center of the living room.

Spruce up with curtains: Lighting is critical, it adds optimism. Curtain selection should not hamper flow of natural light at all times of the year. If the wall color scheme does not complement existing curtains, you may need to change the curtains and window blinds. If not, save money and simply spruce up existing ones with a new valance. This simple change can alter the look and lend a refreshing appearance.

Easy new flooring: Next to the ceiling, the floor is the largest area of the living room. Repair old flooring, replace broken tiles or add area rugs to dramatically update the flooring with style. Save up and buy the best rug you can afford. Choose in this order, natural materials such as wool and silk followed by sisal, sea grass, jute and grass rugs which often cost less, difficult to maintain and are not durable.

  • The standard sizes are 6' x 9', 8' x 10' and 9' x 12'.

  • Custom made area rugs are also available.

  • Rugs come in different shapes, square, and rectangle, octagonal or circular rugs.

  • Patterned rugs involve less maintenance.

  • Lighter colored rugs make a room seem more spacious.

  • Dark colored area rugs lend a cozy feeling.

  • At least, one color of the area rug should coordinate with the living room decor.

  • To define space and improve visual appeal, use two rugs of the same size that divide the living room in half.

  • Using a rug pad has many advantages like keeping rugs positioned, prevent wrinkles, reduce wear and tear, easy vacuuming etc..

Add accessories: A convenient living room makeover option is to add accessories. Even on a budget, accessories can breathe in new life into the living room. Adding accessories according to season is trendy and delightful. Organize accessories around similar colors and display like objects together.

  • White pottery in spring season.

  • A stool near the fireplace to place a tray of drinks.

  • A wall beautified with mirrors.

  • Decorate the mantel with music instruments.

  • A work of art, a picture or scones on the walls.

  • Add to books in bookshelves some objects.

  • Place a lamp or a vase with fresh flowers or a clock or fragrant candles.

  • An inspiring family photo that kindles fond memories.

  • Use interesting lamps to add sparkle and drama.

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