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Loft Decor

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Loft Decor
Free flowing floor space and bright light make the loft an interesting place to live in. Loft décor is interesting but can be equally challenging. Urban loft décor can be used to make a style statement.

A home within a home; home for many urbanites today, a loft offers ample open space. This open space can be decorated to convenience thus converting it into a livable comfortable home. Lofts bring to mind a picture of open space devoid of brick walls with an unfinished look, like cement walls or cement columns. Pipes, high ceiling, exposed bricks and concrete are the most common features of a loft. Unfurnished apartments are also often called lofts.

Those who do not like to limit themselves to boundaries prefer open space sans boundaries. Free flowing floor space and bright light make the loft an interesting place to live in. Care should be taken that every inch of the loft space is utilized to its optimum levels. Optimal décor of the loft could make it look spacious and offer a feeling of comfort. Loft décor is no doubt an interesting affair however loft décor is equally challenging.

Lofts are usually shaped differently when compared to the rest of the house. This brings up challenges to designing.

Loft decorating ideas

Experiment with various ideas on loft decoration, fit in a style quotient that suits the needs. Try various styles, from contemporary designs to traditional ones. Keep in mind the flowing space and the crucial role of décor here.

Furnishing ideas: For lofts with exposed piping and concrete walls, the ideal furnishing would be in steel, glass, wood or chrome. If the loft has vintage styled columns, contemporary interiors might not look good. Here antiques would suit better. Glass chandeliers, rich upholstered furniture etc. could make a good choice. While choosing contemporary pieces of furniture, neutrals shades like white, beige and tan suit well.

Storage ideas: A loft might not be offer sufficient storage to store comfortably; therefore every inch of the loft needs to be planned with care. Furniture with storage options can be chosen.

Adorn the walls: From old pictures, old posters, wooden frames, contemporary paintings to vintage, you can experiment with the walls.

Mirrors: Mirrors on the wall can make the loft space appear larger. Narrow lofts can look spacious with the illusionary effect created by the mirror. Mirrors can also make the loft brighter as they tend to reflect the light received.

Appliances: Plan for an open kitchen. Appliances like kettle, coffee machine, blender, etc. can be kept on top of the kitchen counter.

Light the loft: Good lighting plays a key role in loft décor. The high ceilings encourage experimentation with ideas. Suspended and attractive chandeliers and pendant lights can look good. Track lighting or cable lighting would also be a good choice. Play with lower lighting too.

Loft design

Define space: Demarcate areas clearly within the loft area. The area with windows can be used for the living room and bedroom. Use free flowing areas from one function to another.

Space division: After allotment of areas, you can demarcate the areas. Bookcases or tables can act as borders for rooms. A raised platform can mark the bedroom from the rest of the rooms. Screens and room dividers can also be used to define spaces. They help not just in division of space; they also serve as perfect accessories.

Sleek furniture: In accordance with the space, choose sleek and slim furniture that will suit the designated area. Wrought iron bedroom furniture, tall wall closets for clothes, etc. are fancy ideas with plenty of practical uses.

Color: Play around with colors, based on the space and available natural lighting.

Smoothen the floor: Hard floors might not be the most comfortable, therefore cover the floor with carpets or rugs. They lend a soft touch.

Dress up the windows: The windows of the loft need to be dressed well to ensure privacy as well as to escape the harsh sunlight.

Second level: Add on a mezzanine level so as to increase the floor space of the loft. This level can be used to suit the requirements.

Outdoor space: If there is any outdoor space, i.e. if the loft opens up into an external open space, you are in for luck. Create a roof-top garden.

Urban loft décor

Urban loft décor is all about a modern look and feel to the entire space. Be it a calm interior with pastels and plenty of light or chrome and glass space or even a kitsch décor with plenty of color and textures all around - urban loft décor is an expression of personal preference.

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